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Want to visit Tokyo? Want to relax at Ishigaki Island? Japan is a remarkable country with a rich history. But how can you possibly share your experiences across this wonderland if you can’t connect to the internet? For this, we can help us with an eSIM for Japan, an excellent alternative to having internet abroad.

Sure, you can connect to public WiFi networks, you can use roaming services, or maybe even rent a pocket WiFi service, but is it really worth it? Are they truly reliable? We want to dive deep into new technology that has risen as one of the best options to connect to the international internet while traveling. Let’s welcome to Japan eSIM for tourists!

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Buy a Japan eSIM online


eSIM Japan card need-to-know information:

The eSIM (short for “embedded SIM“) is a virtual SIM card that will provide a fast and reliable internet connection and make your trip a much better experience. They are the evolution of physical SIM cards, and if you compare them with these, you will see that they have more versatility and facilities for their users, making them ideal for travelers. However, before buying one, we invite you to know some of their essential features to use them.

  • You must have an eSIM card compatible cellphone and make sure that your cellphone also supports the carrier or the virtual SIM card provider. You can help yourself with this list of compatible devices.
  • You need an email address to receive your digital SIM card
  • To activate your service, you need a prior internet connection. After scanning a QR code you receive in your email after the purchase, your service will be installed on your phone.
  • Some carriers may ask you to install their app to download the embedded SIM card

If you can’t buy an eSIM, you can purchase a physical SIM card for travelers instead.

Mobile eSIM card providers for travel in Japan

Now that you know what is needed to use an eSIM Japan for travel, it is time to know where to buy one. Many remote providers offer these services, but it is essential to choose one that gives you good coverage and speed in the country. This will make it easier to use our phones in Japan for everything we might need, such as looking up our addresses or contacting our family and friends.

Rates and data plans from eSIM providers for travel to Japan

We mention some of the stores to buy the best Japan wireless eSIM. We will leave you information about their data plans and rates to make your decision. You will notice that any of the alternatives are much cheaper than roaming services. Remember to consider the quality of service they can offer and the advantages you will have once you buy their services. 

Holalfy eSIM for Japan with unlimited data 

Purchasing an eSIM with Holafly is a simple process as you go to their official website, search for your travel destination, choose the plan that best suits your needs, and proceed to finalize the purchase. This can be done anywhere worldwide and will only take a few minutes. After your purchase, the virtual SIM card will arrive immediately in your email, so you can use it whenever needed. And best of all, with this company, there will be no need for a contract.

eSIM Japan

Holafly offers different plans for its Japan eSIM for tourists, but it should be noted that no matter how many days you choose, all plans to Japan will allow you to enjoy unlimited data. You will only have to choose between the number of days, including 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, and 90 days. And the prices go from $19 to $99. Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Holafly’s eSIM for Japan.

Pros of Holafly’s eSIM for Japan:

  • Enjoy the high-speed and stable connection in Japan.
  • Easy to set up and activate in just minutes.
  • You will enjoy unlimited data with 4G speed and excellent coverage.
  • You can easily buy a top-up to extend your service with Holafly
  • You can use Holafly’s mobile App to manage your eSIM on your iPhone.
  • You’ll enjoy 24/7 customer service from Holafly’s team.

Cons of Holafly’s eSIM for Japan:

  • You won’t be able to make or receive calls.
  • No messages included.
  • You can not share data with other devices.

Au by KDDI

On the other hand, this is a Japanese mobile operator whose focus is to sell phone services such as eSIMs, primarily intended for travelers planning to do work or business abroad. To purchase the service from this company, you must download their phone application, called “My au” available for Android and iOs. After downloading it, you will need to create an account on the app, set up your payment method, and choose the plan you wish to purchase.

With this company, you can choose between two plans. However, a significant disadvantage is that both are for 30 days, with the difference that one will offer you 5GB and the other 8GB. The first is priced at $56 and the second at $86.

Pros of Au by KDDI eSIM:

  • No QR code scanning, the digital SIM card will activate itself.
  • Your Dual SIM device will automatically switch to the local network once you are at your destination.
  • You can share data with other devices.

Cons of Au by KDDI eSIM:

  • All of their tariffs are for 30 days.
  • You must download their app to make the purchase.
  • The eSIM is not compatible with all phones.


Finally, we will tell you a little bit about SIM2Fly’s eSIM for Japan. First of all, this is a company from Thailand, and they offer different plans to use. Specifically, with them, you can purchase a Global eSIM, a regional eSIM for Asia, and a local eSIM for Thailand. In the case of Japan, you can purchase the Asia or Global plan to be able to connect to the internet during your trip. This is priced at $25 but only offers 6GB for 15 days in the case of the Asia option.

The big difference between this and the other providers is that it will be worth it if you are traveling just for a few days. If not, you will have to buy another data plan. As for the process of purchasing the service, you can do it through their website, and you will have different payment methods available.

Pros of SIM2Fly eSIM for Japan:

  • The Asian plan works in 34 Asian Counties.
  • You can add more plans when the days are finished.
  • You’ll be able to make calls and texts.

Cons of SIM2Fly eSIM for Japan:

  • They only offer one data plan for 15 days.
  • Not compatible with many phones.
  • You won’t be able to check how much data you use.

Comparison of eSIM providers for Japan

ProviderDataDaysPrice (USD)Sales channels
HolaflyUnlimited data5$19Web
HolaflyUnlimited data7$27Web
HolaflyUnlimited data10$34Web
HolaflyUnlimited data15$47Web
HolaflyUnlimited data20$54Web
HolaflyUnlimited data30$64Web
HolaflyUnlimited data60$84Web
HolaflyUnlimited data90$99Web
Au by KDDI5GB30 $56 App Store, Google Play
Au by KDDI8GB30$86App Store, Google Play
SIM2Fly6GB 15$25 Web
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM providers for connecting to the Internet in Japan.

Features of eSIMs for travel to Japan

As you can see, one of the best options you can take is Holafly’s eSIM for travel to Japan with unlimited data. However, these are some of the features you can find when you buy a service like this remotely. Everything to make your trip to Japan as comfortable as possible and with communication at all times!

  • Most virtual SIM cards do not offer voice calls, only data. You can use apps like WhatsApp or Skype instead.
  • eSIMs can only be installed once, so if you encounter any problems, don’t delete it from your cellphone; instead, contact your provider.
  • Some eSIMs set up automatic APNs.
  • You can add several data plans on your cellphone, although it is only possible to use one at a time.
  • You will have Unlimited data.
  • With your dual SIM iPhone, you can keep your domestic SIM when you travel to Japan. 

Tips for travelers from the USA

If you are coming from the United States, we recommend you buy your virtual SIM card for Japan before arriving there. Once you are in this destination, much of the information you will find will be in the local language, so that shopping may become complicated. 

Also, by having your service before you arrive, you can configure and install the eSIM from home. Remember that with these chips, you must activate the data roaming once you are at the destination to have better coverage, do not do it before arriving because it could have extra charges. 

Holafly data plans are unlimited in all options for Japan, but you should know that when using local networks to operate, the operators may apply usage policies. For this reason, use data browsing for most of your tasks, but in case you want to download large files, movies, applications, or similar, try to use available WiFi networks.

Mobile internet coverage map for travel to Japan

It is very important that you keep in mind your eSIMs coverage, as cheap service often have poor coverage. Therefore, the virtual SIM cards that will offer you the best network coverage on your trip to Japan are those that have the most roaming agreements with the leading operators, such as NTT-Docomo, Softbank, and AU. See the following coverage maps for the leading network operators.

If you expect to visit cities like Okinawa, Osaka, or Tokyo, you can choose virtual SIM cards from operators like NTT Docomo and AU. They offer excellent coverage throughout the whole of these cities so that your service speed is guaranteed. You can also use a Holafly eSIM for Japan, which uses Docomo networks to operate.

NTT-Docomo 3G coverage map in Japan

coverage map with an esim in japan
Coverage map with NTT DOCOMO in Japan Source: GSMA

Softbank’s 3G network coverage in Japan

coverage map in japan
Coverage map with SoftBank in Japan Source: GSMA

AU’s 3G coverage map in Japan

coverage map with a KDDI esim in japan
Coverage map with UA in Japan. Source: GSMA

Local phone carriers offering eSIM in Japan

Are you planning to study or live in Japan for a long time? Then maybe you are looking for a local option to use for more than three months. If this is your case, we will explain to you how cellular providers work and how you can get an eSIM card from them. Keep in mind that these carriers have mostly eSIMs only for residents and not for travelers, although there are exceptions.

eSIM AU Japan

AU’s eSIM is compatible with all the iPhone, Google Pixel, Xiaomi, and Samsung models that support this thecnology, like iPhone SE, iPhone 14, and Google Pixel 7 Pro.

With the eSIM for AU, you can make calls, go online, and send messages in Japan. You can use the Japan eSIM with a phone number the same day you buy it.

Benefits of the AU eSIM in Japan

On last-gen devices that support thecnology, you can use it as a dual SIM phone. In other words, you can use an eSIM and a SIM card simultaneously, but in some iPhone 14 models, you can use dual eSIM only.

  • Use both phone numbers.
  • Make and receive voice calls.
  • Send and receive messages.

How to Activate an AU eSIM for Japan

If you buy a plan with AU as a new customer, you just need to go to their website and click on the option new customer with contract and eSIM, then choose the line 4G or 5G.

*Remember that you need a WiFi connection on your cellphone to do the process and download the My au application before.

To continue with the process, you will need to validate your identity. After that, you must download the profile on the application and install your eSIM.

eSIM Bmobile Japan

This is a Japanese MVNO that bases its service on NTT Docomo’s networks. However, it has the particularity of offering Japan eSIM with a phone number. This option has been recently updated and is still in the process of implementation. 

To place an order, you must register on their website and then buy. They will ask you for the EID number of your phone, and at the moment, it is only compatible with some iPhones and iPad on the market. They recommend you do the process days before your trip because of the time it may take to process the order.

Benefits of Bmobile eSIM in Japan

By using NTT Docomo’s network, you are guaranteed to have excellent coverage and service throughout Japan and its major cities. In addition to this, you can count on some other benefits such as:

  • Access to all the prepaid plans you would have with a physical SIM.
  • You can complete the registration and order process through their website.
  • You will be connected to one of the best networks in the country.

How to Activate a Bmobile eSIM for Japan

The first step is to go to their website and register your profile, where you will enter your personal and contact information. After that, you can order your eSIM service, but to proceed, they will ask you for your phone’s EID. You will also be asked to verify the compatibility of your phone with the available virtual SIM cards. 

Then you can proceed to pay through credit cards, and finally, you must wait for the order to be processed. When the eSIM is delivered to you, you will receive an email explaining how to install it, and you can also use customer service to clarify any doubts you may have.

Frequently asked questions about eSIM in Japan

We answer the most common questions you may have before purchasing your eSIM to travel to Japan.

What is an embedded SIM card?

It is a virtual SIM card embbebed in cell phones, that will allow you to enjoy data connection without the need of inserting a physical SIM card.

Do I need a passport to buy the digital SIM Japan card?

No, but some providers may require your address.

How to activate virtual SIM card for Japan?

Install the eSIM with a QR code on your email, chose it as the default cellular data medium, turn on mobile/cellular data and data roaming, and your virtual SIM will work. Contact the carrier or provider if you experience any problems.

Can I share data between devices with the eSIM in Japan?

No, the data plan for Japan does not allow you to share data.

Do international prepaid digital SIM cards expire?

Yes, just like physical cards, virtual SIM cards also have an expiration date.

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