Best SIM Card for Trinidad and Tobago: prices and where to buy?

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Trinidad and Tobago is a place where people can go to and enjoy all the incredible things there are to see and visit. We can say it is a magical place that will give people a chance to see many different tourist hotspots in just one place. But to enjoy it all, travelers need to have a SIM card in Trinidad and Tobago to share their experiences with the world.

Therefore, we will talk about SIM cards for this country today. Everything people might want to know, everything they need to know, and everything that must be considered will be mentioned here, so if you intend to travel soon, keep an eye on what we have to say.


Where to buy the best data SIM card for Trinidad and Tobago?

First thing first, we need to talk about where people can get to buy a SIM card when traveling to Trinidad and Tobago. There are different ways to achieve this, and we can tell that users need to know as much as they can about this topic. So far, there are two worth-knowing options, which are through a physical store or using an online shop.

Therefore, we need to clear things up about what people need to know about each one of these methods. Some will prefer using the traditional method, and some others will prefer using the online store, but we have different reasons why use one instead of the other that we can tell!

Buy my Trinidad and Tobago SIM card before traveling

Getting the chance to buy a SIM card through online stores has become something very convenient to do. People can get the chance to buy these through online stores, making things easier for them. The only thing to know about this method comes with the delivery time, which can take a bit depending on where people are located.

Up to this point, there are many different choices for people to pick from. But we can say that the option of getting the SIM card before traveling is safer than buying the same card once travelers have arrived at their destination. So, that’s a pretty good point to mention regarding online stores.

How much does a SIM card for Trinidad and Tobago cost?

The price of the SIM card will depend. Not all carriers have the same price, and that’s something we need to keep in mind as much as possible. People need to consider this to make things easier for everyone.

Nowadays, we can find SIM cards at low prices, such as 15 dollars for a SIM card, but it won’t provide users the proper amount of cellular data they might need, or maybe they won’t work for enough days. These are important factors to keep in mind whenever people are traveling.

Also, we can get to tell these companies can even offer people SIM cards that are pretty expensive. There are options that can easily cost more than $100, which happens to be a lot for travelers, so that’s something to keep in mind.

Buy my SIM card in Trinidad and Tobago

When it comes to buying something in a local store, definitely, one of the things we will have in mind is SIM cards. This one has become the most used method for people, especially locals, to get a SIM card.

Nowadays, we can find two different companies available for interested customers to use when going to Trinidad and Tobago. These two have been around for quite some time, and they have both shown to be what people on the island needs. So, let’s talk a bit about them to see what we can get from them both.


Digicel is a carrier that is available in different countries throughout the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago is not an exception, and that’s something important. So, for now, let’s see what we can tell about it.


  • There are different data plans available for people to choose from with Digicel.
  • They have the biggest coverage area available in the country.
  • Digicel might work in other countries as long as they are available there.


  • 5G connections are not available with Digicel.
  • The coverage in Trinidad and Tobago is pretty limited to the main areas and zones of the island.
  • SIM cards from Digicel can’t be manually activated.


Time to elaborate on bmobile, which is the second most famous alternative in Trinidad and Tobago to use when it comes to SIM cards. This is a suitable alternative, and to be fair, it’s the only alternative to Digicel, so let’s see what they offer.


  • It has decent coverage in many places in the country.
  • bmobile offers different data plans and promotions to its clients.
  • The company offers roaming services to its customers.


  • There’s no coverage in remote places on the island.
  • Data speed can’t reach 5G speeds.
  • bmobile has less coverage than Digicel.

eSIM card for Trinidad and Tobago, the new alternative

An alternative that is now available is the international eSIM. These are among the alternatives people rather use when they are traveling, and they are better than regular SIM cards due to plenty of reasons. We want to mention that carrierse like Holafly, with their eSIM for Trinidad and Tobago, are pretty good to use.

eSIMs, to make things short and easy, are basically digital SIM cards for cellphones. This makes things easier for everyone, and we can tell people will enjoy using eSIMs more than SIM cards due to how easy it is to get, and how easy it is to activate one once the purchase is made.

So, to get to know more about it, let’s see some of the characteristics the eSIM has.

  • To use an eSIM, people need access to a last-gen device to use it properly.
  • When people are buying an eSIM, a QR code will be sent to their phone, and that’s what’s needed to activate the service.
  • To complete the eSIM activation process, users will need to have an internet connection available. We recommend buyers complete this process before traveling.
  • eSIMs can work alongside SIM cards, meaning people can carry them both, no matter where they go.

How much does the eSIM for Trinidad and Tobago cost?

Finally, let’s talk about the price of the eSIM for Trinidad and Tobago. In this case, we will focus on the price of the Holafly eSIM for Trinidad and Tobago, which is the one we prefer using due to everything they offer, and due to how cheap it is!

Trinidad and Tobago eSIM card

Days of useAmount of cellular dataPrice (USD)
7 days 3 GB $37
15 days 7GB$44
30 days 15GB$54
Holafly eSIM for Trinidad and Tobago Pricing Table

Frequently asked questions about the Trinidad and Tobago SIM card

We currently have all the knowledge we require about SIM cards, along with some basic information about eSIM. Let’s provide some additional information for those who still have some doubts about what we just talked about.

Can people use international SIM cards with an old phone?

Yes. There’s no issue when it comes to using SIM cards. The only thing we need to keep in mind, in this case, is that people must have an open-band device for the SIM card to work properly.

Are international SIM cards rechargeable?

No. Users will only be able to use these SIM cards once, only for the number of days the SIM card provides, or once the mobile data it has is over.

Can people use an eSIM with a SIM card on the same device?

Yes. One of the things we can tell is good about these two alternatives is that they can both work together at the same time!

Are SIM cards for Trinidad and Tobago cheaper than other alternatives?

In most cases, yes. We can tell that SIM cards are cheaper than using a pocket WiFi or even a roaming service, but it is not cheaper than eSIMs.

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