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GigSky is an American mobile technology company based in California. This company is dedicated to offering SIM card and eSIM services for international travelers. So if you will be traveling soon and need mobile internet during your trip, then an eSIM or SIM card could be your option. And with GigSky, you can get discount codes for your purchases, which we will discuss later.  

Coupon: Alec122.

This discount is exceptional for those who register for the first time on the GigSky website, so to use it you must go to their website, register, and enter the discount code. Below you can find the direct link to go to the official GigSky website. 

Go to the GigSky website.


How to redeem your GigSky discount code?

The GigSky discount code mentioned above allows you to get $5 off when you sign up. It’s very simple, as you just need to sign up on the GigSky website, enter the discount code before finishing the registration, and you can enjoy your $5 free for your next purchase. Below, we will explain how to redeem the GigSky discount code step by step. 

Process time needed: 2 minutes.

Steps to redeem a discount code on GigSky 

Go to the GigSky website and click Login. 

The first thing you need to do to use this discount code is to go to the official GigSky website. After entering the site, you should click on the top left corner, where it says “Login”. Then click on “GigSky App” and you will be taken to another page to register. 

Start the registration process 

When you are in the new tab, you must click on Register. You will then be able to enter your information such as your full name, email address, password, and country of residence. 

Add your discount code

Before finalizing your registration, you will have to add your sign-up discount code, which is Alec122. 

Finalize your registration

After adding your code, you will be able to confirm that you are not a robot, and accept the terms and conditions. At the end of your registration, you will get a message on the screen telling you that you have a $5 credit in your GigSky account for your next purchase. 

Make your first purchase 

You are now ready to purchase your SIM card or eSIM and different plans for the country you are traveling to. Enjoy the bonus of an extra $5 for simply signing up. See how great the discount codes are?

Feel free to keep exploring the GigSky store and find more discount codes. If you are interested in learning about other coupons from other stores, you can visit the following article: 

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