iPhone dual eSIM, dual SIM, or triple SIM?

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With the launch of the new iPhone 13 in September 2021, Apple opted to add two eSIMs to their cellphone models without losing the physical slot. This meant that theoretically, the new Apple devices will have the capacity for three SIM cards at the same time, two embedded and one physical SIM.

But if the iPhone 13 has support for two eSIM cards and one physical SIM card, would it be possible to have a triple SIM? Let us shed some light on this question.


iPhone dual SIM

Since the launch of the iPhone XS, Apple devices have included dual SIM, a virtual SIM card, and a physical SIM card. Except for the China versions where it includes a slot for two physical SIM cards but does not include the eSIM capabilities.

The iPhone triple SIM

The triple SIM iPhone does exist, and no, it is not the iPhone 13 to answer the question. To have triple SIM on your iPhone you will need to get an adapter with dual SIM capability. As for the iPhone 13 with dual eSIM, for now, it only allows you to use two SIM cards at the same time.

This means that if you activate both eSIMs at the same time, you will not be able to use your physical SIM card, likewise, if you use your SIM card slot, you will not be able to use an eSIM.

Advantages of dual eSIM on an iPhone

Some people wonder if having two eSIMs in an iPhone brings advantages, considering that with one eSIM you can store multiple eSIMs at once and use one. Similarly, by keeping the SIM card slot it is possible to have dual SIM without any problem. So, what is the point of having dual eSIMs? Let us enlighten you:

  • If you have already activated the eSIM with your domestic operator, you will be able to enjoy dual SIM, i.e. your home eSIM card and your work or travel eSIM card activated at the same time. With previous iPhones, this was not possible, since when activating the eSIM on your trip you were forced to use a physical SIM card to enjoy dual SIM services.
  • iPhones can transfer an eSIM from one cellphone to another, you just need to have your old iPhone nearby to carry out this task, now you will be able to transfer two eSIMs and use them at the same time.

Dual SIM iPhone in China

In China, iPhones do not have eSIM support. Instead, the Chinese iPhone models offer the ability to activate two physical SIM cards. Now with the arrival of the iPhone 13, this feature remains the same. So if you want to have two SIM cards on your device you can get one of these iPhones. This option has been offered since the first release of its dual SIM iPhone, the iPhone XR.

eSIM data plans and the dual eSIM iPhone

After the arrival of the eSIM on the iPhone, these phones have become a favorite for traveling. The iPhone is compatible with most network frequencies in the world, so when traveling, there is a very low probability that you will not be able to take your iPhone. The only requirement is that it must be unlocked or not blocked by your domestic operator.

However, when leaving your country, it is common for your operator to offer you international roaming, a service feared by many travelers because it is expensive and not recommended. Thanks to the arrival of eSIMs, an excellent alternative has emerged: data eSIMs.

Data eSIMs can be obtained from anywhere, you just need to have an internet connection for a few minutes to install the eSIM and that’s it!

If you are planning a trip soon, you will be interested in getting one of these plans, you can get it from the Holafly international eSIM store, receive it on your email in less than a minute and activate it before leaving home, it’s that simple!


With the arrival of the iPhone 13, many Apple haters consider it to be more of the same, however, if we look at this feature, it is a significant move towards ditching physical SIM cards for those who want to take this step.

The dual eSIM iPhone does not leave out those conservative users who prefer to still carry a physical SIM card, this option is still available and activated and deactivated according to the operator to which the customer belongs. It thus departs from the idea of the Motorola Razr who ditched physical cards altogether, leaving a loophole to decide to activate or deactivate an eSIM.

Dual eSIM iPhones, currently, do not offer the possibility of having three active lines at the same time. This is certainly possible; however, there will consume for battery.

Competitors to Apple’s high-end like the Huawei P40, do something similar to the iPhone but with their physical cards. This brand usually offers dual SIM through two physical slots and adds an eSIM capability. Although they also only allow you to activate two lines at the same time.

Finally, the eSIM is here to stay and to make our lives easier. Having dual SIM with a physical SIM card is not the same as having double eSIM digitally or virtually. The second option is much more convenient and actually gives you an infinite number of possibilities!

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