Best Pocket WiFi in Europe: which are the best options?

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Europe is well known as a tourist destination par excellence for many people. That’s why communication is something you can never miss while being in Europe, and Pocket WiFi may be a suitable option to avoid using costly roaming services.

Nowadays, Pocket WiFi works everywhere on this continent. So now you can be sure that you won’t be without a Mobile internet connection in Europe. Today you’ll be able to learn about the Pocket WiFi alternatives that you can always get to have a secure and high-quality connection to the internet

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Companies offering Pocket WiFi for Europe 

Pocket WiFi Provider Brand104.93 USD (Weekly Rental) + $14.99 (Insurance) + $75 (Shipping outside the United States, Canada or Mexico). Or $20 to $40 (Shipping to Mexico, United States, or Canada)
Travelers WiFi$75 to $113.13 (Weekly income) + $10 to $21.10 (Shipping)
Hippocket WiFi$47.22 to $72.37 (Weekly rental with insurance) + $11.43 to $22.87 (Shipping) 
Travel WiFi$55.65 US Dollars (Weekly rent) + $8 to $30 US Dollars (Shipping)
Cello Mobile104.93 USD (Weekly Rental) + $14.99 (Insurance) + $75 USD (Shipping outside the United States, Canada or Mexico). Or $20 to $40 (Shipping to Mexico, United States, or Canada)
My Webspot $83.85 (Weekly rent) + $5.60 to $11.32 (Shipping) 
Table N°1 List of companies offering Pocket WiFi for Europe

Details and prices of best pocket WiFi for Europe

Nowadays, you can find many companies offering Pocket Wi-Fi services for Europe, but not all of them promise a high-quality service. 

Also, depending on the country you wanna go to, you may be able to change your options to purchase cheaper services. Currently, when you choose a particular company to get a Pocket WiFi, you must evaluate the best option for you. So let’s take a look at the Pocket Wi-Fi options there are to use your cell phone in Europe.

pocket WiFi Europe
You can connect several devices to the Internet with a portable WiFi for Europe. Source: Unsplash.

Travelers WiFi

Travelers WiFi is a Swiss-based company that obviously offers its Pocket Wi-Fi service in Switzerland. However, you can get a Pocket WiFi with them and it will work for all European countries. 

This company has two types of tariffs depending on where people are going. In the case of going to Switzerland, the rate will be USD 69,74 for the whole week. While for the rest of Europe, the rate increases to USD 73,40 no matter where the person is going.

Now, maybe you’ll need shipping to get your Pocket WiFi. This is something that doesn’t really change much in terms of prices. If we detail each price, we will see that the rates will range from $10 up to $21.10 for distant distances. It all depends on where the equipment is being shipped to, and the company also offers a pickup service in some countries, reducing the price.

The good thing is that no matter where people are from or whx|ere they are going, there are several payment methods available to people. 

Another essential thing to know about Travelers WiFi is that there’s a penalty in case of a Pocket WiFi loss. People who lose a piece of equipment from the company will have to pay 155 USD for its replacement. And it could be more if it has been rented with additional accessories. 

Hippocket WiFi

Hippocket WiFi is a company that handles a variety of rates as they not only provide services for France but for the rest of Europe. However, the price changes a bit. For France, the rate starts at around 45.67 USD per week, while for the rest of Europe, the rental can exceed 68.51 USD per week. You can choose between 1Gb/Day or unlimited data plans.

We all know that France is one of Europe’s top tourist destinations. The good thing is that we can find a good company to have portable WiFi in this country. However, it can also be helpful for other European countries.

Moving on to shipping, this is something that is also a bit varied. People can opt for free shipping which takes about three days to arrive. Or they can pay between $11.43 to $22.87, but this will depend on where the equipment needs to be shipped to.

The good thing about it is that the company has a variety of payment methods available. It will vary depending on where the rental is made from. But, with a credit card, you have it all sorted.

Let’s talk about penalties. Like any company, Hippocket WiFi will penalize you if you lose their equipment. The compensation is $154,35 to $171,50, depending on whether or not it was lost with additional accessories.

Travel WiFi

Now let’s talk about this company named Travel WiFi. It is a company from Spain that offers portable WiFi services in Europe with a high-quality standard.

One thing that we can consider to be quite good is that the company does not have a fixed price for the rental of the Pocket WiFi. Depending on the destination, the price will change little by little.

Generally, prices start at just over $56 and can go up to $84 per week depending on the destination. The company lets you know the exact fare once you choose your destination, so you don’t have to worry about that.

One thing that doesn’t change much is the price of shipping. Depending on where the equipment is being shipped to, the price will vary from $3 to $29, but it’s still a pretty affordable price. 

In addition, the company has several payment methods, so customers don’t have to worry about not having a way to pay for their service. And the last thing to know about this company is that, in case of loss, people will have to pay a penalty of between 149 to 199 USD depending on whether or not the device had its additional accessories.

Cello Mobile

Although the company Cello Mobile is not from Europe, it is one of the most used options for people from North America. Based in the United States, Cello Mobile is an excellent option for people from America who want to visit Europe.

The American company does not change its prices much when offering its service. Regardless of the destination, the price is $349.93 for a week. The price is high, but the quality is good.

The downside comes when it comes to shipping. For people in Canada, the United States, and Mexico, the price is quite affordable. Shipments range from 10 to 30 dollars, while for the rest of the world, the rate goes up to 75 dollars.

On the other hand, Cello Mobile only accepts credit card payments, which may or may not impede many.

The last thing to say about the company is the price that will be paid for penalties. In the event of losing the device, $75 must be paid to the company, which is a somewhat high, though affordable, cost.

My Webspot 

Once again, we have a company from Switzerland that will provide us with an excellent service for staying connected thanks to its Pocket Wi-Fi service.

The first thing we have to analyze about My Webspot is its price, which doesn’t seem to be very high. With a price of USD 76.00 per week regardless of the destination, it is an affordable option for people. You can even have unlimited data, although depending on the destination, usage policies may apply. Generally, you get at least 1GB/day of high speed.

Leaving the bad taste left by the service limit behind, we come to the issue of deliveries, which do not exceed 14 USD. Most deliveries are between $5.60 to USD 14.00, regardless of the destination.

However, as in other cases, people must pay if they lose their equipment. To be exact, they will have to pay a fee of 205,80 dollars, although if they have taken out insurance that costs 13,72 dollars, the cost is halved. On the upside, the company has several payment methods for all transactions that need to be made.

Comparative table between providers of portable WiFi for travel in Europe

We have told you about some of the best portable WiFi for travel in Europe, but now we want to put them all in comparison so you can better evaluate your options.

Company Price per day (USD/day)# Devices can be connected
Travelers WiFi9.2$/day5 to 10 devices
Hippocket WiFi9.8$/dayTen devices
Travel WiFi12$/days5 to 10 devices
Cello Mobile50$/daysFive devices
My Webspot 9.5$/days5 devices
Table N°2 Comparative between providers for portable WiFi for Europe.

Options similar to Pocket WiFi in Europe

Europe is a country that will undoubtedly provide a variety of options for accessing the internet even if you don’t have a portable WiFi contract. 

As you would expect, there is no shortage of options on this continent. Thanks to SIM cards and International eSIM data cards, we won’t end up disconnected anytime while traveling in Europe.

Both cards have their benefits, so let’s take a closer look at both.

eSIM for Europe
Unlimited data eSIM for Europe with international calls. Source: Holafly

European data SIM card

Data SIM cards are a great way to stay connected. Not only will you have access to the International internet, but you will also be able to communicate easily with whoever you need thanks to this card.

Best of all, buying such a card is not complicated at all. And companies like Holafly offer you their Europe data SIM cards at an affordable price and with benefits that can hardly be beaten. 

Prepaid Unlimited data eSIM for Europe

The data eSIM is basically a successor to the famous old SIM card, only now everything is done digitally.

When you buy a data eSIM for Europe, things become simpler because you will receive everything in your email and you can do it anywhere in the world, with no additional cost for doing so.

Again, we have Holafly offering this eSIM service. The price is pretty good, it has coverage almost everywhere in the world, unlimited data,120 minutes of talk time, and people won’t have any problems as it is practically impossible to lose away one of these digital SIMs.

Free WiFi

Europe is a large continent where communications have advanced impressively. That’s why as you walk around some of the European countries, you can find free WiFi quite easily.

However, be aware that this is not the best option to consider. If you think you will always have free WiFi, you are wrong. So it’s best to prepare for your trip and have some of the alternatives we’ve already mentioned.

Frequently asked questions about pocket WiFi in Europe

Does portable Wi-Fi work in Europe?

Yes, of course, they work; many providers sell or rent these devices for Europe. Just find one on the web, order your service, and use it when you are on the continent. These pocket WiFi are much safer than using public networks.

Is pocket WiFi worth it in Europe?

Although they are more expensive than other alternatives such as SIM cards or eSIM, pocket WiFi is practical when connecting multiple devices. Being able to connect several phones or laptops at the same time is ideal if you are traveling with your family or in groups. But remember that connecting too many devices can affect the connection speed.

Can you use pocket WiFi internationally?

Yes, providers allow you to buy or rent your portable WiFi to use in several countries, although you should generally choose what these destinations will be before you travel. It is usual for these devices to use international SIM cards to work and must have an associated plan that allows it. You should check with your provider to see what regional options they have for pocket WiFi.

How to get Wi-Fi in Europe?

As we mentioned, you can buy it with international providers such as Travelers WiFi, Hippocket WiFi, Travel WiFi, and Cello Mobile, among others. Remember that if you need a connection on a single device, eSIMs are a better option to keep internet in Europe.

Can my phone connect to WiFi in Europe?

Yes, any phone can use WiFi networks, no matter if they are from different countries. The vital point in this case is security. If you use public WiFi networks, you can compromise your personal information. If you need connection in multiple devices, it is recommended to use pocket WiFi for Europe.

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