The best prepaid SIM Card for South Korea: prices and where to buy?

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Traveling to South Korea is undoubtedly one of the best experiences you can have, especially visiting the wonderful landscapes found in Seoraksan National Park or Jeonju, not to mention the attractions you can find in the capital, Seoul. Enjoy each of these places with a good Internet connection with a South Korea SIM card.

Enjoy and share your best moments in this country through social media, showing off all the wonders that South Korea offers you! For this reason, we recommend not to be limited by expensive roaming service and stay connected during your trip!

Remember that roaming in South Korea is expensive, not advisable to activate because of the costs involved and the restrictions you will have when navigating. It is almost unthinkable to use this service when there are better options available. In the event that your trip through Asia involves several countries, you may also need a SIM card for China with VPN to connect to the Internet freely.

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Buy a South Korea eSIM online


Where to buy a SIM card South Korea?

There are many places where you can buy your SIM card with prepaid data for your trip to South Korea, however, the best way to buy your South Korea SIM card is through online stores. Why? The reason for this is because of the ease of choosing and buying your SIM card, plus there are some online stores like Holafly that offer different advantages on your SIM card that will greatly enhance your trip.

In addition to the online stores, you can also purchase your data SIM card on your trip to South Korea through the stores located in the main airports, such as Jeju Airport, Daegu Airport, Gwangju Airport, or Jinju Airport.

Buy before you travel

As we mentioned before, buying in advance at online stores such as Holafly offers you several advantages that make your trip a much more comfortable experience. It’s easy to get these benefits, let’s talk more about the advantages that Holafly’s SIM card with data South Korea offers. 

  • Internet on the ground in South Korea

By purchasing the SIM card with prepaid data for your trip to South Korea, you will be able to access the Internet from the moment you land at the airport. This is really convenient because you will be able to call a cab or order an Uber at the airport and you won’t need to waste time waiting in long and tedious lines at the airport stores.

  • Sharing data with travel partners

Just as you can share data with a Pocket Wifi, your Holafly data SIM card for your trip to South Korea also allows you to create a wifi network from your cellphone in order for your travel companions and friends to connect. Without the need to carry anything more than your smartphone, Holafly’s South Korea SIM card allows you to share data wherever you are.

  • Unlimited Internet during your trip

Don’t worry about running out of data during your trip to South Korea, as Holafly’s prepaid data SIM card, in addition to providing you with internet at a very affordable price, also gives you an unlimited internet connection at 2G speeds so you won’t lose contact with your loved ones during your trip.

  • Easy purchase and activation processes

One of the main advantages of buying through an online store like Holafly is the simplicity of the purchase and activation process. If you want to buy a South Korean SIM card from Holafly, all you have to do is enter the Holafly website, select the SIM card, fill out the purchase form and that’s it!

Holafly online store

As we mentioned before, Holafly’s online store has many advantages in their products, advantages which range from free shipping to your home to customer service that is available 24 hours a day that will answer any questions or problems no matter the day or time you contact them. In addition to these advantages, it is worth mentioning the affordable price of their products, making them the favorite choice for many travelers.

If you are interested in the various advantages that Holafly has in its products, all you have to do is enter Holafly’s official website, complete the purchase process and your SIM card is on its way to your home totally free of charge.

Buy upon arrival 

Just as shopping before traveling has its advantages, shopping shortly after landing also has its advantages. However, they are not as many or as diverse, but nevertheless, they are worth keeping in mind in case you want to shop after landing in South Korea.

  • SIM cards with major telecommunications companies

One of the main advantages that you can have when buying your SIM card in South Korea, is the ease with which you can find SIM cards of the main telecommunications companies in this country. This means that the coverage you’ll have with a SIM card purchased at the airport will be pretty good. 

SK Telecom Co and KT Corp stores in South Korea

If you want to have the best internet connection during your trip to South Korea, it’s best to use SIM cards that connect to KT Corp or SK Telecom networks. Why? This is because these two telecommunication companies are considered to be the largest in South Korea, which makes their internet connections the fastest and most stable.

To connect to these networks, you can go to stores located in airports and shopping malls and look for data SIM cards from these companies. Similarly, with the Holafly South Korea SIM card, you can connect to SK Telecom’s internet network and enjoy a stable and fast internet connection.

How much does a SIM card for travel to South Korea cost?

For now, Holafly online store has only one SIM card plan with prepaid data for South Korea. This SIM card includes unlimited data on 2G and 6GB of data on 4G with SK Telecom internet networks, so you can surf and stay connected with your family throughout your trip.

Days of useAmount of mobile dataPrice (USD)
126 GB$38,01
Table 1. Holafly’s available tariff for South Korea SIM card

eSIM card for Asia, the new alternative

If you want to connect to the Internet through a much more convenient and innovative alternative, Holafly’s eSIM for Asia allows you not only to connect to the internet in South Korea but also to access the internet in several Asian countries. This translates into spending much less during your trip since you will not have to pay an eSIM for each destination, but with just one you will have everything you need.

Advantages and disadvantages of eSIM for South Korea

In addition to being able to access the Internet from several countries, the eSIM with data for Asia offers you several advantages that we will show you below, so that you can take them into account for your next trip to this continent.


  • Acquire and activate your eSIM immediately.

One of the main advantages of buying a data eSIM for your trip to Asia and South Korea is the ease and speed with which you can purchase this product. Since it is a totally virtual product, you will avoid those tedious delays in shipping or those long queues that usually form in commercial establishments at airports and shopping centers.

How can I purchase my eSIM? To purchase your eSIM all you need to do is access the official eSIM Holafly website, complete the purchase process, fill in your details, and that’s it, your eSIM will arrive in the form of a QR code to your email address in less than a minute and to activate your eSIM, all you have to do is scan the code. It’s that easy!

  • 24-hour customer service

If you have any inconvenience with your eSIM during your trip, don’t worry, because when you buy a Holafly product, you will have customer service available that will answer and solve any doubt or problem you may have, no matter the place or time.

  • Keep your WhatsApp number

Do not lose contact with your family and friends during your trip to South Korea or other Asian countries, with Holafly’s virtual card, in addition to accessing the internet at very affordable prices, you can also keep your WhatsApp number so that your contacts can text you without the need to add you again.

  • Share data with your fellow travelers.

Like Pockets Wifi, but without the high price tag and the hassle of carrying more than just your phone, Holafly’s multi-country eSIM Asia allows you to create a private wifi network for your friends to connect to.


  • Not all smartphones can use eSIM

The limited compatibility of mid-range and low-end cell phones means that buying a virtual card or eSIM is not affordable for everyone. The reason for this is that not all smartphones have this technology incorporated.

If you want to know if your cellphone is compatible with an eSIM, we recommend that you check in advance the list of compatible smartphones so that you do not have any inconvenience during your trip. This list can be found in most cases in the eSIM features.

How much does the eSIM for South Korea cost?

Currently, the Holafly online store has a data eSIM for Asia and South Korea that includes 4GB of data at 4G speeds in any of the following Asian countries: South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Macau. In the country of Laos, the eSIM reaches 3G speeds.

If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to read the following table where you will find the price and features.

Days of useAmount of mobile dataPrice (USD)
12 4 GB with 4G speeds, Except in Laos (3G)$46,33
Table 2. Tariff available for Holafly eSIM Asia

Frequently Asked Questions about SIM Card South Korea

What other options offer me internet in South Korea?

During your trip to South Korea you will find several options that, like the SIM card, allow you to connect to the internet, however, most of these options are usually very expensive and impractical. Among these options are roaming, Pocket Wifi, and public wifi.

How much does it cost to roam in South Korea?

The rates charged by cellphone operators for roaming services in South Korea usually vary a lot depending on the operator you use, however, in most cases the price per MB is 6 euros.

What do I do if my SIM card is not working?

Do not worry if you have a problem with your SIM card during your trip to South Korea, because if you bought a Holafly SIM card, you will have access to customer service that will answer any questions and resolve any problems you may have with your SIM card.

If your SIM card does not belong to Holafly, we recommend that you contact the seller who gave it to you or, failing that, the SIM card company.

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