Airalo eSIM Review: data plans without roaming charges

Author: Jimmy Carreño

Updated: July 14, 2024

Airalo eSIM

Airalo is on online shop which provides mobile internet with eSIMs to multiple countries worldwide. The name Airalo is a combination of Air and Alo (meaning ‘hello’). It offers travelers varied data plans for different regions and countries across the globe.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to Airalo eSIMs, their main features, and their founding team. We’ll also explain how to use an eSIM and help you find which product is best for you.

What is an Airalo eSIM?

Airalo has become one of the world’s largest global roaming services. And it’s no wonder, because they’ve capitalised on the innovative eSIM product. eSIM stands for Embedded SIM and is a radical departure from physical SIM cards. eSIMS are set to revolutionise the mobile telecommunications industry, Airalo’s eSIM offers a digital card which offers internet around the world.

You can still buy physical SIM cards for internet abroad. But you might have to pay additional delivery costs and wait several days for your card to arrive. A virtual eSIM solves these difficulties, as it can be sent immediately to your email.

Why buy an Airalo eSIM?

Airalo eSIMs come at reasonable prices, offer a wide range of destinations, and the set-up is easy and quick. Just check your cell phone is compatible with an eSIM, go to their online website and buy. After, you just need to activate the eSIM by scanning a QR code. If you use up your data allowance, you can top up via their website.

Reviews of the Airalo eSIM

Here is a balanced summary of feedback about Airalo.

Positive feedback

Excellent services for E sim and the only problem is UK data. Best service from all other countries. Great support team. Worked perfectly in Canada, Turkey and Holland.

Mooz in Trustpilot

Just make sure you set the right APN for esim which was not mentioned during installation. But it worked.

Ox trader in App Store

I would like to say that this service is a lifesaver as a complement to my regular telephone service, especially on holidays. It works great! Thank you

Keys in App Store

I’ve gone through the hassle of “finding a local SIM card” several times so far! I don’t even want to mention the legal problems when you try to terminate the contract (as if I ended up paying additional fees even though I was quite careful with the dates). This seems like a definite solution to all those problems! Good product! Keep up the good work!

Pina Guler in Product Hunt

Negative reviews

It didn’t work for me: I bought a gigabyte of data for 7 days the night before my trip to Mexico. When I arrived, I noticed I had a 3G connection, but couldn’t charge anything. It says it’s disabled, but I followed all the instructions provided in the app.

Fernoodie in App Store

I bought Airalo Esims twice, once for Thailand and once for India, it failed terribly both times, it did not connect to any network. It left me stranded at the airport and I finally had to activate my home network. Sims are important as you need internet at airports to book taxis or contact your relatives, but I had a terrible experience and wasted my time and money troubleshooting. Very sad: / To add, I bought esim in Singapore where I am staying so I can use the credits already bought. It worked in Singapore, however, my internet IP was connected through some server in Europe, so the network speed was terrible at all times of the day (SIC).

Prakash aviar in Product Hunt

I bought esim for israel and it doesn’t pick up any network, maybe because it couldn’t be activated at home. I did everything by instructions (SIC)

Petr Ondrus in Product Hunt

I have been using it only in Spain. I have 3G and 4G, but never LTE, which they claim is available. In the centre of Malaga, so it’s a big enough city.

Margo in Trustpilot

How and where can I buy an Airalo eSIM?

You can do it from the official Airalo website or through their mobile application avaible on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

Features of the Airalo eSIM

Where and how can I buy it?
Purchase from the official website or use their app.
Can I top-up my credit while abroad?You can top-up your data on their website or app.
How do I install it on my device?Follow the activation instructions in this article.
How many eSIMs can I have installed at the same time?
You can install up to 12 e SIMs in your account but only one can be active at any time.
Is my device compatible with eSIM Airalo?Check the list in this article.
Can I share data between devices?Yes, by configuring the device settings.
Features of the Airalo eSIM

Countries with Airalo eSIM coverage

Airalo has coverage in 190 countries including France, United States, Spain, China, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, Thailand, Hong Kong, Greece, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. The company has partnerships with local operators around the world.

Online marketplace

A large percentage of Airalo’s sales are online. Users or travellers can easily access a data plan from anywhere in the world from Airalo’s official website or through the App. The Airalo App is available for IOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded for free from the Apple app store (IOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

How the Airalo App works?

The Airalo app divides eSIMs into three products:

eSIM Local: for travellers visiting a single country, a list of the top countries for travellers is displayed in alphabetical order. When you select a destination, you’ll see the amount of data, number of days, and price of the product.

  • Regional eSIM: Ideal for users who travel to more than one country. You’ll options for four regions: Africa, Asia, Caribbean Islands and Europe. These regional eSIMs offer coverage in a number of countries. Just click Buy Now to start purchasing the product.
  • eSIM global: You’ll enjoy coverage in 94 countries around the world. Clicking on this category shows the relevant information described in the previous two categories but also tells you that the product does not have a phone number and is rechargeable online.

Airalo App Registration

By registering from a gmail account or via your personal Facebook account, you’ll receive purchase confirmation.

Time needed: 20 minutes

We’ll talk you through the steps require to register in the Airalo App.

  1. Enter your personal data

    Fill in the fields with your name, email and a password.
    registro app airalo

  2. Log in

    Enter your registration details
    iniciar sesion app airalo

  3. Start using the App

    You’re now logged in and can start making purchases.
    utilizar la app airalo

  4. Time to purchase your eSIM

Is my device compatible with Airalo eSIM?

Airalo is currently working on expanding the number of devices compatible with their eSIMs. But at the moment only some devices are compatible.

These are the devices compatible with the Airalo eSIM:

iOS devices:

  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPad Air (3rd Generation)

Android mobiles:

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold
  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Nuu Mobile X5
  • Google Pixel 3 & 3 XL
  • Google Pixel 3a & 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 4 & 4 XL
  • Gemini PDA
  • Moto Razr 2019
  • Huawei P40 
  • Huawei P40 Pro

Other operating systems and computers:

  • ACER Swift 3
  • ACER Swift 7
  • ASUS Mini Transformer T 103 HAF
  • ASUS NovaGo TP370QL
  • ASUS Vivobook Flip 14 TP401NA
  • Dell Latitude 7210 2-in-1
  • Dell Latitude 9410
  • Dell Latitude 7310
  • Dell Latitude 7410
  • Dell Latitude 9510
  • HP Elitebook G5
  • HP Probook G5
  • HP Zbook G5
  • HP Spectre Folio 13
  • Lenovo Yoga C630
  • Lenovo Miix 630
  • Lenovo Yoga 520
  • Lenovo Yoga 720 convertible laptops
  • Samsung Galaxy Book 2
  • Surface Go 2

How and where do I redeem my Airalo discount code?

You can redeem vouchers on the Airalo website or through its App. Here’s what you need to do:

On the Airalo website:

  1. Click on the website
  2. Log in from your Airalo account
  3. Select eSIM
  4. Click check out
  5. Click on Redeem Discount Code 
  6. Enter the discount code and click on apply or redeem
  7. The code has been applied.

In the Airalo app:

  1. Open the application
  2. Sign in with your Airalo account
  3. Select eSIM
  4. Click on check out
  5. Click on Redeem Discount Code
  6. Enter the discount code and click on apply or redeem.
  7. The code has been applied.

Requirements for obtaining and activating an Airalo eSIM

The process is similar on both Android and iOS devices. Please note the following:

On Android mobiles

  • Your device must be compatible with the eSIM. 
  • Android devices that support eSIM have the option to add network or Add carrier in the menu.
  • Your device must be unlocked (i.e. not tied to one specific carried)
  • You need to have strong WIFI connection.

There are two methods of adding eSIM to your device. The steps may vary depending on the type of phone or device you have. The first involves scanning the QR code and the second is done manually.

On iOS devices

  • Your device must be compatible with the eSIM.
  • Your device must be unlocked (i.e. not tied to one specific carried)
  • You need to have strong WIFI connection.

History of Airalo

Airalo was founded in Singapore in March 2019 by Bahadir Ozdemir. Airalo was part of the Antler incubation programme and received investment from Antler and Angel investment from Jeremy Bonin, who is part of a French telecommunications company. Co-founder Ozdemir received a total of 150,000 (approx. €136,137) when developing Airalo. Recently, the company raised $1.75 million (€158,824 approx) in early stage funding.

Although Airalo’s founder dropped out of school, he was not deterred from becoming a serial entrepreneur. He has founded 8 organisations in the last 15 years, some of these include Vestra (a boat tracking website selling robots). Simcrew (a global sim card for sailors) and Bibi (the world’s cheapest data messenger). Before Airalo, Ozdemir was working with sailors around the world who asked for local SIM cards.

As soon as eSIMs were announced in smartphones, Ozdemir took the opportunity to start his own global SIM card shop. As eSIM technology is still new, telecom operators offering eSIM were surprised to discover that there was an eSIM online shop like Airalo. They quickly jumped on board the business model, given that their current models are based on offline sales or through physical cards.

Airalo Co-funder

Ahmet Bahadir Ozdemir: is a serial entrepreneur with a background in transport and telecommunications. His latest startups include Wossco, the Foodpanda for ship supplies, Sim4Crew and Global MVNO for sailors.

Airalo’s headquarters

Airalo’s headquarters are in the central region of the Republic of Singapore. The base region belongs to Asia Pacific (APAC) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Frequently asked questions about the Airalo eSIM:

When can I install my eSIM?

You can install the eSIM at any time after you have purchased it. It will be activated and the period of validity will start as soon as your device is connected to an available network. Please note that certain eSIMS are activated the moment they are installed. Check the product details.

Can I make calls or send messages?

Most Airalo eSIMs do not have a phone number or allow calls.

Can I receive calls to my phone number?

This depends on your device. Some only allow 1 SIM or 1 eSIM card connected at the same time. If you are using an iPhone, however, some models have Dual SIM (DSDS) technology. This allows you to stay connected to both the physical sim card and the eSIM card simultaneously.

Can I reinstall eSIM?

Most eSIMs cannot be reinstalled. However, there are some exceptions. If your eSIM can be reinstalled, you will see it in the additional information of the data plan.

Can I remove eSIM from my device once it has been installed?

Please note that you cannot install an eSIM on your device once it has been removed, you can remove or temporarily disable an eSIM from the device settings. Please see the official Airalo website for more information.

Can I share my data between devices?

Sure, you can use your Hotspot to create a personal network with eSIM.

Can I use the same QR code and install eSIM on multiple devices?

Unfortunately, you can only install an eSIM on your device. If you have removed your eSIM from your device please contact Airalo support.

When does my Airalo eSIM plan expire?

Each data plan is valid for a certain period of time. Your plan starts when the eSIM is connected to a network. If you use up all your data allowance, the plan will end.

Where can I buy the Airalo eSIM?

Visit the Airalo website or download the App available for IOS and Android.

What are the payment methods?

The company has several online payment methods. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and Airmoney, Airalo’s official credit system.

Social media

Airalo is using social media and email campaigns to make this technology known to its users and how it can be used for their benefit. The motto has been, what if you could install sim cards for your next destination, even before you go on a trip?

After considering it a bit Ozdemir says that Airalo has users from 40 countries who have purchased an eSIM and connected in 67 countries. Regarding limited eSIM devices, about 400 million devices are expected to support the technology by the end of 2020 and about 2.5 billion people are projected to have an eSIM-compatible device by the end of 2024. Airalo will also produce announcements of video on their social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to help people learn more about the company, eSIM technology, and more.

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