Roaming Russia: T-Mobile, Three, Verizon, O2

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Russia is one of the biggest countries in Europe, and people genuinely love to visit some of its biggest cities. Whether people choose to go to Moscow, San Petersburgh, or even Ekaterinburg. But, there’s something that people can’t miss when traveling, and it’s the roaming Russia service

And that’s something that we will clarify today, and we will also talk about other options that people can find while traveling.

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Price comparison between the different USA mobile operators

USA Mobile OperatorRoaming Price 
T-Mobile30$ (Essentials) – 40$ (Magenta) – 47$ (Magenta Extra)
Verizon10$/per day (Europe) – 100$ (International Monthly Pass)
AT&T10$/day (International Pass) – 15$ (International Calling Plan)
Table N°1. Price comparison between the different American mobile operators

Price comparison between the different UK mobile operators

UK Mobile OperatorRoaming Price 
Three£6 per MB
Vodafone6£/per day
Table N°2. Price comparison between the different UK mobile operators

Roaming alternatives for Russia: Options to save some extra money 

If you have made up your mind to travel to Russia, then you might want to know more about other solutions that you can find before going there. The good thing is that there are actually 4 different options to make it possible. 

So, in case that you don’t think that the roaming Russia service is what you need, we have great news for you. People will get the chance to rely on four different options, so let’s talk about them.

eSIM card for traveling to Russia

eSIM for Russia
eSIM with unlimited data in Russia. Source: Holafly.

In case you have previously used a SIM card, this is something good for you. The eSIM for Russia is the digital version of the SIM card and is meant to change how things work.

With it, travelers will get the chance to experience a lot more things. And, it also has some exclusive benefits, especially if you choose Holafly eSIM.

  1. The price is accessible and changes depending on the provider.
  2. People will get access to 24/7 customer service.
  3. The mobile data is unlimited in all plans available.
  4. People can recharge the eSIM service through top-ups easily.

International SIM Card for Russia

SIM cards for Russia have been around for quite some time now, but now they can be also used for traveling purposes. This has proven to be something good for users, and we couldn’t leave it behind on this list.

People can now buy a SIM card while they travel, maybe while arriving at Moscow, or while walking through the streets of Saint Petersburg, and you can also choose online stores as your providers if you want more benefits.

Pocket WiFi

In case you want something more practical, then you can rely on the Pocket WiFi devices. People with one will get access to the internet for as long as they rent the device, which is mostly what travelers need.

Also, people can share their internet service with their friends or family, and that is also something good as people can split the price of the service. 

Free WiFi

Last, but not least, we need to talk about the Free WiFi service. People can get access to different hotspots as they travel, but once they leave the connection area 

People can use them as a way to connect and send some messages with ease, but beware that it might not be the best option if you want constant connection.

Details of Roaming services offered by the most popular mobile operators in the U.S

Now that we have talked about the different options that people can find while traveling, it’s time to talk about what truly matters; the U.S mobile operators and their roaming service.

T-Mobile Roaming Russia service

T-Mobile offers three different plans to users who want to roam through the world. In the case of the roaming Russia service, people can rely on the Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Plus plans.

Each plan offers internet service, as well as some text messages and phone calls, but if you want the more complete option, choose the Magenta Plus plan.

Verizon Roaming Russia service

Talking about Verizon is also talking about quality. They offer two different services, the International Travel Pass and the International Monthly Pass.

The first one is somehow basic and costs 10$ per day, while the Monthly Pass costs 100$ per day and is way more complete than the daily pass.

AT&T Roaming Russia Service

The last service we will be talking about is the one offered by AT&T. People, just like what happens with Verizon, will access to two different services.

The first one is the International Pass and it costs 10$ per day and gives access to the internet and international phone calling as well as text messaging. On the other hand, the International Phone Call Plan costs 15$ per month but is a more basic service.

Details of Roaming services offered by the most popular mobile operators in the UK

Now, leaving the U.S aside, it’s time to talk about the other mobile operators that we mentioned before, the ones that are based in the UK.

Vodafone UK Roaming

For now, Vodafone is one company offering the roaming Rusia service. People can access it through the Xtreme Plan, and the cost is 6£ per day, which is pretty accessible, especially as it is the only service that is available with day pass in the UK.

How to activate roaming with the different mobile operators in the U.S

Enough talking about the services and other stuff that might be important to people. We need to know how to activate the service on each one of these operators.

T-Mobile roaming activation

For T-Mobile users, things are very easy. People will only have to make a phone call, and the roaming service will be activated. People will have to dial #RON# or #ROF# depending on what they want to do.

Verizon roaming activation

Verizon users will get the chance to do things in an easy way, yet it is somehow different from what we just saw. People will have to go to their settings, and once they find the “Mobile Data” option, they will need to click on “Roaming” to activate the service.

AT&T roaming activation

The last one on our list is AT&T. Users will need to repeat the same process that we just saw with Verizon. People will need to find the same roaming option on their “Mobile Data” menu to activate or deactivate the roaming service.

How to activate roaming with the different mobile operators in the UK

Now that we have talked about the US mobile operators, it’s time to talk about this service that is available in the UK. Sad to say that they have fewer options, but Vodafone is quite a good service for travelers.

Vodafone roaming activation

Vodafone is one of the services available to provide roaming services in Russia for UK users. People will have two different ways to activate it, which is good. The first method is by calling the company and asking the customer support agents to activate the service for you, or people can make it by themselves on the company’s website by clicking on “International Roaming”.

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