Holafly review: buying and using an international eSIM

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Before buying an international prepaid virtual SIM card, it is important that you be well-informed and learn about the opinions of other users about the options you are considering to get internet during your trip. Undoubtedly, this will be of great help for you to make informed decisions when selecting the best alternative, and that’s where the Holafly review for their eSIMs comes into mind.

Keep reading everything we have here to know the opinions and experiences of other travelers about Holafly’s Virtual SIM Cards with prepaid cellular data. To do so, we will review the features, advantages, and disadvantages of these virtual SIM cards, including the purchase process, delivery method, customer service, and guarantees offered.

So, if you are eager to know more about the international eSIM or virtual SIM card, pay close attention to the deets and tea we discuss here.


Who is Holafly? 

Holafly is a recognized online virtual SIM cards (eSIM) store with products for more than 160 destinations worldwide. They offer a fast and intuitive online shopping experience. Users simply search for their destination, choose their data plan, and complete the purchase, and that it! Once the payment is successful, the Virtual SIM Card or eSIM will be immediately delivered to the registered email address.

Unlike other online providers, Holafly proposes to offer cheaper alternatives to get internet abroad, compared to the costly international roaming service, including multiple advantages to make the travel experience of its customers much more practical and rewarding.

How does the prepaid virtual SIM card from Holafly works?

Knowing how Holafly’s virtual SIM card (eSIM) works is really simple. Once the user receives the QR code containing the eSIM, he/she must scan it on their smartphone, then they can set up the data plan. After completing the steps indicated there, the eSIM will be ready to automatically connect to the authorized international cellular network so that the user can navigate the internet from the very moment he/she turns on his/her cellphone at the destination country.

How can people buy a prepaid eSIM from Holafly?

The prepaid virtual SIM purchase process is very simple. Here is a step-by-step guide in case you want to buy an eSIM for your next trip:

The time needed to complete the purchase: 5 minutes.

Steps to Purchase the Holafly Virtual Prepaid SIM Card:

  1. Go to Holafly’s online store.
  2. Search for your destination (can be by country or multi-country), then review and choose the data plan you need for your trip.
  3. Add the Virtual SIM Card (eSIM) to the shopping cart.
  4. Continue by filling out the form (contact information and billing address).
  5. Click on the button: “Proceed to checkout.”
  6. Now enter the details of the payment method you selected. You can use an authorized credit card or use the express payment option with PayPal or Google Pay.
  7. Wait a few seconds until the purchase is completed.
  8. You will immediately receive the new virtual SIM Card or eSIM in your email through a QR code that you must scan with the cellphone you want to configure to use your new SIM and ready, follow the activation instructions.

How is the prepaid virtual SIM card from Holafly delivered?

The Holafly prepaid virtual SIM card or eSIM will be sent to the email address associated with the purchase. That is, when you finalize your purchase, the prepaid virtual SIM card will arrive immediately in your email via a QR code, which you will have to scan to configure the data plan, preferably before your trip.

Opinions about how the prepaid virtual SIM card works

The great advantages of Holafly’s eSIMs include ease of use and a stable connection. Those are the main advantages of the Holafly review that most users talk about.

About the Holafly customer service support

This is perhaps one of Holafly’s strongest features, as they have technical support in Spanish, English, French, and more languages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means that wherever you are, they will be able to service you with any requirements and needs regardless of the day or time of the call or chat. Likewise, we can say that they respond quickly and accurately because they attend to requests almost immediately.

What do Twitter users say about the Holafly service?

On Twitter, there are hundreds of users giving their opinion about the Holafly review. Most of them highlight the good service they have received for resolving their problems, how the eSIM card works, and why it is the best option. Here are some comments:

What do Facebook users say about the Holafly service?

On Facebook, as well as on Twitter, there are also opinions about the product. The user rating is 4.6 out of 5, and as of the time of updating this post, 3.1K followers are sharing their experience on this social media about the Holafly review. You will see some of those opinions below:

Trustpilot opinions about Holafly

Trustpilot is a site dedicated to posting user opinions about the products of different renowned companies. Holafly is also part of their platform, and there are different Holafly reviews available. When updating this post, there were 13,269 Holafly reviews, resulting in a rating of 4.6 out of 5. We will now show you a compilation of some opinions:

I bought two esims. The first one worked perfectly in an IPhone 14 Pro. As soon as the deviced arrived in France (from Peru) it already had internet connection. On the other hand, my Samsung Galaxy S21+ didn’t worked at all, I was not able to install the esim. I contacted the Customer team and they gave me a refund and discount for my next purchase in order to resolve the problem. Really helpful!

Emilio Jimenez

Fast, efficient, friendly and understood the issue right away. Provided easy to understand solutions! Magic!!!


Going down the Holafly eSim avenue was great value for a group of us travelling to Japan from Australia. Overseas roaming is expensive and Holafly made it a lot cheaper. Activating was quite simple, the service worked as advertised. (no voice calls, but you can use Messenger/Facetime etc) Definitely will use Holafly again.

Philipp McCarter

I got an eSim from Holafly for Italy for 15 days and wasn’t sure how effective it would be. We drove from Rome to Florence to Pisa to Cinque Terre to Venice to San Marino and back to Rome and had internet the whole time!!! We used the internet for the Maps app and for looking stuff up when we were out to dinner or visiting sites.

I had trouble installing the eSim and making it work, but a Holafly employee helped me via chat to get it set up correctly.

This worked PERFECTLY and was worth every penny!!!


Great service and customer support. I would strongly recommend Holafly to others – just used it in USA for two weeks and had a great connection – no need to rely on hotel Wi-Fi anymore. Thank you Holafly for the great service


I had an incredible experience with Holafly and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an international SIM card. Miguel was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, advising me on the best package for my needs and even offering me a deal when one of the packages was sold out. The service was excellent and the sim very easy to download and use.

Michael Coetzer

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM cards of Holafly for specific destinations

If you search the web, you will find hundreds of opinions about Holafly’s virtual SIM or eSIM. But if you are interested in knowing some opinions of the eSIM by destination, we will summarize the most relevant ones on some Holafly reviews:

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for the United States

Reviews of Holafly’s USA virtual SIM card highlight the ability to connect to the Internet with unlimited data. But on the other hand, some users complain about not being able to share their data with other devices.

As for coverage, you will enjoy good coverage and speed in major US cities such as New York, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas, etc. However, if you travel to mountainous or desert areas such as the Grand Canyon, coverage may be a bit shaky.

If you want to buy your eSIM or virtual SIM for the United States, you can get it here.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for Japan

Japan is another destination highly valued by travelers since the virtual card for Japan helps people who need to communicate with others despite a language barrier. It is also seen that tourists value the product highly because it has unlimited data and excellent high-speed connection coverage.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for Canada

The virtual card for Canada is another of Holafly’s top-rated cards. It allows data sharing with other devices and has excellent nationwide coverage.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for Costa Rica

At this destination, users report good performance. Some of them commented that they forgot to activate the virtual SIM card before traveling; however, they had no problems when activating the service in Costa Rica. But be careful; this does not mean that you should do the same; it is just that you need to be aware of this peculiarity.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for Rusia

English is not widely spoken in Russia, so before traveling, it is necessary to have access to your data to communicate or to find an address. Clients usually comment that they had good coverage and connection speed.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for Morocco

The virtual SIM card for Morocco is one of Holafly’s bestsellers, thus having excellent ratings regarding the product’s value for money. When it comes to making a Holafly review, Marruecos is surely a great option for travelers.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for Switzerland

Holafly’s virtual SIM card for Switzerland features an unlimited data plan and the connection speed offered by the network. This card is very useful for those who travel to Switzerland and do not speak German.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for China

Holafly’s virtual SIM card for China has very good reviews. This product contains comes with a VPN included so that you can connect to the Internet without restrictions or censorship, which makes surfing a lot easier. However, the first perk of this product is its support in English and other languages.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for Mexico

In Mexico, this product works at most tourist sites, such as Cancun, Chichen Itza, or Mexico City. There are reports of unstable coverage in some towns in Quintana Roo, such as Xpu Ha. If you are traveling in this area, check your coverage with customer service, but in those areas, there are places where there is no signal with any Mexican cellular operator.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for North America

The North America virtual SIM card has excellent coverage ratings, as it works in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. If you travel to areas with difficult coverage in Mexico, this virtual SIM card is recommended for your travels because it connects to different network providers.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for Asia

In Asia, as in China, the possibility of using the prepaid virtual SIM for Asia without the need to communicate in a language other than English is highly valued.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for Andorra

Travelers in Andorra are very content with the ease of use and purchase of Holafly’s virtual SIM card for Andorra, as it does not require additional steps to connect. Some have used digital SIM for GPS, which helps them know where to go or what route to take on their trip to Andorra without coverage problems.

Opinions about the prepaid virtual SIM for the Caribbean

As for the virtual or digital SIM for the Caribbean, its users comment that it has been really useful for traveling to several countries since it allows connecting to the Internet in Aruba, Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, Antigua and Barbuda, Bermuda, and 8 other destinations.

Suppose you plan to travel to the jungle or mountainous areas. In that case, we recommend that you check with customer service regarding your specific travel itinerary, as some users have complaints about coverage in remote locations.

Recommendations to keep in mind when using the virtual SIM card of Holafly

Before we finish, we will leave you some very useful recommendations for your trips if you are going to use Holafly’s virtual SIM card. We assure you that with our guidance, you will avoid future inconveniences:

  • If you are traveling to destinations such as the USA, Mexico, or Canada, remember to activate the prepaid virtual SIM before traveling.
  • When traveling to the USA or Mexico, check that your cellphone is compatible at your destination. You can do this by talking directly with Holafly customer service or through the Kimovil website.
  • Follow Holafly’s eSIM installation recommendations to avoid early activation.
  • Purchase your virtual SIM card in advance to stay connected as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Common issues reported by travelers using the Holafly eSIM

Although most users have good Holafly reviews about the eSIM or virtual SIM cards. Some customers have experienced issues. Here we list the most common problems so that you can be ahead of the game:

  • Traveling to areas with low coverage or unstable connection: As we have said before, if you are traveling to uncommon, mountainous areas or major outside cities, it is advised to check the quality of coverage for those places with customer service.
  • Arriving at your destination and not having the prepaid virtual SIM card activated: Get a Wi-Fi network and scan the activation QR. Remember, it is recommended that you activate the eSIM or virtual SIM before leaving your country of origin.

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