Best prepaid SIM card for Egypt: which one to buy?

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Egypt is a North African country with a wonderful legacy, from the pyramids of Giza to the historic quarter of Cairo. If you’re heading off to Egypt this year, you can expect a great trip – but have you thought about a SIM card to access the internet and use your cell phone in Egypt?

Having internet during your travels is essential in today’s world. You need a strong internet connection to keep in touch with friends and family on WhatsApp, to be able to book taxis or trains, and to search for local attractions and restaurants. That’s why we recommend that you buy a data SIM card for Egypt before you head out.

We’ll help you find the best international SIM card for Egypt with a comparison of the data SIM products offered. We will also tell you a little about the virtual SIM card, an excellent alternative that you can easily purchase online.

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  • Forget about roaming and searching for WiFi.
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Why buy an international SIM card for Egypt?

We know that travelers need to be connected to the internet at all times, whether it’s to look for restaurants, book hotels and cabs through apps, watch videos, or stream music while touring Egypt. That’s why you need to buy a SIM card and forget about the high price of data roaming in Egypt. Take a look below to learn more about how to get a SIM card for Egypt.

Where to buy the best data SIM card for Egypt?

We recommend buying your Eygpt SIM card from an online store before you travel. It is possible to buy a SIM card once you arrive in Egypt, but this may be difficult if you do not speak Arabic, and you could be charged high prices as a tourist.

Next, we’ll talk you through some options for buying a SIM card in online stores such as SIM Corner and OneSIM Card.

sim card internet Cairo, Egypt.
Cairo, Egypt. Source: Omar Elsharawy on Unsplash
sim card internet Karnak, Egypt.
Karnak, Egypt. Source: rosario janza on Unsplash

Buying an Egypt SIM card from an online shop

The quickest method is to buy the SIM card before you travel. Just order it online, have it delivered to your home and pack it in your suitcase for Egypt. Here are some of the online providers that sells prepaid SIM cards for Egypt:

Corner SIM card for Egypt

SIM Corner offers a SIM card for 15 days with 6 GB of data but charges a shipping fee.


  • 24-hour support.
  • You can use the card to pay with platforms like Google’s G pay.


  • You might be charged for delivery
  • If you’re traveling for more than 15 days, you might need to buy two SIM cards

One SIM Card for travel to Egypt

One SIM Card charges you for the card, data, and shipping separately. One benefit is that you will receive text messages for free in Egypt. This is the most expensive of the three options.


  • It has a wide variety of data plans.
  • You can buy credit for calls and SMS in Egypt.


  • You will have to pay a fee for the SIM card and for shipping.
  • The cost for cellular data is one of the most expensive.

How much does a data SIM for Egypt cost?

Let’s now find out which of the SIM cards is the cheapest.

SIM card costCost data planShipping costTotal cost
SIM Corner$48 $8.69 $56.69
One SIM Card$31 $96 $3 $130
Cost of SIM card Egypt from the provider’s SIM Corner and One SIM Card.

SIM corner is upfront about its price and is the cheapest on the market. Likewise, prices can be somewhat high depending on the plan you choose.

Buying a SIM card in Egypt, in Hurghada and Cairo with Vodafone, Orange, or Etisalat

If you are unable to purchase your data SIM before arriving in Egypt, you can purchase it at the airport or in cellular provider stores.

This option might take more time, be more expensive, and be harder if you don’t speak the local language.

Pyramid in the Egyptian desert international SIM card data
Pyramid in the Egyptian desert. Source: Fynn Schmidt on Unsplash

The main cellular operators in Egypt are Vodafone Egypt, Orange, formerly Mobinil, Etisalat, and WE, formerly Telecom Egypt. But what’s the best option?

Vodafone Egypt Local SIM card

Vodafone, partly owned by Egyptian operator Telecom, is one of the country’s leading mobile operators and has a prepaid SIM card for Egypt exclusively for tourists. It lasts 30 days and has 4G coverage.


  • Your data SIM card features cellular data, local and international calls.
  • A variety of data packages are available.


  • You will have to send an SMS message to activate your data package.

Orange Egypt cards for tourists

Orange is the main cellular operator in Egypt, and their connection is excellent. Since 2017 they have offered 4G coverage in most of the country. Their data packages have different prices and quantities, from 25 MB upwards.


  • It has a data package only for social networks called “GO”.
  • It has cards only for tourists.


  • Its data packages only have coverage for either 1 day or 30 days.

Etisalat SIM card in Egypt

Etisalat is one of the smallest operators in the country but has SIM cards for Egypt with data, calls, and SMS.


  • It has data packages only for social networks that cover 1 GB.
  • Its tourist SIM card, called Hi Traveller!, can last up to 3 months.


  • As with the previous options, you will only be able to activate these packages by sending an SMS (like *566+15# for the social networks package).
  • Its coverage is small, reaching only 22% of the country.

eSIM Card for Egypt, a new alternative

In case you want to know about other options to connect to the internet during your trip, then we bring you the eSIM as the perfect alternative. This is a card that works completely digitally, with which you can connect to the internet, and that you can easily purchase through an online store, such as Holafly.

Holafly’s Egypt eSIM card is preferred by many travelers. It offers a SIM card with 5GB of cellular data, for 15-day stays and an excellent 4G connection from Orange and Vodafne, the main networks provider in the country. It also allows you to share internet with your travel companions.

In addition, acquiring an eSIM is very simple. You just need to visit Holafly or your preferred provider’s website. Then you will have to search for your travel destination, choose the plan you want, and make your payment. And in a matter of minutes, you will receive your eSIM in your email, so you can start using it whenever you want.

Requirements to buy a virtual SIM card

  1. A valid email address to receive the eSIM.
  2. Access to a payment method such as PayPal, Google Pay, or credit card for making the payment.
  3. You must have a device compatible with eSIMs. You’ll be able to check in on the following list of compatible devices with eSIMs.

Pros and Cons of the eSIM card for Egypt

  • You’ll enjoy high-speed and stable connections in Egypt.
  • With Holafly’s eSIM for Egypt, you will be able to share the internet with other devices.
  • People can use a virtual SIM card and a physical SIM card on the same device.
  • The price of a virtual SIM card is lower than other traveling alternatives.
  • Easy to purchase through a website.
  • Mostly work with new-gen devices.

How much does the virtual SIM card for Egypt cost?

You will most likely want to compare the price of the eSIM. That’s why below is a table with the eSIM plan offered by Holafly for Egypt, along with its price.

Days of useAmount of cellular dataPrice (USD)
15 days 6GB$34
Pricing Table of Holafly virtual SIM for Egypt.

Frequently asked questions about internet and SIM cards for Egypt

How do you connect to the internet in Egypt?

Without a doubt, the best option is to buy a SIM card or eSIM for Egypt, as it will save you from costly data roaming charges when you return.

How much does roaming cost in Egypt?

Roaming is not cheap at all in Egypt. Costs range from $7 to $15 per MB consumed. This means that if you watch a movie on Netflix, you could be charged hundreds of dollars.

How to choose a data SIM card for data internet and calls in Egypt?

You should look at the amount of data and the number of days the card offers. Also, make sure that the final price includes shipping costs and other expenses so you avoid surprises when paying.

Where to buy a data-only SIM card?

The easiest way is to buy from online suppliers or when you arrive at your destination at the airport and in providers’ stores.

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