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We know it’s important to always remain connected to the internet, which is why at Roami we’ve compiled the best options for travelers. Compare and choose the best option that fits your needs!

Find information for more than 100 destinations around the world. Compare travel eSIM cards, SIM cards, Pocket WiFi and international data roaming.

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Enter the destination you are traveling to, or search for a product/service that includes an internet connection abroad.

International eSIM

An international eSIM is a digital SIM that you can purchase and install in a few minutes wherever you are.

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Local eSIM

Discover the cellular carriers that offer eSIM cards to their users. Get to know more about SIM/eSIM exchange options, requirements, compatibility, and more.

International SIM Cards

Find the best prepaid SIM cards for your international travels, a recommended option if your cellphone is not compatible with eSIMs.

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International Roaming

International roaming is a service offered by domestic cellular providers so that you can continue using your cellphone abroad. Discover the rates here and avoid surprise bills.

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Pocket WiFi

A Pocket WiFi is a device that provides you with an internet connection over a WiFi network. Find the best options here.

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