Pocket Wi-Fi in France: What are the best options?

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Many people dream of visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris someday, and many other places from France. There is no doubt that this country is a paradise for most visitors. That’s why maintaining a good internet connection is important, and thanks to Pocket WiFi, this is something that can be done with ease.

Thanks to the use of Pocket WiFi devices, we can see that it is becoming easier and easier to get the service in France. You may not know much about it, but today we will give you all the information you need. 

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Companies offering Portable WiFi for France

Pocket Wi-Fi Provider BrandRate for one week including postage and handling + insurance
Hippocket WiFi$47 to $62.93 USD (Weekly rental with insurance) + $11.43 to $22.87 USD (Shipping) 
Travelers WiFi$80.23 USD (Weekly income) + $5.69 to $34.03 USD (Shipping)
Travel WiFi$48.65 USD (Weekly rent) + $3 to $30 USD (Shipping)
Cello Mobile104.93 USD (Weekly Rental) + $14.99 USD (Insurance) + $75 USD (Shipping outside the United States, Canada or Mexico) or $20 to $40 USD (Shipping to Mexico, United States or Canada)
My Webspot $70.90 USD (Weekly rent) + $5.60 to $11.32 USD (Shipping) 
List of companies offering Portable Wi-Fi in France

Details and prices of Portable WiFi for France

Choosing a service among all the options available for purchasing a Pocket WiFi in France may not be easy. You have to read the small print of each option to know which are the best options.

That’s why we’ll take a closer look at each of these companies and see if we can find a better solution in the process. 

Hippocket WiFi

Hippocket WiFi is undoubtedly one of the best options for all those people who wish to travel to France. This company, which by the way, is based in France, is one of the best service providers.

The rental price is quite affordable, ranging from $47 to $62.93 USD. The difference is that the most expensive plan will give you unlimited connectivity while you are in the country.

However, the shipping price can vary. If you are within Europe, shipping can be free or cost you around 10 dollars, while if you are on another continent, the price can go up to around 20 dollars. The good thing is that all of this can be paid for with a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards. 

The good thing is that the company will help you return the equipment, making your job much easier. In case you lose one of the devices, please note that you will have to pay a penalty; this can be between 153.63 to 170.70 dollars.

Travelers WiFi

Europe is home to some of the best companies offering portable Wi-Fi services, and with Travelers WiFi, this will be a piece of cake.

The Swiss-born company presents us with the opportunity to purchase their service for around $80.23 USD, for a whole week. The price is not high, and the service is quite good and practically unlimited.

One of the company’s strong points is the price of deliveries. With prices ranging from $5.69 to $34.03 USD, they offer very competitive rates. Concerning Travelers Wi-Fi, we can pay with credit and debit cards for the rental of the Pocket Wi-Fi.

Moving on to a couple more details, we realize that the company offers several payment methods so that people have convenience when paying. Finally, it is important to remember that the company charges a penalty of 159.32 dollars in the event of losing one of its devices. 

Travel WiFi

Continuing with the list of European companies offering Pocket WiFi in France, we come across Travel Wi-Fi.

Based in Spain, it turns out that this company offers a price that is quite competitive compared to other options we can find. 

In the case of renting a Pocket WiFi to visit France, you will find that the rate is $48.65, which is lower than in many other countries.

Another important point is the price of shipping the equipment, which varies according to the distance. The company will charge between 3 and 30 dollars depending on where the equipment is going. Now, we don’t have to worry about payment methods as the company accepts credit cards, debit cards, and even PayPal.

Continuing with the details about the company, we have to mention that, as in other cases, losing the equipment results in the payment of a penalty. Individuals will have to pay between $149 and $199 dollars per loss. The fee variation is because the price will be higher if the device is lost with additional accessories. 

Cello Mobile

Cello Mobile is the company of choice for Americans who want to travel and keep a Pocket WiFi with them to stay connected at all times while traveling.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Let’s talk about the price of Cello Mobile, which isn’t exactly low by any means. The price for a one-week rental of the Pocket Wi-Fi is $104.93 for all destinations, and obviously, France is no exception.

The beauty, in this case, is that we find that shipping is not as high as we might expect. The price will be around 10 to 30 dollars, so it can be considered affordable. However, for countries outside America, the price can get a bit higher. On the downside, they only accept credit cards as a method of payment.

The last thing a person should know before signing up for the Cello Mobile service is that they will have to pay a penalty in case of loss. If the equipment is lost before it is returned, the penalty will be $75, which is much less than other companies’ rates. 

My Webspot 

One thing no one can deny is that the companies offering portable WiFi in Europe come from the same continent. My Webspot is a clear example of this, as are the other options on the list.

The first thing we have to mention is the price. Currently, the $70.90 USD weekly rental is quite affordable for most users, and no one can deny that.

Still, on the subject of shipping, the prices do not exceed 10 dollars. This means that again, My Webspot’s rates are affordable from rental to shipping. In addition, having several payment methods makes everything much easier for users.

The last thing to mention is that, as with many other companies, a penalty will be payable if the equipment is lost. The penalty will be 204.84 dollars but can be reduced to 102.42 dollars if you pay the insurance, which costs an additional 13.66 dollars. 

Similar options to Portable WiFi in France

We have already seen that the options for getting a Pocket WiFi in France are not few, but we may have other options that are a little better as to price and usability.

In this case, we can go for a data SIM card for France, which is quite popular for people to have Mobile internet in France. Many have used this small card, and with the ease of purchase, it is certainly a suitable alternative to the Pocket WiFi.

The second alternative would be the data eSIM. Although not everyone is familiar with it, it is a good option that has been gaining in popularity to date. 

Data SIM card

Most people have used an internet SIM card in France, as virtually all phones use them.

However, traveling with one from your home country can be expensive due to roaming charges. Therefore, chances are getting a SIM card from a local carrier might be the best option, but it might be hard to get one due to how these companies work.

Mobile data eSIM for France

Now, introducing the new alternative for many people, we find the data eSIM for France. This new SIM has changed the rules of the game completely and in a good way.

The data eSIM does not need to be physically inserted into your phone. Just scan it, and you are ready to use it and enjoy all that it has to offer to those who purchase the service.

Again, Holafly is a pioneer in this area. Their data eSIM is pretty good and offers a quality service, coupled with the rest of their benefits. This is an excellent solution to the high prices and conditions of other services. And, Holafly offers one feature no other digital SIM card includes at this point: they allow users to make phone calls while using the eSIM.

This is possible thanks to the Austrian phone number people get when using the Holafly eSIM, which is a brand-new feature from the company.

Free WiFi

It’s no secret that free WiFi is quite common in a wide variety of countries. Especially when it comes to Europe, free WiFi is much more common.

However, be aware that connecting to a free network may not be the best idea. There can always be problems with being on such networks, so if possible, try to have a connection that is your own from the moment you start your visit.

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