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Airalo is an international online store known for its sales of eSIMs in more than 190 countries. So if you are interested in purchasing one of their eSIMs, then don’t hesitate to make use of their discount codes. Here we will tell you about the Airalo discount code you can use in May. 

Coupon: TRY30.

To use the discount code mentioned above and purchase your eSIM, you must enter it while making your purchase. Below is the link that will send you directly to the Airalo store, where you can choose the eSIM for the destination you will be traveling to next. 

Go to the Airalo store.


How to redeem your Airalo discount code?

The Airalo discount code for the month of May will allow you to have a 30% discount on the eSIM of your choice. Redeeming it is as simple as going to the Airalo website, choosing the destination you will be traveling to, and the plan you see best for your eSIM. Then you simply add your code and make your payment. However, below we will discuss the steps to redeem your code in much more detail

Process time needed: 2 minutes.

Steps to redeem a discount code on Airalo

Choose the destination to which you will travel

When you go to the Airalo website, you will be able to choose between local, regional and global eSIMs. If you want an eSIM for a single country, you will have to search through the list of countries. If you prefer a regional eSIM, you can choose from Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean Islands. And finally, global eSIMs allow you to have connectivity in 87 destinations with different plans. 

Add the product

After choosing your destination or eSIM type, you will be able to choose from the different plans offered by Airalo. After choosing your plan, you will be able to check the features of the plan, and you will need to add the eSIM to your purchase by clicking on the Buy now button. 


Now you will enter the payment area, where you can see the eSIM details with the total price of the eSIM. 

Enter the discount code

Before finishing your purchase, you will need to add the discount code. You can find the box to add it under the total price, with the name “Redeem referral or discount code”. When you add the code TRY30, you will get the final cost of the eSIM with the discount. 

Choose payment method

After adding the discount code to your purchase, you will be able to choose the payment method. Airalo currently accepts credit cards, Paypal, and Airmoney Pay as payment methods. 

Complete the order 

Lastly, you will need to make a declaration of purchase of certain items and complete your order. This way, you will have successfully completed the purchase of your eSIM with the discount code. 

In the Airalo store, you can find many more promo codes to use for your purchases. Also, if you are interested in discount codes from other stores, you can check the following article:

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