Top 4 Best Prepaid SIM Cards for travel to Mexico in 2022

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As Mexico has become one of the most reliable options for people to visit, travelers go there a lot. Whether it is for its beaches or the architecture and history, the country is worth knowing. Therefore, knowing the top 4 best prepaid SIM cards to use your cell phone in Mexico is the best option for travel.

So, if you are thinking about Mexico as an option to visit, this is something you might want to know. Here you will know everything about these SIM cards and their important information. Let’s talk about it and see all the options people will get.

Where can I buy a Prepaid SIM Card for Mexico?

There are many places where people can get an international SIM card for Mexico. Helping travelers make decisions is the best we can do, as there are many options and ways to get a SIM card nowadays.

For example, one of the most traditional methods is to get them in a physical store. It is something easy to find, and there are a lot of stores all over the country. It can even help people meet more about the place they are visiting, but these SIM cards are mostly bought by citizens.

Another option for people is to get a SIM card through an online store. A clear example of a way to get a SIM card is the Holafly website, which is an excellent alternative for travelers. But, the delivery can end up being a bit complicated.

As we can see, each option has its pros and cons, so people have to decide which suits them better.

What is the Best SIM Card for Mexico?

When trying to figure out which one is the best option for people to get a prepaid SIM card, they have to consider different things. Many options are available, but there are some things that an international SIM card must have to be good.

A SIM card for travelers doesn’t work the same as a normal SIM card, and there are many differences to consider. A normal SIM card is not the same as a travel SIM card due to how it works.

But let’s get to what we truly want to know. These are the main differences that will help people tell the better options for travelers.

  • People have to receive as much customer support as possible from the company.
  • The company should have different mobile plans for people to choose the one that suits them most.
  • The SIM card coverage must be as good as a normal SIM card from the destination they are traveling to.
  • Check that the SIM card has different plans for traveling to a new country.
  • People should have access to different payment methods to make things easier.
Coverage map of Telcel in Mexico. Source: GSMArena

These things we just told you are not only worth knowing for Mexico. This can also be helpful for other destinations; it is a guide that travelers can use for future trips. So, keep in mind this as it might be something that can help you and even those who travel with you.

Today, we will talk about mobile companies’ options in Mexico, such as Holafly, Telcel, Airlo, and Movistar, and more about what they offer to people and other details.

1. Holafly

When talking about SIM cards that can be used when traveling, Holafly has to be on our list for sure. This company has been working quite hard to give travelers a proper service, and their SIM cards can be easily bought through their website, but the delivery service mostly works for people in Europe.

That’s the only issue we can tell for now because when talking about benefits and how easy it is to get this Holafly SIM card, we don’t have many complaints about the coverage it gives to people and how easy it is to activate it.

2. Telcel

Telcel is a company that has a presence in different countries. Mexico is one of that countries, and people can buy a SIM card from one of their physical stores. But, it can be somehow difficult to achieve it due to the service being focused on locals.

People wondering about their service have decent coverage in different Mexican cities, and they have different mobile plans for people to use. So, keep in mind this whenever you are trying to choose which SIM card is the best option for you to use.

3. Airlo

Airlo is a company that gives people access to SIM cards through a mobile store. The process to get one can be done within a few minutes, but there aren’t many SIMs with a good amount of mobile data there.

Other than that, we don’t have much to say about this service. Such as Holafly, they give people the chance to choose where they are going, and therefore, they also let people choose which SIM card they can use. 

4. Movistar

Movistar is a company that many people have heard of before. Nowadays, they are also in the international SIM cards market, and people can get one as long as they buy it in the country they live in before traveling.

If people decide to make this differently, then things will be a lot different. Getting a SIM card directly in Mexico can be complicated, and that’s something people have to keep in mind if they are fully relying on getting this service as soon as they reach the country.

What is the best price?

People truly worry about how much money they will spend on getting something. Sometimes, they might want to use that extra money to enjoy more days in the place they are visiting. In some other cases, they simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on a SIM card.

Now, for prices, we can tell the Holafly SIM card is a good option. As they offer people more than one plan, they can simply choose the one that suits them better through the company’s website.

If you want to have another alternative in mind, maybe using Airlo can turn into an alternative for you while traveling. 

Which one offers more mobile data?

When it comes to mobile data, this is a thing that travelers want to get as much as possible. Of course, being in a whole new country and not being able to communicate can turn things into a headache, so it is better to be prepared.

As we said before, Holafly has different mobile data plans available for people. This is quite useful as it can help people choose which service to choose for their future trips to other countries.

An option for this can be Telcel or Movistar, as local companies can offer people a decent mobile data plan. Other than that, they don’t have much to offer to travelers from other countries.

What is the most complete SIM Card?

A complete service is the one that will give people not only access to more benefits, but also the one that is easier to get and the one that will work better in the country one is visiting. That’s something people can’t simply forget so easily.

If we want to talk about local companies, it is fair to say that Telcel and Movistar might have the advantage. But this is only, as we said, for locals as the companies are located inside Mexico. For travelers, things are different due to certain limitations.

Now, the Holafly service is the most complete on the list for traveling around the world. It won’t only give people access to a SIM card with mobile data, but it also gives people access to a phone number they can use to receive and send text messages and many other things.

Which SIM card is the most affordable?

Now, the question that many people think about most. How affordable must be a SIM card to be considered good? Well, that’s something we can tell from experience, right?

Compared to the rest of the companies on our list, the Holafly SIM card has better prices. The company offers people the chance to use different mobile data plans of their service, which can help people save some extra money.

Other companies can be part of this list as well, such as Airlo, but when it comes to comparing prices, we can, once more, tell why Holafly is superior.

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