eSIM Orange: All you need to know

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Every month a new device appears, bringing new and improved hardware for cellphones. Years ago, it was impossible to imagine traveling around the world with technology different from roaming, and over the years, there has been a struggle for this service to be better and cheaper.

Today, the situation is different. Even though roaming is changing, it’s still too expensive. Competition has been following through, and the latest one is called eSIM. But do you know everything you need to know about eSIM? If not, we will tell you everything related to this innovative service.

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What is eSIM?

The eSIM, also known as a virtual SIM card, will set the difference within a few years, as it will substitute the physical card we know today. The size of this new technology is 90% smaller than what we are used to, the size of a nano-SIM. Precisely for this situation, manufacturers will insert it directly into the devices they produce so users can benefit from this in the future. 

Its name is not “electronic SIM,” as it may seem. In this case, we are talking about “embedded SIM”. Why? Because it is integrated into electronic devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, etc.

Travel with an eSIM. Source: Unsplash

On the one hand, there is the hardware: the part integrated into the device. On the other hand, the software: is downloaded through a QR code to connect to the internet with the operator we choose; in this case, we will talk about Orange.

Advantages of an eSIM card

There are plenty of advantages to an eSIM card. Let’s start by naming a few: finding new uses in existing devices, making more accessible connections between devices or making contracted services with companies better, and even saving money thanks to more technological processes. 

There is also the elimination of the physical card, which provides fewer problems in the long fun. As an interesting point, you will be able to download various subscriptions on the same device, but only one card may be activated at a time (except for Dual SIM devices).

Another interesting advantage of the device’s designs, as the card is a lot smaller, the design can be optimized because of the gained space. The spot where we used to place and extract the SIM card can now be used for other things.

Compatible devices for the Orange eSIM

Among the different cellular providers, we can see that Movistar or Vodafone limits the number of devices you can use. This regulation is changing, but at the moment, Orange offers broader possibilities if we compare it to the other companies we just mentioned. 

The devices you may use with the eSIM technology in Orange are:

  • Apple: iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 14, iPhone SE (2022), iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, Apple Watch series from S3 to S8, Apple iPad series. 
  • Samsung: Galaxy Z Flip4 5G, Galaxy Z Fold4 5G, Galaxy S22 5G, Galaxy S22+ 5G, Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S21+ 5G, Galaxy S21 5G, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy Note 20 5G, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20 5G, Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S20+ 5G, Galaxy Fold, Samsung Galaxy watch series. Samsung Gear S2 3G eSIM.
  • Xiaomi: 12T Pro.
  • Oppo: Find X5, Find X5 Pro, Reno 6 Pro, Find X3 Pro, Oppo watch.
  • Huawei: Mate 40 Pro, P40 Pro 5G, P40 5G, Huawei Watch 2 and 3.
  • Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL. 
  • Others: MONTBLANC Summit 2+, FOSSIL GEN 5 Smartwatch.

How to activate an eSIM card with Orange?

If you are in Spain, the easiest thing you can do is to go to an Orange store and ask for an eSIM card. This way, you will change your regular SIM card for this new one, and you may use the new tariffs Orange offers. 

Once you get this new eSIM card, you will have to use the QR code, as we explained before, including the PIN and PUK numbers. If you have any doubts, the best thing is to ask directly in the store to reduce the hassles in the future.

MultiSIM service with Orange: thanks to this option, you can enjoy more phone numbers on just one device. You can have a SIM card and add an eSIM. In any case, you must go to an Orange store, go to the client’s area on their webpage, or call 1470 or 1471.

The price for this eSIM card with Orange is usually 5$, but it varies depending on the service requested. It may even be free in some cases. It’s important (and recommended) to always be aware of the conditions and to read the fine print.

How to activate an eSIM on an iPhone?

On Orange’s web page, you may see that the operating system needed for this is iOS 12.1.1 or after. Once you have this, just proceed with the following steps to allow your iPhone to use this eSIM card:

  • Go to settings, cellular data, and add a data plan.
  • Scan your QR code provided by Orange.
  • Configure and confirm the cellular plan that better adapts to your needs.
  • Check your actual situation so you may choose between your regular chip, your SIM, or your eSIM.
  • Once in this step, just enter your PIN number and use your iPhone as usual.

How to activate an eSIM on your Apple Watch?

Remember that first, you have to have your iPhone configured correctly. What does this mean? It means that if your iPhone doesn’t have an operating eSIM card, you will not be able to activate the eSIM on your Apple Watch. Once you have this ready, this is how you proceed:

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select cellular data. Enter your username and password in the Orange client’s spaces and accept the terms and conditions. Once you do this, you will have an active MultiSIM service to use the eSIM, and you will receive a confirmation message you must accept.

How to activate an eSIM in your Galaxy Watch?

We have seen that with the Apple Watch, there are some necessary steps to follow previous to the configuration process of your device. The same thing happens with the Samsung Galaxy. To use it, you must have an Android cellphone 5.0 or an iPhone 5 (iOS 9 minimum) and 1.5GB RAM or further.

To continue, go to settings, connections, and Bluetooth, and check that the option stays activated for the next following minutes. The next step is to check that the cellphone has an internet connection and that the Galaxy Watch is charged enough for the configuration process. If you are already using this device, then you just have to go to settings, connect a new phone and change it easily. 

Now, we will explain how to activate your eSIM in your Galaxy Watch, step by step:

  • Begin by starting the Galaxy Wearable app from your cellphone.
  • Place your Galaxy Watch near your phone and press “connect to new wearable”.
  • Important: you must connect to the mobile network with a QR code. In this case, you have to find the correct network and search for “use code” so it will activate with the QR scanning system. 
  • Then, scan the QR code of the eSIM card Orange gave you. 
  • Finally, connect the device, and you will be able to make and receive calls from your Galaxy Watch.

How to activate an eSIM in your Huawei?

Briefly, just download these two apps: Wear OS and Huawei Wear. After, just follow the instructions to sync the devices and use the card correctly. Finally, click “mobile communications” in the Huawei Wear app and scan the QR code to activate the eSIM card in your Huawei.

Orange eSIM: Frequently asked questions

Is all my information and data securely stored in the eSIM card?

You can be sure your information is stored securely. The eSIM cards are for one user only. Once they are used in one device, they cannot be used again. The eSIM card only stores the necessary configuration information so Orange can offer you its service.

What if a device with an eSIM is stolen?

Do as you would if your cellphone was stolen with a SIM card. Call Orange immediately, explain your situation, ask for a blockage of your eSIM, and then ask for a new one.

When resetting my device, do I lose all my information? 

No, if you need to reset your device, your data will not be lost. 

Is it possible to change the eSIM card from one device to another?

No. This type of technology can only be activated once. If you need to change devices, you have to do the whole process all over again.

Alternatives to an Orange eSIM card

If you are thinking of traveling to Spain, you will be thinking of beautiful beaches, historical sites, or museums instead of calculating the money you will spend on the internet or calls to your family and friends. Here is the main question: do you need a fast and secure way to get an internet connection during your trip? If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect alternative for you.

Holafly eSIM card for Spain

Today, roaming services work perfectly, but we may see perfectly that their prices are incredibly high. In some companies, the MB can go up to 15$, and the idea is to try to save as much as possible. So with worldwide digitization, it has become much easier to buy International eSIMs online.

Among many options, we have found that Holafly is the best option because it allows you to use your devices with an internet connection without any hassles. Holafly is a well-known online store where you can purchase an eSIM card for Spain that will allow you to enjoy unlimited data at a good price.

So you won’t have to worry about arriving in Spain and not having an internet connection. Or having problems with the language once you arrive in the country and at the moment of buying a phone service. Purchasing your eSIM through an online store will allow you to make the process easy and quick from the comfort of your home.

International eSIM to other destinations

Are you planning to travel to another destination? Depending on your destination, the prices and conditions may vary. Just so you have a broad idea, here in Roami, we have made a table with some destinations and prices so you can compare:

CountryTariff 1Tariff 2Tariff 3Tariff 4Tariff 5Tariff 6Tariff 7Tariff 8
EE.UU5 days, unlimited data 19€7 days, unlimited data $2710 days, unlimited data $3415 days, unlimited data $4720 days, unlimited data $5430 days, unlimited data $6460 days, unlimited data $8490 days, unlimited data $99
India15 days, 6 GB $44

Canada30 days, 10 GB data $3430 days, 20 GB data $44
Aruba7 days, 3 GB $3715 days 7 GB $4430 days 15 GB $54

Mexico5 days, unlimited data $197 days unlimited data $2710 days, unlimited data $3415 days, unlimited data $4720 days, unlimited data $5430 days, unlimited data $6460 days, unlimited data $8490 days, unlimited data $99
Source: Holafly

You can see that depending on the number of days you will be traveling, the price will change, and you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs without needing a monthly plan. So it makes more sense to buy a Holafly eSIM card when traveling, but the objective, in any case, is the same, to save money. It’s a very user-friendly and easy service. From what we have heard so far, we only have positive feedback!

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