Nomad eSIM Promo code (May. 2024 Update)

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Nomad is an eSIM provider, and if you are planning to travel this year, you can get a promo code for April 2024. That way, you can stay connected while saving some extra money for your trip!

And, if you are looking for a different promo code, we will also talk about the Holafly promo code so people can use their phones while abroad without worrying about how much it will cost them!

The overall idea of these codes is to make the eSIM for traveling around the world more accessible. So, let’s see what are the available options in the market for 2024!


Nomad eSIM Promo Code

So, what’s the Nomad eSIM promo code? One thing people can misunderstand is that some users actually give their referral code rather than giving an actual promo code, and that’s a waste of time.

These codes are mostly provided by Nomad, but as it’s not common to find a promo code, even on their website or after creating an account, it’s easier for people to use a referral one, as these will offer cashback or extra credit for future eSIM purchases.

One code available in 2024 to use during May is the following:

  • NOMEXPLORE15, which is available until the end of May.
Nomad promo code. Source: Nomad.

The rest of the codes available on the internet to get a data plan are referral codes; there are no additional promos available from Nomad as of now.

How to use the Nomad eSIM promo code?

So, before we talk about how to use a Nomad eSIM promo code, it’s a must to know people can’t use referral codes in the same way as a promo one. For people to use referral codes, it’s a must to create an account either through a browser or phone with it.

Now that it’s clear what are the differences between these codes, let’s see what’s the process to use promo codes.

The first thing to do is to choose any of the available data plans from Nomad. This can be done either through the Nomad app or on the Nomad website. 

nomad data plans
Nomad international data plans. Source: Nomad.

After choosing a destination, the next step is to choose one of the available data plans for traveling. There are different options, so travelers can choose the one that suits them best to stay connected abroad.

Once travelers have chosen one of the data plans, the next step is to purchase on the “Buy Now” button to continue with the process.

nomad data plans
Nomad data plans. Source: Nomad.

To complete the process, people have to introduce their code on the “Promo Code” section available before ending the checkout. According to the discount, the price will change and people can get their Nomad eSIM.

nomad checkout process
Nomad checkout process. Source: Nomad.

eSIM Promo codes: Other options

For people looking for other options in the market where they can receive a discount code, there are different options besides Nomad in the market. 

One of the main alternatives when it comes to internet usage around the world comes with Holafly, so let’s talk about what the company offers and how good of an option it is when it comes to getting data in different countries.

holafly home website
Holafly home website. Source: Holafly.

Holafly: Unlimited data

Holafly is a company similar to Nomad. They offer a variety of eSIMs for more than 190 destinations and countries, and there’s also a discount count to redeem. You can get your eSIM for traveling with a 5% discount with the ROAMING5 promo!

Buy your Holafly eSIM and stay connected while traveling abroad!

One of the most important features of Holafly is the unlimited data it offers. So, rather than buying more than one eSIM, people can get one data plan without worrying about data usage! 

There’s also a top-up available to add more days rather than needing to add more data to keep visiting countries.

Another thing that Holafly is totally different from Nomad comes with the customization days feature. This allows travelers to choose the exact amount of days rather than choosing the highest data plan from a Nomad eSIM.

Besides, people can get the Holafly App, which works a lot better than the Nomad App, as it allows them to access more features for seamless connectivity when traveling. 

Holafly and Nomad comparison

In-app purchaseYesYes
Unlimited dataYesYes, but only at 512KBPs
Customer support24/7 in different languages and channels24/4 in different languages
InstallationManual and automatic on iOS with Holafly appManual
Data sharingYes, it is available on unlimited data plans for up to 500MBs per dayYes
Customizable daysYesNo


How good is the user experience from Nomad?

Nomad has a 4.5 rating based on the different reviews on Trustpilot. The site has more than 4,700+ reviews.

Does Nomad offer unlimited data plans?

Nomad offers a variety of data plans, some of which include unlimited plans. But these plans are throttled to 512KBPs, which makes them barely usable when traveling.

Can people use the Nomad app to claim a code?

Yes. The code is available for usage on the site and Nomad app. It’s available on the checkout as expected.

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