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If it’s the first time you are traveling to Tokyo, and you want to be connected to the international internet as you visit its wonderful touristic hotspots, such as the Imperial Palace, Robot Restaurant, or the famous Ueno Park, where you can find its emblematic cherry trees. There is a lot to know, and keeping your internet connection can help you not to get lost. You don’t have to pay expensive international roaming if you can buy the new eSIM for Tokyo and stay connected without overspending.

You may not know them, but eSIM (short for “embedded SIM”) versions are the virtual transition that SIM cards are making thanks to their technological advancement. If your device can use them, you will be able to enjoy fast internet at a good price and improve your travel experience. If you are interested in these virtual SIM cards, stay with us, and we will tell you everything you need to know about where to buy them, their price, and how to activate them.

Information you need to know about the eSIM Tokyo:

Before we begin, you have to know that not all cell phones can support eSIM cards. Even though it is a popular product nowadays, some smartphones do not include eSIM technology yet.

So, if you want to avoid any problems, we recommend you read the list below, where you can find some of the most important requisites:

  • Your smartphone must be eSIM compatible. You can find this information on your provider’s website. Most providers are compatible with iPhone XS and onwards.
  • You will need an active email account to make the purchase and receive the QR code for the eSIM activation.
  • To activate the eSIM card, you have to be at your destination and connected to the internet.
  • Some providers will make you install an app to manage or activate the eSIM.

If you can’t buy an eSIM, you can purchase a physical SIM card for travelers instead.

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eSIM card providers for Tokyo

If, after reading the requirements, you notice that you can have an eSIM card, now you have to know which providers offer an eSIM card for Tokyo. Before you read the list, we have to tell you that these providers offer International eSIM cards for travelers, which means that they are designed to work for short periods. If you want to connect for a longer time, we recommend you check the eSIM cards from local cellular carriers.

On the other hand, these are the providers of eSIM cards for Tokyo.

eSIM card for Tokyo providers: data plans and prices

It is crucial to read about the price and data plans that the providers offer. This way, you will be able to pick the one that best suits your needs. To help you with it, we have listed them below, so you can learn more about each one and choose which one is best for you.

Holafly eSIM card for Tokyo with unlimited data

This company is one of the virtual stores that we can recommend the most. Their purchase process and installation of their eSIM for Tokyo with unlimited data are easy and fast. Their portal is very user-friendly. You can search for Japan or any other destination in the world, select the plan that covers your time of stay and proceed with the purchase. In a few minutes, you will receive in your email a QR with your eSIM. 

If we talk about the packages they offer, Holafly and its eSIM for Tokyo has rates starting at $19 for short stays of 5 days or less, $64 for medium stays of 30 days or less, and more extensive plans of up to 90 days of use for $99. All packages include unlimited data while your eSIM is active, as well as offering Google and apple pay, Paypal, and international credit or debit cards as payment methods.

Pros of Holafly’s eSIM for Tokyo:

  • Fast and friendly process, from purchase to eSIM activation, takes only minutes.
  • You will be connected to excellent internet speed in Tokyo, plus unlimited data.
  • Their connection in Tokyo is supported by NTT Docomo, the best local phone company.
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service in several languages highlighted by users.

Cons of Holafly’s eSIM for Tokyo:

  • No local number is included, only data for surfing the web.
  • You can’t share data with other mobiles.
  • You must have an eSIM-compatible phone to use it.

SIM2Fly eSIM card for Tokyo: data plans and prices

This is another option you can consider to buy your eSIM card for Tokyo. As of today, SIM2Fly offers two plans that have coverage in the city, and they are a global plan and one for the Asian continent. It may take you some time to locate them on their website, but once you get there, you will see that the global plan includes coverage in 120 countries, and the Asia plan includes coverage in 34 countries, both including Japan and its capital as a coverage area.

The Asia package is cheaper than the global one and offers a single version called AIS SIM2Fly eSIM 6GB Asia Plan with a cost of 25$ to be used in 8 days. It includes unlimited data, but only the first 6GB of usage will be at 4G speeds. The rest of the usage will be at 2G speeds (128kbps) which may compromise your communication. This eSIM additionally works as a Thailand roaming SIM, including a Thailand number, but in case of making international calls, you will have to have credit because the plan does not cover it.

Pros of SIM2Fly eSIM for Tokyo:

  • You can add a plan at the end of the initial eight days of usage but with only 4GB available at 4G, the rest at 2G (128kbps). 
  • You can activate it the same day you travel to Tokyo.
  • You can use it in other destinations in Asia.
  • Free calls to your customer support number.

Cons of SIM2Fly eSIM for Tokyo:

  • They do not have several plans to choose from according to travel times.
  • They do not have a Japan-only plan, so you will have to pay more. 
  • Significant speed reduction after the first 6GB of usage.
  • You can’t share or remove the eSIM because the QR is for single use only.

Nomad eSIM card for Tokyo: data plans and prices

Another store known for its eSIM for travelers is Nomad. They offer a data package only for use in Japan, which includes coverage in their capital. With Nomad, you can purchase through their website or App available on apple and android. There you proceed to search for Japan as a destination and select one of the package options that you can use in the country. It should be noted that none of the options offer unlimited data, so you will have to consider what kind of consumption you have.

Regarding the plans in their catalog, they offer packages for short stays of 3 to 10 days and a few GB of use in ranges from $5 to $13, others for medium stays of 30 days and 20GB of use for $34 up to more extensive packages of 60 days and 100 GB of use for $240. In almost all options, Nomad is supported by SoftBank as a local carrier and offers 4G LTE speed with no usage reduction.

Pros of Nomad eSIM for Tokyo:

  • They offer a Japan-only plan instead of Asia-wide plans.
  • There is various length of stay options within their plans.
  • You will not suffer speed reduction, but you will be limited in data consumption.
  • Possibility to buy your eSIM in the App or on their website.

Cons of Nomad eSIM for Tokyo:

  • It does not include a local number so you will not be able to make calls or send SMS.
  • It does not have an unlimited data plan.
  • The site is only available in English and Spanish.
  • The eSIM can only be used once, so if you want to transfer it to another phone, you will have to buy it again.

eSIM card for Tokyo providers: a comparison

ProvidersDataDaysPrice (USD)SupportWhere to buy it
HolaflyUnlimited10$34Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and more. Web
Nomad10GB15$22English, SpanishWeb, App
eSIM card for Tokyo data plans and prices, comparison table

Characteristics of the eSIM card for Tokyo

If you still don’t know what an eSIM card is, we are going to show you below some of its main features. This way, you will be able to decide whether it is a great option for you or not.

  • Almost all eSIM cards offer only cellular data, so if you want to make calls, you will have to use apps, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, or others. Remember that these apps consume many cellular data.
  • You cannot install the eSIM card twice. So if you encounter any problems, do not erase them before calling your provider.
  • Your smartphone will become a dual-SIM when you install the eSIM card. This means that you will be able to use the eSIM and the traditional SIM card at the same time! A huge perk of the eSIM.
  • You can have more than one data plan on your cellphone, but you can only use one at a time.
  • The Holafly eSIM card for Tokyo lets you share your cellular data with other devices.

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Mobile Internet coverage map for travel to Tokyo

Before getting an eSIM card, you have to check the roaming agreements your provider has with the local cellular operators. Why? Because if the roaming agreements of your provider are not with the best operators, your coverage quality will not be really reliable.

If your coverage is not great, your connection won’t be great, either. This means that it will be slow or that you may end up without a signal in certain areas or locations.

So, to have a good connection, your provider must have roaming accords with the best local cellular operators in Tokyo. They are the following: Docomo, Au By KDDI, and Softbank. The Holafly eSIM card connects to the networks of Docomo, one of the best cellular operators in Japan.

Docomo 4G coverage map

Docomo 4G coverage map in Tokyo

AU By KDDI 4G coverage map

Au By KDDI 4G coverage map in Tokyo

Softbank 4G coverage map

Softbank 4G coverage map in Tokyo

Local phone carriers offering eSIM in Tokyo

It is true that you can also buy your eSIM for Tokyo through local providers, which in these cases are the phone companies working in Japan. This is an alternative to consider in case your stay lasts a bit longer because you will have to go through Japan’s SIM card registration scheme, which applies even if you use eSIM. This process can be quite time-consuming, so you should take it into account. As of today, operators such as AU Japan and Rakuten Mobile offer this service to their customers.

The local cellular operators that offer eSIM cards are the following:

  • AU Japan
  • Rakuten Mobile

eSIM AU Tokyo 

This is one of the companies that offer the eSIM service. On their website, you can process the application if you are a new customer or a customer who wants to move to this type of virtual chip. They also allow you to decide if you want to contact a 4G or 5G service. With this eSIM, you will be able to make calls and send SMS, as well as use data for web browsing. Finally, prepaid customers can not perform this process through their website, and of course, to make the purchase, you will be asked for identification information, among other requirements.

Benefits of the AU eSIM in Tokyo

One of the great advantages you can have is that device that uses eSIM can generally also use dual SIM phones, so you can keep your local number in addition to the one contracted for Japan. In some iPhone 14 models, you can use dual eSIM only. In either case, you will also be enjoying:

  • Use both phone numbers.
  • Make and receive voice calls.
  • Send and receive messages.

How to Activate an AU eSIM for Tokyo

In order to purchase and activate a plan with AU for Tokyo, you will need to contact a Japanese line. This process starts by using the company’s website. There you go to the new customer section, then select the eSIM options, and finally, the option of 4G or 5G as the contracted speed. After this, your application will be processed. It is important to mention that this process includes a contract, so you will need legal information from the person. To make the process a little easier, AU recommends that you pre-register with your information, and they will assign you an AU ID with which you can continue with this or any other purchase.

eSIM Rakuten mobile Tokyo 

A second option you can take is Rakuten and their plan known as Un-Limit VII. This package can be requested for a SIM card or eSIM, and the process can be done through their website, their mobile App, or by an authorized agent in Tokyo. Rakuten allows you to pay only for what you consume, with rates ranging from 8$ to 25$ approximately, depending on whether your consumption is low or medium. They also mention that outside their coverage range, they have a maximum speed of just 1mbps.

Benefits of the Rakuten Mobile eSIM in Tokyo

It is important to highlight the channels Rakuten gives its customers to contract its services. Between its App and website, they really make it accessible to local customers. Additionally, as their plans are pay-as-you-go, you will be saving money instead of paying an excessive fee that you might not use later. Other benefits you can expect from the operator and their eSIMs are:

  •  You can also opt for voice mail, call hold and call forwarding as additional services.
  • You will have access to a free email with the Rakuten mobile domain (
  • When you sign up for Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII for the first time, you will have a virtual points service that you can redeem for other services of the company.

How to Activate a Rakuten Mobile eSIM for Tokyo

As we have mentioned before, the operator offers several channels so you can start your purchase process, which, in this case, would be the first step you should take. After this, you must choose the UN-LIMIT VII plan, select if you want to add any of the additional services such as Norton, Rakuten account, or calls abroad, select eSIM as the chip format, and finally proceed with the payment through the means offered. Finally, we recommend you install the Rakuten App, from which you can purchase other products and manage the ones you have already purchased.

Frequent questions about the eSIM card for Tokyo

Do I need a passport to acquire an eSIM card?

No, it is not necessary to have your passport. But, some providers may ask for an address. So, all you will need is to have a temporary address in Tokyo, for example, the address of the hotel where you’re staying at.

Can I share cellular data with the eSIM card for Tokyo?

It depends on the eSIM you have acquired. Some will let you do it, while others won’t.

How do I activate the eSIM card for Tokyo?

Usually, all you have to do is to scan the QR code you receive in your email, pick the eSIM card as the cellular data provider, turn on the data roaming, and that’s it.

What do I have to know to pick the best eSIM card?

There are two important aspects you have to consider: the amount of cellular data you usually use and the number of days you are going to stay in Tokyo. This way, you will be able to pick the data plan that best suits your needs.

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