Roaming Europe: T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Vodafone, O2

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Roaming is one of the traditional ways to get internet while you are traveling. And, thanks to the social media uprise, it has become more and more popular as time has passed by. Yet, not everyone knows how roaming works, and that’s ok because not everyone has used it more than one or two times, maybe. And, the roaming Europe has become something popular, and we’ll need to talk about it.

Therefore, it is needed to know how to activate the roaming, how it works, and even the price is something that people must know about. Also, there are some roaming alternatives that we will talk about, so you can use your cell phone in Europe without paying high roaming fees. 

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Price comparison between the different American mobile operators

USA Mobile CarriersRoaming Europe Price 
T-Mobile30$ (Essentials) – 40$ (Magenta) – 47$ (Magenta Extra)
Verizon10$/per day (Roaming Europe) – 100$ (International Monthly Pass)
AT&T10$/day (International Pass) – 15$ (International Calling Plan)
Roaming Europe from US

Table 1. Price comparison between the different American mobile operators

Price comparison between the different UK mobile operators

UK Mobile OperatorRoaming Europe Price 
O23.5£/per GB 
Three2£/per roaming day
VodafoneNo extra cost for European countries
Roaming Europe from the UK

Table 1. Price comparison between the different UK mobile operators

Roaming alternatives for Europe: Two options that can save your life and money 

If you are planning to go to Europe, you might be thinking about other options as well for that trip if you want to keep a Mobile internet connection in Europe. Thankfully, people can actually find more options than just roaming services, which is pretty useful. And no, we are not talking about Pocket Wi-Fi or something similar.

These options that we are talking about are the International eSIM cards from Holafly, which has become a pretty reliable option for everyone out there. 

Each one of these cards is different, so for clients it is important to know in detail what they offer, and if they are a better solution than the roaming Europe service.

International eSIM card roaming

In case you haven’t heard about the eSIM, it’s time for you to know a bit more about it. The technology used with the Europe eSIM is somehow new, so it is fair to say that maybe plenty of people haven’t heard about it. 

But, the truth is, the eSIM is quite a suitable option for travelers and people who want to save some money. If you choose Holafly, one of the best options in the market, over other services, you will cover all around the European continent, making it a pretty good service for those who intend to travel to different countries. 

Also, we need to discuss the benefits that people must know about, and that might be a game-changer to choose it, instead of the roaming Europe service.

  1. People will get access to 24/7 customer support service.
  2. It has unlimited data
  3. The coverage range is pretty wide, it includes almost every country on the European continent.
  4. The price is quite accessible, and people can buy as many as they need without limitations.
  5. Calls are now included on the digital SIM as a brand-new feature! For several countries in Europe you’ll get a total of 120 minutes of talk-time. 60 minutes to make calls and 60 to receive.

International SIM Cards for Europe

People have used prepaid international data SIM cards for a long time ago. It has become one of the most reliable options when it comes to internet and phone overall mobile communication. SIM cards can be used in almost every device, which makes them more convenient to use for people, and they can also be bought in numerous different places.

Whether you are standing at the Berlin Airport, or in Madrid, or even in some city in Italy, chances are that you will find where to buy a European SIM card. Also, there are numerous stores in these cities and countries that we mentioned that offer people the chance to buy a card in a matter of seconds.

Pocket WiFi

Another alternative that we need to mention is the Pocket WiFi for Europe. These are small devices that work well for travelers as they try to offer unlimited data for a reasonable price. Yet, the limitations on the contract are pretty strict, making it a less attractive option for a lot of people out there. 

We can say that the Pocket WiFi service tends to be pretty good and has a solid quality, but once you learn that you will have to pay over 150 euros or dollars if you lose a device, things change a little bit. But, if you think that you are careful enough, then go ahead and try one. These devices offer people the chance to choose multiple destinations, which somehow compensates for the lowdowns of the contract. 

Free WiFi

It is fair to say that people can get free WiFi, but it tends to be something annoying to do as people maybe won’t have enough time to make it. But, there’s always a way to make things a lot easier for you. Thanks to some mobile apps, people get the chance to find and connect to different WiFi networks for free

Apps such as Avast Wi-Fi Finder, WiFi Map, and WinMan are the perfect example for what might be looking for to find. These apps will help you find WiFi for free, and you will get the chance to connect to it for as long as the coverage allows you to. Yet, beware that relying on free WiFi is not always a good solution because once you leave the coverage area, you won’t have access to the internet.

Details of Roaming services offered by the most popular mobile operators in the U.S

We already mentioned some of the companies that will offer you the roaming service, and we also mentioned the price. But, what do they offer to their clients? Is it only mobile data that they offer, or can people send text messages and receive phone calls? Let’s get to know more about this.

T-Mobile Roaming

T-Mobile offers its clients three different roaming plans. Each one has a different price, and they all offer something different to their clients.

With the Essentials Plan, people will get access to unlimited text messages and phone calls, as well as unlimited 3G mobile data for as long as the plan is active. The Magenta Plan offers people 5GB of high-speed data and unlimited 3G once the 5B is over, and it also offers text messages and phone calls. Last, but not least, the Magenta Plus Plan offers people 40GB of high-speed data as well as unlimited 3G mobile data is the 40GB are over.

Verizon Roaming

Verizon offers people two different plans at this moment. The International Travel Pass for 10$ per day, with unlimited text messages and phone calls, and it will work with the same data allowance that your plan gives.

On the other hand, we have the International Monthy Plan for 100$, which gives access to 5GB of mobile data, unlimited received messages, 250 minutes for phone calls, and 1000 messages. After that, people will have to pay 0.25$ per phone call, 20$ per GB, and 0.05$ per message.

AT&T Roaming

AT&T is one of the biggest mobile operators in the U.S, and that’s why they couldn’t stay behind in this list. Nowadays, the company offers two different plans when it comes to roaming, the first one we have to mention only offers people access to international phone calls, and it costs 15$ per line acquired.

On the other hand, they offer a 10$/per day international pass with unlimited high-speed data as well as unlimited text messages and phone calls. It is, without a doubt, one of the best options for people.

Details of international Roaming services offered by the most popular mobile operators in the UK

Just like it happens in the U.S, people can get access to some mobile operators that are located in the UK and that offer people some pretty decent deals. Let’s see what they can offer.

O2 Roaming

The thing with O2 is pretty simple. They won’t be asking you to pay for more than you want to use, and that’s just awesome. People can access their roaming plans for just 3.5£ per day, making it one of the cheapest roaming services in the world.

Three Roaming

Similar to what we can find with O2, Three offers a pretty similar roaming service to its users. People who want to travel to Europe and want to rely on this company to get mobile data, messages, and phone calls will have to pay 2£ per day, which is pretty accessible though.

Yet, beware that the company is currently going through some changes and for the next year, prices will change a little bit.

Vodafone Roaming

Vodafone is currently going through some changes, but they still offer its roaming service to its clients. Yet, a few months ago, they changed roaming to the Xtra Airtime Plan, one of the most complete plans offered by the company. 

For people who have access to this plan, the roaming service is completely free, so they don’t need to worry about paying more to get free International internet or phone calls while traveling.

How to activate roaming with the different mobile operators in the U.S

The biggest question for everyone out there: how can I activate the roaming when traveling? Let’s see how it’s done.

T-Mobile roaming activation

To activate the roaming with T-Mobile the process is very simple. People will only need to dial the following words to activate or deactivate it.

  • Use #RON# to activate the roaming.
  • Use #RON# to deactivate the roaming.

And that’s how you do it, quite simple!

Verizon roaming activation

To use the Verizon roaming, things are a bit different. People will need to have a Verizon SIM card on their devices, and then, they will have to follow the next steps:

  • Press the “Settings” button.
  • Then, choose the “Mobile Data” option.
  • Click the “Roaming” option and activate.

Once you do this, you can fully enjoy the Verizon roaming!

AT&T roaming activation

The AT&T roaming service works just like it does with Verizon. People will have to have an AT&T SIM card in order for the roaming to work and follow the next steps:

  • Press the “Settings” button.
  • Then, choose the “Mobile Data” option.
  • Click the “Roaming” option and activate.

It is very simple, and can be done within a few seconds!

How to activate international roaming with the different mobile carriers in the UK

Just like it happens with the U.S mobile operators, people must know exactly what to do when they try to use a UK operator for the roaming service.

O2 roaming activation

The very first thing that people must do is to get a SIM card that supports roaming. If a user is aware that they have this checked and is already traveling, then they will need to send a text message to the following number: 23336 with the O2TRAVEL text. 

Once it’s done, people will have their roaming activated!

Three roaming activation

We are back again with a simple way of activating roaming services. Three is just as easy as other companies as it will only require people to activate the “Roaming” option on their phones. To do this, follow the next steps:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Once you are there, find the “Mobile Data” option.
  • Find the “Roaming” option, and then activate it.

That’s it! You are ready to enjoy the Three roaming service.

Vodafone roaming activation

To activate the Vodafone roaming service, the first thing we need to do is to activate the “Roaming” option in the “Mobile Data” menu. Once that is completed, people must log in to their Vodafone account, find the “International Roaming” page, and activate the service through the website. People can also call to 199 and customer service will help you to activate the roaming.

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