eSIM Vodafone: All you need to know

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In 2018, Orange announced that it would revolutionize the technological market with new technology. The rest of the companies followed their steps so they wouldn’t be left behind. 

Everybody is aware that the future of cellphone technology is the eSIM card, and even though its arrival has been rather slow, we will see that every user will ultimately end up using this substitute for the traditional SIM card. 

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What is eSIM?

First, let’s begin by explaining what an eSIM is. The name is not “electronic SIM” as many might think, it actually means “embedded SIM”. Manufacturers named it like this, because of its size, it was better to integrate it directly to the electronic devices rather than selling it separately, hence the name.

This Virtual SIM is a real revolution from all we know at the moment and it will eventually substitute the traditional SIM card we all have in our devices at the moment. The size is 90% smaller than a nano-SIM card, a size we couldn’t even imagine a couple of years ago. 

Technically we can explain it in two parts. First, there’s the hardware, the element that comes directly integrated from the manufacturer. Then, the software can be directly downloaded and installed. Vodafone provides us with a guide to connect to their network.

What are the advantages of the eSIM?

Most of the eSIM advantages can be enjoyed when traveling abroad, but there are other advantages we will explain now for this new service.

  • eSIM service with Vodafone is free. That is, the activation and changing your SIM for the eSIM.
  • As we mentioned before, the size is considerably smaller, 90% smaller than a nano SIM.
  • As it is integrated to the device, malfunctioning will be widely reduced as we need to manipulate less the devices we use. 
  • Regardeless the SIM you use, the eSIM will continue with the contracted services.
  • Portability will be easier as you don’t have to change SIM cards.
  • You may download up to 10 different client profiles. Even though it’s important to be aware that you may only use one line at a time.

How to activate your eSIM with Vodafone?

Before starting with the steps on how to activate an eSIM with Vodafone, you should go to your nearest Vodafone store and explain that you’d like this new service. They will help you with the process and tell you the steps you need to follow. 

The objective is to download a profile in your eSIM card scanning a QR code Vodafone will grant you. Also, they will give you a PIN number and a PUK number as if it were a regular SIM card. Once at this point, there are two different scenarios:

  • Activating the eSIM card: this means you will change your regular SIM card. In some devices, you will be able to use a DUAL SIM, so you will be able to use two lines activated at a time. Using this service is up to you. 
  • Activating the Vodafone One service: here, the objective in focused on devices like Apple Watch 3 or 4 series, so you can enjoy the same conditions on this devices as you do on smartphones.

A piece of advice to keep in mind is that to change from an eSIM to a traditional SIM card, you will have to pay 5€ and the prepaid fees that follow. You also need to register the SIM card beforehand.

Vodafone eSIM: Frequently asked questions

  • Is it necessary to have an iPhone XS, XR, or XS MAX from Vodafone to have this service? No, you may have previously bought these phones and then contract the service with Vodafone.
  • Are all iPhones compatible with an eSIM? No. As we have explained before, as of now, Vodafone only allows iPhone XS, XR o XS MAX con iOS 12.1 or newer.
  • How much does it cost to have an eSIM with Vodafone? Activating an eSIM with Vodafone is totally free, but remember that changing from the eSIM to a SIM card will be 5€.
  • Is it easier to register or to port to an eSIM card? Actually, an eSIM card works the same way as a SIM card, but you will save time and hassles as you don’t have to wait for the company to send the card.
  • How many mobile lines can I activate with an eSIM card? Even though you can download up to 10 profiles (of clients or friends) you may only use one line at a time.

Vodafone One number

Vodafone also offers another possibility when traveling abroad. This is the Vodafone One Number, with which you may leave your smartphone at home and use another device with the same number and charges. 

How to use your Vodafone One Number?

First of all, you choose the device that best adapts to your needs anywhere, if it’s going to the gym or shopping. Another interesting piece of advice is that the data, the minutes, and the text messages of your traditional plan will be shared with all your devices and your content will be synced: contacts, photos, calls, music, etc. The question is: are all devices compatible with One Number?

Right now, One Number only allows 2 devices to be used with this tariff from Vodafone.

  • Apple Watch Series 4 with eSIM: the first 3 months are free, then, it will cost 5€ a month.
  • Palm: use this device for 6.05€ a month.

Vodafone One Number: Frequently asked Questions

  • What is necessary to have a Vodafone One Number? On the web, you may find all the details. 
  • Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + eSIM) or Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + eSIM) with WatchOS 5.0 or newer and iPhone 5 or newer with iOS 12 or newer. 
    • Any phone with SIM (Palm for example), to be used as a complementary device to your regular smartphone.
  • Does Vodafone One Number have a yearly contract? No, it has a monthly subscription, but strings attached. You may deactivate your account whenever you wish.

Alternatives to a Vodafone eSIM card

When traveling around the world, it is very important to calculate your expenses, so all your savings will be welcomed. This is why using an eSIM card may help you because if you compare it to the roaming costs, the difference is truly huge. But, what if you cannot use an eSIM card on your phone or other devices?

In Roami we have found the best alternative to an eSIM card to travel around the world, and the best service is the one Holafly offers. Just remember that most companies will charge you at least 12€ for every MB you use with roaming.

Depending on the country you travel to, the price will be different. This is regarding calls, internet data, and the time you will be abroad. With that said, choose the best service that suits you! The most important thing is checking the different options you have and choosing the service with the cheapest prices so you may enjoy your trip. 

Here we will show you a table with different options and prices so you can have an idea and make a better choice depending on where you are traveling. 

CountryTariff 1Tariff 2Tariff 3Tariff 4Tariff 5Tariff 6Tariff 7Tariff 8
EE.UU5 days, unlimited data 29€7 days, unlimited data 34€10 days, unlimited data 39€15 days, unlimited data 49€20 days, unlimited data 59€30 days, unlimited data 87€60 days, unlimited data 169€90 days, unlimited data 239€
Thailand8 days, 3 GB 17€12 days, 4 GB 26€

Canada5 days, unlimited data 29€7 days, unlimited data 34€10 days, unlimited data 39€15days, unlimited data 49€20 days, unlimited data 59€30 days, unlimited data 87€60 days, unlimited data 169€90 days, unlimited data 239€
China7 days, 2 GB 27€15 days, 2 GB 29€30 days 3 GB 36€

Mexico5 days, unlimited data 29€7 days, unlimited data 34€10 days, unlimited data 39€15 days, unlimited data 49€20 days, unlimited data 59€30 days, unlimited data 87€60 days, unlimited data 169€90 days, unlimited data 239€

As you may see, depending on how long you are traveling, it is more interesting to use one or another Holafly card service. The card is sent free of charge and they offer 24-hour service by phone or WhatsApp service to attend to your every need. In Roami we have used this service and have also collected experiences and everyone gives them two thumbs up! You will have a great service and also save money. 

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