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If you love adventures and you are planning your next trip, in this article you are going to read about the Howlanders discount coupon.

With the coupon ROAMING5, you will get a 5% discount on any adventure and nature tour. You will have to enter it in the last part of the purchasing process where it says “discount coupon”. It will be automatically applied and you will see the final price. To help you solve all your doubts, we are going to show you how to use the coupon.


How to enter the discount coupon in Howlanders?

Using the coupon is very simple and quick, you will spend more time deciding which adventure you want to experience, than using the coupon. All you have to do is to access Howlanders, look for the destination you want, pick the tour and date, fill in the purchasing information and enter the coupon. And that’s it!

1. Pick your next Howlander destination

The first thing you have to do is to enter In the Home section, you will find the most popular destinations, and you will be able to discover which are the traveler’s favorite attractions.

If you already know where you are traveling, you can look for your destination in the Destinations section of the menu. There you will find the countries and the most visited cities in each one.

If you want to do a specific tour, then you can search for it.

2. Configure your trip

Once you have decided which adventure you are going to take, you will have to pick the date, the place you are going to stay, and any of the available extras you want.

When you are done configuring it, add it to the cart and book your trip.

3. Fill in the contact information

Once your trip is in the cart, you will have to enter the contact information of each traveler. When you do it, click on next.

In the following window, you will have to enter the information of the owner, and the contact of the reservation, and then pick the option “Payment”.

4. Add the coupon

The first thing you are going to see in the payment section will be the option to add the coupon. Remember that it is: ROAMING5

5. Use the Howlanders discount coupon and save 5%

When you enter the discount coupon, click on use coupon, and you will see how the coupon is automatically applied and the price is reduced.

And, that’s it! All you will have to do is to enter the payment information to make the reservation.

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