Airalo vs. Holafly: Which company is better?

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In this Airalo vs Holafly comparison, we’ll talk about both companies and what they offer. These companies have been offering eSIMs for quite some time, but how have they worked with travelers to help them stay connected?

So, if you want to know more about what each company offers and what are their main features from them, keep reading and find out all about the Airalo vs Holafly comparison!


Is Holafly or Airalo better?

As both companies have so many features, it’s necessary to see what each one offers in-depth. Let’s take a quick look at the main differences that both services have.

Prices 💳From 19 USDFrom 4.5 USD
Customer service 🧑🏽‍💻24/7 in different languages through different channels24/7 in different languages but with less channels available
Device Support 📱Smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, and laptopsSmartphones, tablets and laptops
Flexible Refund Policy 💵Up to 100 %Up to a 100% under Airalo T&Cs
Amount of data 📳Limited/Unlimited data plansLimited data plans
Coverage 📶+170 destinations+200 destinations
User experience 🧏🏼Easy to buy, install, and activateFast purchase, easy installation
Data Sharing 🛜Share data available in limited data plansAvailable for limited data plans
Voice calls 📞Make and receive calls in some European destinationsAvailable in some data plans with an extra fee
Rating Trustpilot 💭4.7 stars2.6 stars
Comparison table between Airalo and Holafly.

By taking a look at what each company offers, it’s fair to say their features are pretty similar. But there are some main differences when it comes to how each one works, so let’s see in detail how each one works and what the main advantages of both are.

Airalo vs Holafly: Prices

Let’s talk about prices and the data packages from these companies. Currently, both have advantages compared to other competitors, Airalo on its price and Holafly on the amount of data they offer. 

Let’s take a better look at what they offer.

First, let’s talk about how Holafly works. Holafly is available in more than 170 destinations. People will find limited and unlimited data packages on these destinations. Depending on where people are traveling, these prices will vary from $6 to $19 for the cheapest packages.

Holafly destinations. Source: Holafly.

The strongest point of the Holafly eSIM is their unlimited data packages. 

It’s a bit more expensive than the Airalo data packages, but you won’t have to worry about adding more data to your eSIM. And if you get a limited data package, prices are pretty similar to what Airalo offers.

Now, Airalo. 

Currently, the company has coverage in more than 200 destinations. But Airalo doesn’t work with unlimited data packages, being a disadvantage when compared to Holafly. Prices, on the other side, are cheaper than Holafly, as most eSIMs start at $4.50 for 1GB of mobile data.

airalo destinations
Airalo eSIM destinations. Source: Airalo.

In terms of additional features, both Airalo and Holafly offer phone calls. 

Airalo is in some destinations around the world, and Holafly is in more than 20 destinations in Europe. Airalo does offer text messages, but these features have an additional price.

Overall, both companies are tied up on what they offer, but Holafly is a better option when it comes to data plans and features.

Data Speed Comparison

Let’s get into more detail about the Airalo vs Holafly comparison. On this point, let’s talk about the data speed and coverage. Currently, we have an idea of how many destinations both companies work with, but how good is their service with their eSIMs on these sites?

Data speeds will vary depending on where people are traveling.

Currently, both companies work with 4G and LTE speeds on most of their destinations. This is possible thanks to both working with high-quality local carriers.

But, people can take a look at what speeds they will get on the product pages of an eSIM before purchasing. 

The only downside of the data speed is that if there’s an issue with the local carrier network, it will affect how Holafly and Airalo eSIM work. 

For now, here are some comparisons of data speeds on different destinations.

79MBs on Thailand45.8MBs on Egypt
8.03MBs on Spain2.02MBs on Colombia
106.03MBs on Chile39.4MBs on Japan
Data speeds comparison from Airalo and Holafly.

Technical Support

Now it’s time to make a comparison between Airalo vs Holafly in terms of technical support and how both work.

When talking about technical support, there’s a huge difference between Holafly and Airalo. This is easy to see when looking at reviews on sites like Trustpilot, where Holafly has a 4.7 rating, whereas Airalo has a 2.4 rating.

This is mostly due to how tech support works. Airalo offers customer support in different languages, but to do this, people have to change the language of the site and access either WhatsApp or Messenger to continue the conversation with the customer support team. 

Airalo customer support. Source: Airalo.

The live chat from the site only works in English and doesn’t offer a proper response to clients. Another option is to contact them through email.

On the other hand, Holafly is better at tech support for their eSIMs. Their support is available in different languages, and the live chat works differently than the Airalo one. And there are various channels to get some help, like WhatsApp or email.

Another advantage given by Holafly is how fast they respond. Doubts are answered in a minute or less, and there’s always someone willing to help users. That’s why Holafly has better tech support than Airalo.

Holafly customer support. Source: Holafly.

Device Support

Both companies are focused on working with mobiles, but there are other devices their eSIMs support as well. As long as you have an eSIM-compatible device, then you can use any of the eSIMs offered by Airalo or Holafly.

Other devices where people can try Holafly and Airalo services are tablets and laptops. But Holafly clarifies on their website they also work with smartwatches, something Airalo doesn’t seem to do.

Overall, the compatibility on devices from both companies is pretty similar. But, thanks to Holafly being clearer, it’s a better option for those with doubts about what devices eSIMs work with.

Airalo vs Holafly: Refund Policies

Refunds are not always a thing to consider when purchasing a service, but still, you need to know how to request one if needed. In this case, both companies have different Terms & Conditions to get one.

CompanyDo they offer refunds?Refunds T&Cs
HolaflyYesThree types of refunds to help with different issues.
Partial or full refunds.
You have up to 6 months to get a refund.
AiraloYesOnly available 30 days after the purchase.
Only refundable if the device is not eSIM compatible.
Less flexible T&Cs for getting a refund.
Refund Policies.

When taking a look at both refund policies, Holafly is more flexible than Airalo. The idea of having more solutions for a refund doesn’t mean the service is bad, but it’s instead a way for people to know what the company thinks and know different issues can happen.

Airalo is more restrictive about how to get a refund, and based on user experience, rather than giving a refund, the company will look to give other alternatives to travelers, and that’s not the idea at all.

Additional features: Holafly vs. Airalo

Let’s talk about the additional features of Holafly and Airalo. So far, we have an idea of how their eSIMs work, but what about other additional features these companies offer?

First, let’s talk about data sharing with an eSIM. How do these companies manage this feature?

  • Airalo: Offers data sharing with all their eSIMs based on their FAQs and blogs, but it’s not mentioned on the product pages. 
  • Holafly: Only offers data sharing with limited-data packages. Unlimited data packages don’t offer this additional feature.

Overall, both companies have an advantage here. Airalo is a great option for those who need to share data while traveling, but Holafly is a better option for travelers who prefer unlimited data while visiting new places. 

As for voice calls, Airalo and Holafly offer these with some eSIM packages

  • Holafly phone calls: Available within some European destinations with an Austrian phone number. Includes 60 minutes to make and receive phone calls and doesn’t incur extra fees.
  • Airalo phone calls: Airalo offers phone calls in less popular destinations but still offers this service with their eSIMs. Compared to Holafly, Airalo does charge people when it comes to getting phone calls and text messages.

Once again, it’s better for travelers to think about which service will suit them most, as unlimited data packages are a better option as most communications are held through mobile apps nowadays.

Lastly, let’s talk about the top-up feature. The idea of adding more mobile data or days to your eSIM without needing to install it all over again sounds great, so how does it work?

  • Holafly top-up: After buying an eSIM, it’s possible for people to get a top-up to add more days or mobile data to their package, depending on which eSIM they bought.
  • Airalo top-up: Allows to add more days and data, but there are no unlimited data top-ups.

Conclusion: Which is the best eSIM for international travel?

Up to this point, we have reviewed the main features of each company. Both have advantages and disadvantages, as expected for any service, but there’s one that stands out due to the additional features and how they act towards customers.

We are talking about the Holafly eSIMs. This company is a better option for travelers as it is a more friendly alternative. Compared to Airalo, Holafly offers more mobile data and better customer service, which makes it a more reliable service.

Airalo is still a good option to consider using, but it has many withdrawals, and even customer experiences are not as good as expected. So, if you want to travel connected through the world, getting an eSIM from Holafly is your best call!


Can Holafly be trusted?

Yes. Holafly is a company with a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, which means there are mostly positive reviews from customers. Therefore, people can rely on the company without many issues.

Airalo vs. Holafly: Which is better for the USA?

Both Holafly and Airalo are good options for getting an eSIM for USA. But based on the experience of customers and how each service works, the Holafly eSIM for the USA is a more reliable option to take.

Is Airalo worth it?

Airalo is worth it, depending on what each user needs. Based on the 2.4 rating on Trustpilot, it’s hard to say all users will consider this a worth-using eSIM for traveling. So, keep this in mind when choosing what service is better for your trip.

Is there anything better than Holafly?

Holafly is one of the most reliable eSIM companies in the world in 2024. With their unlimited data packages, phone calls, prompt customer service, and additional features, it’s hard to tell if there’s a better option to use for travelers.

What are the disadvantages of Airalo? 

Currently, Airalo has many disadvantages based on customer reviews. Lack of unlimited data packages, strict refund policy, phone calls not being available on important destinations, and information not so clear on certain features.

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