Best eSIM card for Europe: compare, buy online and travel connected

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Traveling through one of the continents with the richest history in the world is a must-do and a must-share! Visiting Berlin, Paris, and London is a thrilling experience that doesn’t just offer history and culture but also nightlife and entertainment. To be able to get around and have fun, you need a cellular internet connection in Europe.

Travel and stay connected in Europe with the new eSIM for Europe. With a European eSIM card, you can access the internet abroad without paying for expensive roaming in Europe.

The eSIM is easy to buy and even easier to set up. Get it online anywhere!

If you don’t know anything about eSIMs, don’t worry: we’ll explain everything you need to know, including their features, requirements, and prices. So, you can use your cellphone in Europe without any hassles.


Best eSIM for Europe: compare and travel connected in 2024

Are you planning to travel to Europe? Whether you plan to visit one or more countries, chances are you need a European eSIM! So, if you need help choosing which one to pick to get mobile internet in Europe, keep reading, as we will tell you all about the best eSIMs to take to Europe in 2024!

Therefore, if you plan to get an eSIM and want to know what they offer, how they work, which features companies include, and prices, keep reading to find out which is the best eSIM for Europe.

Why choose an eSIM to travel to Europe?

There are other alternatives apart from the Europe eSIM, such as physical SIM cards or Pocket WiFi devices, these aren’t as good as an eSIM due to what it offers in terms of features.

While physical SIM cards might be available to pick up from certain stores or even at an airport, these are usually more limited compared to international eSIM providers. While these offer a European phone number, data packages are way too limited.

As for Pocket WiFi devices, these are extremely expensive compared to a physical SIM card or an eSIM. While people might want to share data with more than one device, the cost for these plans can be up to $100 per week, which is a lot for a data-only service.

That’s why even SIM cards allow to get a phone number and Pocket WiFi devices allow to share data with different devices; as long as travelers have a phone that supports eSIM, this will be the go-to alternative for them, as these are easier to purchase and usually have more features.

Which is the best eSIM for Europe travel?

If you have a compatible phone, you will be able to purchase and activate a Europe eSIM card. Look at the list below of companies that sell international eSIM cards.

Rates and data plans from the best eSIM providers for travel to Europe

Pay close attention to the prices of each provider so you can choose the one that suits you best. The plans we have listed are for Europe eSIM cards.

Holafly: Best option with unlimited data in Europe

For international travelers, the best-prepaid eSIM to take to Europe comes with Holafly as they offer data only plans with unlimited and customizable packages to stay connected from 1 to 90 days.

With a mobile connection in over 30 different countries, the Holafly eSIM for Europe allows people to connect to different local networks to get 4G/LTE/5G speeds while traveling on the continent. That way, people can choose a regional plan over a variety of local plans to stay connected.

holafly home website
Holafly home website. Source: Holafly.

The best part is how easy it is to use Holafly as an eSIM provider. People only need to choose the number of days for their European eSIM, and in a matter of seconds, a QR code will be sent to activate the eSIM.

Travelers also have the chance to buy a European eSIM from Holafly thanks to their app on iOS and Android devices. 

Pros of Holafly’s eSIM for Europe:

  • Enjoy unlimited data throughout Europe
  • Easy to set up and activate.
  • You will enjoy mobile data in 32 European countries.
  • Keep your WhatsApp number on your cellphone.
  • Enjoy 24/7 customer service.
  • Network coverage with main carriers in Europe.
  • Automatic activation process upon installation.
  • Top-up is available for every eSIM plan.

Cons of Holafly’s eSIM for Europe:

  • No messages included.
  • No phone calls or phone number, but thanks to the unlimited data, travelers can make calls with VoIP apps.

2. Flexiroam: Plans for up to 180 days of travel

The second alternative for choosing eSIM plans in Europe comes with Flexiroam. This company provides a variety of data plans, varying from data only eSIM to unlimited packages.

european esim plan flexiroam
Flexiroam Europe plans. Source: Flexiroam.

People can rapidly change and choose their preferred package when getting a Europe eSIM from the company. While this eSIM doesn’t support all the countries in the continent, it works throughout the European Union, which is where most travelers go.

Other than this, users are required to download the app to install the eSIM through it. While eSIMs will automatically connect with local networks, the installation process is entirely manual, using a QR code.

Pros of Flexiroam eSIM for Europe:

  • You can top-up the eSIM from the application to get more data.
  • You can share data with other devices through Flexishare or by creating a hotspot.
  • You will be able to choose from many data plan options.

Cons of Flexiroam eSIM for Europe:

  • You can install many eSIM profiles but don’t use more than one simultaneously.
  • To activate the eSIM, you must download their App.
  • You don’t get a phone number, so you can’t make phone calls or send texts.

3. Vodafone eSIM in Europe: One of the main carriers in the continent

Moving forward with other Europe eSIM alternatives, we have Vodafone. As this carrier is one of the many eSIM providers in the continent, it’s fair to say it will provide connections to different destinations.

Vodafone offers supports eSIM on all devices that are compatible with this technology. Whether people have Android phones or iOS phones, the only requirement is for the device to be eSIM-compatible in 2024.

vodafone esim europe plans
Vodafone eSIM for Europe. Source: Vodafone.

Compared to previous years, Vodafone allows travelers to stay connected with different eSIM packages. The eSIM Europe price varies from $12,90 to $37,50, depending on the chosen data plan. Currently, there are only three packages available for 10, 15, and 30 days.

Pros of Vodafone eSIM Europe

  • Vodafone eSIM for Europe is data only.
  • Allows internet usage in more than 45 destinations in Europe.
  • Doesn’t require travelers to be a previous Vodafone customer to get an embedded SIM card.
  • Only requires a QR code to activate.

Cons of Vodafone eSIM Europe

  • Vodafone eSIM for Europe doesn’t offer text messages or phone calls.
  • Doesn’t include a phone number to make calls.
  • Only 3 data packages are available.

4. Orange eSIM in Europe: Three data packages for short-term travelers

Orange is another company that offers either a SIM card or a Europe eSIM to stay connected while traveling around the continent.

The main requirement to get a Europe eSIM from Orange is to have an eSIM-compatible device. People can even check the eSIM compatibility of their devices on the website before making a purchase.

europe orange plans esim
Plans for travel in Europe from Orange. Source: Orange.

Currently, the company offers three different data packages with their Europe eSIM. These packages only work from 7 to 14 days, so these are focused on short-term travelers who want good network coverage in the continent.

Once people complete the purchase, a QR code will be sent to activate the eSIM. In case people don’t have a device that supports eSIM, Orange also offers a SIM card for Europe.

Pros of Orange eSIM Europe

  • Offer SIM cards and Europe eSIM for travelers.
  • Installation is done with a QR code.
  • Include phone calls and text messages.
  • Includes a French phone number.

Cons of Orange eSIM Europe

  • Doesn’t have unlimited packages for travelers.
  • No variety of eSIM plans for long-term travelers.

Comparison of best eSIM providers for Europe

ProviderDataDaysPrice (USD)SupportSales channels
HolaflyUnlimited dataFrom 1 to 90From $6 to $139Spanish, English, German, FrenchWeb and App
FlexiroamLimited and unlimited eSIM plansFrom 5 to 180 daysFrom $5 to $185EnglishWeb and App
VodafoneLimited data packagesFrom 10 to 30 daysFrom $12,90 to $37,50EnglishWeb
OrangeLimited data packages with phone calls and text messages7 and 14 daysFrom $5,50 to $43Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, GermanWeb
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM providers to connect to the internet in Europe.

Features of eSIMs for travel to Europe

eSIMs are different from physical SIMs. Here’s what you need to know about eSIM cards for Europe:

  • Most European eSIMs only offer data; some companies include phone calls and text messages, such as Orange.
  • A Europe eSIM can only be installed once. After using the QR code for installation, people can’t install it on a different device.
  • People can check eSIM compatibility before making a purchase to avoid wasting some money, but there are companies with super flexible refund policies like Holafly in case you get one by mistake.
  • iPhones and the latest Samsung devices allow to add more than one Europe eSIM, so people can easily switch from one to another.
  • While using a dual SIM iPhone, travelers can use a Europe eSIM and keep their physical SIM card without issues. People need to check their data usage to avoid unnecessary charges.

Mobile internet coverage map for travel to Europe

As we mentioned some international eSIM providers and some local companies, it’s necessary to know how good the coverage is, as this helps in choosing which eSIM plan to take when visiting Europe.

So, it’s important to have an idea of how good mobile networks are for Vodafone and Orange, which are the two main options to use while in Europe. 

Coverage maps in Europe

Vodafone 3G coverage map in Europe

esim coverage map in europe
Coverage map with Vodafone in Europe. Source: GSMA

Orange 3G coverage map in Europe

esim coverage map in europe
Coverage map with Orange in Europe. Source: GSMA

Frequently asked questions about eSIM in Europe

See frequently asked questions you might have before purchasing your eSIM to travel to Europe.

Do I need a passport to buy an eSIM card for Europe?

It is not necessary to present a passport, but some suppliers do require your address.

Can I share data between devices with the eSIM in Europe?

When using a Europe eSIM, travelers can share data with other devices while using carriers like Holafly and Flexiroam.

How to use an eSIM for Europe in iPhone 11?

iPhone 11 is eSIM compatible, so if you want to use an eSIM for Europe with this Apple device, you just need to obtain an eSIM from an international eSIM store and follow the installation steps from the carrier.

Which eSIM is best for Canadians traveling to Europe?

The best eSIM for traveling from Canada to Europe is the Holafly European eSIM. It offers unlimited data, customizable days, and much more.

Do international prepaid eSIM cards expire?

Yes, just like physical cards, virtual SIM cards also have an expiration date

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