Roami’s Testing Methodology

Travelers all around the world benefit from virtual eSIMs. 

After all, eSIMs are a more affordable alternative than roaming packages when it comes to internet access. 

But despite its affordability and flexibility, choosing the right eSIM can pose a few challenges. 

For starters, not every mobile network operator (MNO) accommodates this new technology, often resulting in compatibility issues. 

So, how do you go about choosing the right eSIM? 

You look to Roami. 

Our Testing Team 

Here at Roami, our mission is simple – to thoroughly test an abundance of eSIMs, completely free of bias. 

As avid travelers ourselves, we understand the importance of staying connected, no matter where you are in the world. 

Travel is the exploration of our beautiful world – you shouldn’t have to deal with being closed off from it at the same time. 

That’s why we’ve tested, reviewed and compiled a list of the following products, suitable for over 100 worldwide destinations: 

  • International eSIMs
  • Local eSIMs
  • International SIM cards
  • Pocket Wi-fi 
  • International data roaming packages 

Our testing team consists of professional adventurers who specialize in tech, connectivity, and travel. 

Our team aims to establish trust and transparency—two qualities that cannot be achieved without reliable information and practical experience. 

We personally experience many eSIM activation processes, all with varying data speed tests and degrees of customer support. 

In other words, we understand the pain points of eSIM technology and use our experiences to help our readers make well-informed choices. 

Our Testing Criteria 

Our testing criteria consist of:

Best Feature Reviews 

Although eSIMs generally have the same purpose, some are better than others for things like streaming and gaming. 

So we’ll review an eSIM’s value proposition, best features and coverage so that you know precisely what to expect from your prospective eSIM.

Availability Assessments 

We’ll evaluate the eSIM’s availability in a particular locale, so you’ll never have to question whether your eSIM will work in your chosen destination. 

We also visualize this coverage with coverage maps for the sake of clarity and to help you conduct your own comparisons. 

Data Package Explorations 

We’ll explore the rates and validity periods of data packages from the best eSIM providers and run a comparative analysis. 

From our analysis, you’ll determine how flexible and cost-effective your potential data package is. 

What’s more, because we evaluate and test data packages personally, you’ll find comparing your eSIM’s advertised performance with its actual performance. 

Experience-Based Recommendations 

We’ll thoroughly assess the convenience of the activation process for a particular eSIM. 

Because we value practicality, we can inform our users about any obstacles we encounter, the usefulness of the instructions provided, and any potential physical SIM conversion options. 

Connectivity Speed Tests 

We’ll test the quality of connectivity speeds across the many different locations we travel to.

Best of all, we’ll measure how an eSIM’s connectivity speed impacts essential tasks like video calls and downloads. 

User Experience Comparisons 

When we compare eSIM providers, we don’t just focus on their offerings. 

We focus on the user’s experience overall. 

So, when we test eSIMs, we strive to determine the quality of the customer service, including their language options, communication channels and availability. 

What’s more, every customer needs to know about an eSIM provider’s refund policy – this is another thing we evaluate during our tests. 

What Sets Us Apart? 

Because we are part of a network that travel bloggers use to share ideas and experiences, we know what travelers all over the world need in order to have enjoyable adventures. 

Our own experience of traveling has also revealed the best alternatives for physical SIM cards and hefty roaming fees. 

In other words, we don’t base our content on online articles we’ve read; we base it on real-world scenarios that we have personally encountered, hindrances and all. 

Our hands-on approach has allowed us to conduct the most rigorous testing possible so our readers can rest easy knowing that they can trust our reviews. 

To go above and beyond for our readers, we also offer 5% discounts for any travel eSIM you wish to purchase. 

Ultimately, we want you to enjoy experiencing the wonders of the world without the hassle of incompatible tech. 

Travel your way; travel with the help of Roami. 
Get started by checking out our eSIM card reviews, or alternatively, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.