Best prepaid SIM Card for France: prices and where to buy?

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All over the world, people can get their hands on different types of SIM cards for phones. We can say that they are essential tools to be able to communicate, so we can’t go without them. Therefore, let’s talk about the prepaid SIM card for France, an easy solution for those who don’t want to lose the connection on their trip or rent a portable Wifi.

Whether you go to the Eiffel Tower or walk through the famous gardens of the capital, you can’t travel without being in contact with your family and friends. Not only do you have traditional SIM cards, but you can also count on eSIM for France, which has even more benefits. We will learn all about how to buy and use them and the best options for you.

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Where to buy a SIM card in France?

France is a beautiful country. Being within Europe, the options to buy a tourist SIM card are many. We can find all kinds of providers that can be pretty useful, so getting a France travel SIM card will not be as complicated as some people may think.

You can also opt for a French telecommunications company. Some of the principal operators are Orange, SFR, and Bouygues. Whatever the choice is, we can say that they are all valid options. The only difference with can point out is whether a person wants to get that out of the way before traveling or prefers to take his/her time looking for different options once in France.

Another option that you also have at hand is to opt for an embedded SIM card for France, which, although it is a new technology, is quite striking and valuable, especially for travelers who want to have internet immediately without leaving their home or hotel.

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Easy to buy

As you can see, there are many options for a tourist to have a France travel SIM card, but if you are looking for the easiest way to use it, we can help you. Among all the alternatives, one that is very convenient and full of benefits is to buy your prepaid SIM card for France data before arriving. You can do it through online stores that you can find on the web. These providers have international shipping to deliver the SIM card to your address. You should always confirm this beforehand.

In addition to worldwide deliveries, they have plans focused on tourists and with more affordable options than international roaming. You can also opt online for the eSIM for France that stores like Holafly offer. These are, in fact, even better than traditional SIM cards. These work similarly to physical SIM cards, with the difference of being digital and having immediate delivery. Buying a traditional SIM or an eSIM for France before your trip is the best option in many cases.

Buy before you travel

It is incredible how online stores have made it much easier for tourists to access SIM cards in France. Unlike local solutions in the country, you don’t have to go through waiting lines or paperwork to buy one. Many websites have competitive plans and even some unlimited data options. To buy a France prepaid sim card with unlimited data card, you usually just need to log into the store, have a valid payment method, and wait for your chip to be shipped. 

Among the variety of online stores, some also have embedded SIM cards or eSIM, which are even more efficient. Without leaving aside the unlimited plans and good coverage in France, eSIMs add to their advantages the versatility of being entirely virtual.

Convenience, security, and good service are all the reasons why tourists recommend using online stores to buy SIM cards for France. If you buy it before arrival, you will have mobile internet in the country from the very first moment.

Buy upon arrival

It is perhaps the most used option before the increase of online stores. You can buy a local SIM card for France in physical stores throughout the country. It all depends on the city you arrive in, but Orange, SFR, and Bouygues usually have branches in most destinations. Just be aware that when buying this way, you must also go through SIM registration processes, have valid identity documents, and sometimes have local currency.

SIM card France
View of the Madeleine church in France. Source: Pexels

We recommend you investigate what prepaid plans these operators have before arriving. This way, it will be easier to communicate what you want once you arrive. The France travel SIM card options for tourists are usually marked, although it is normal to find information only in French. Considering the above, you might not have internet until you manage to buy, register and install the SIM card on your phone.

Orange, SFR, and Bouygues stores in France

It is common to find official stores of these operators throughout the city. You can also buy prepaid SIM cards in supermarkets, electronics stores, phone stores, and even in train stations. It is possible to see options at airports such as Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, where SIM cards can be purchased at some of their terminals.

You can help yourself with maps that the operators have on their websites to locate the closest options to your place of arrival. It is preferable to do this before you arrive and have the information in hand because you may not have internet when you are in France. Also, if you are not fluent in the local language, you must communicate well what you want at the time of purchase. SIM card availability may also be affected by your arrival time or the location you choose.

How much does a SIM card cost to travel to France?

If you are related to prepaid tariffs in Europe, you will find that the costs in France are not far from that. You can buy a prepaid SIM card for France data starting at $10 for 1GB of browsing for use in one month. There are also higher priced options up to $45 for 5GB of browsing to use in two months. In some packages, you can include unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS to other numbers in France. 

Remember again that availability will depend on which store you visit and which operator you choose to use. In either case, you will be able to have mobile internet. If you are interested in a more affordable solution for visitors, then read about the eSIM for France that we present to you now.

eSIM card to travel to France, the new alternative

eSIM France with phone number
eSIM for France. Source: Holafly

One of the freshest alternatives to hit the market has come in the form of the eye-catching eSIM. These new cards are easy to purchase and are set up on a phone. This makes it an option that, for many users, is much better than the SIM because of the speed with which they can start enjoying the service. You won’t have to pay for expensive roaming services anymore!

These cards have the same function as a SIM card, but they are digital. There is no need to insert them into the phone, much less lose your saved information or anything like that. We, in particular, opted for Holafly’s eSIM for France because of the quality they seek to give their customers at all times. The best thing to do is to buy them before arriving in France, or once you are there, you even have an international eSIM with a phone number!

They are an excellent option for world travelers. However, before buying one, you should confirm some conditions for using them.

  • The eSIM is a new technology that is not available on all phones. You should confirm if yours is compatible, you can use the updated list of available eSIM devices.
  • You can enjoy eSIMs very quickly because they are virtual and delivered immediately. You receive them as QR codes in your email. You must have a valid address and access to it.
  • It is essential that for the purchase and subsequent installation of the eSIM, you have an internet connection. We recommend you do the process from your home or, if you are already in France, from a secure public wifi network.

Holafly online store

Among the most accessible and recommended online stores by tourists, we find Holafly. They take into account all their users with specialized customer service 24 hours a day, every day. You can find their online store in more than ten languages, and they accept payments in several international currencies. 

With Holafly’s virtual SIM card for France, you will have unlimited data on all available plans. They have different durations for all types of visits. If your stay is extended, you can buy a top-up for the same destination and extend your service for more days. Orange, SFR, and Bouygues, the best phone companies in the country, support these digital SIM cards.

Along with the installation QR code, you will also receive a quick setup guide. Holafly eSIMs are easy to use and install. It won’t take you more than a few minutes. When you purchase a virtual SIM card for France, an Austrian number (+43) is included that you can use in addition to your local number. You will have 60 minutes to make calls in Europe and 60 minutes to receive calls from anywhere in the world.

Holafly also has in its catalog options with coverage in several countries. These regional eSIMs are for Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean. Ideal if your trip takes you to other countries so you don’t have to buy a new eSIM every time you cross a border.

Disadvantages of Holafly’s eSIM card

Although they are an excellent choice for the benefits they bring, Holafly’s eSIM cards also have some disadvantages. Despite having unlimited data on all options for France, you will not be able to share data with this service. So if you want to have an internet connection on other devices, you can buy other virtual SIM cards with Holafly.

How can I shop at Holafly? 

When shopping with Holafly, the process starts by visiting their online store and choosing the country or region where you will travel. Then you will see displayed on the page all the plans available for the destination you chose. Here you can take one of the packages. You can checkout by entering your contact information and the email address where you receive the eSIM. Finally, you can pay by various methods, such as credit or debit cards, PayPal, G Pay, and Apple Pay.

How much does the eSIM for France cost?

Holafly has a wide variety of plans for this destination, which include unlimited data and phone numbers with international calls. In order for you to have an overview of the offers, we present a table with their rates

eSIM pricing in France

Days of useAmount of mobile dataPrice (USD)
5 DaysUnlimited Data $19.00
7 DaysUnlimited Data $27.00
10 DaysUnlimited Data $34.00
15 DaysUnlimited Data $47.00
20 DaysUnlimited Data $54.00
30 DaysUnlimited Data $64.00
60 DaysUnlimited Data $87.00
90 DaysUnlimited Data $99.00
Table N°1 eSIM pricing in France

eSIM pricing in Europe

Days of useAmount of mobile dataPrice (USD)
5 DaysUnlimited Data $19.00
7 DaysUnlimited Data $27.00
10 DaysUnlimited Data $34.00
15 DaysUnlimited Data $47.00
20 DaysUnlimited Data $54.00
30 DaysUnlimited Data $64.00
60 DaysUnlimited Data $87.00
90 DaysUnlimited Data $99.00
Table N°2 eSIM pricing in Europe

Frequently asked questions about eSIM in France

Can the eSIM be extended for more days of use?

Yes, when you purchase an eSIM for France with Holafly, you will receive an email notification when you have used 90% of your plan. There you will find a link to buy an extension of the service when you need it.

Will there be more compatible devices in the future?

Indeed, yes, but they will be state-of-the-art devices.

Will I lose my number when using an eSIM?

Not at all. You will not lose the number you had before. You can have an Austrian number (+43) added to your Holafly eSIM for France to make and receive international calls with up to 120 minutes in your plan.

Can I buy several eSIMs if necessary?

Yes, if needed, people can purchase multiple eSIMs to use as needed.

What is the best SIM card for France travel?

There is a SIM card for every type of user, but if you have access to eSIMs, the best option you can take is to buy a Holafly. With unlimited data, easy access, international calls, and incredible customer service, it is undoubtedly one of the best deals on the market.

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