How to get Mobile Internet in Mexico: Which option to choose?

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People who love to travel around the world will surely love to visit Mexico once in their lifetime. Maybe, even twice in their lifetime is possible. Therefore, they need to know how good mobile connection is in that country, so it’s time to talk about Mobile internet connectivity for use your cell phone in Mexico

When people are traveling, they will need to remain connected in order to speak with their family and friends. It’s even important to share photos of the journey with others, so if you are worried about the internet connection, you will learn everything about it here!

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Mobile internet in Mexico

Mexico is surely one of the countries in which people can rely a lot on an internet connection. There are lots of alternatives for people to use, such as SIM and eSIM cards, but there are other alternatives available too.

But, there are many doubts when trying to choose one. Which one should people use when traveling? Which one is the most accessible option? That’s something we will tell people as we will talk about all these other options.

Internet rates in Mexico

Travel budget is a critical factor to keep in mind when planning the whole trip. Travelers must pay attention to their expenses in other countries due to factors like currency exchange, hotel, eating out and much more. Having a more or less detailed budget will avoid money-related headaches in the future or once you get home and check your bills.

So, in case you are wondering which are the standard rates people can find in Mexico when looking for internet service, we will give you a brief look.

ServiceInternet rates in Mexico
SIM Card Mexico51.36 USD (Unlimited data included for 15 days)
eSIM Card Mexico64 USD (Unlimited data included for 30 days)
T-Mobile Roaming30 to 47 USD depending on the chosen plan
Vodafone Roaming6 USD per day
Telstra Roaming 10 USD per day with the Traveling Pass
Pocket WiFi55 to 103.94 USD 
Public WiFi Free 

Table 1. Comparison of internet rates in Mexico with US, UK, and Australia operators and other alternatives.

SIM card for internet in Mexico

Have you heard about the fact that people can now take their SIM cards when traveling with them? It might sound like something crazy because most people are used to using them when they are in their hometown, but this has changed a lot now.

Nowadays, SIM cards have taken an important role in society. Travelers have been relying more on them, and thanks to their price, it has become even more important among travelers.

Therefore, we need to tell people which ones to use, as we have a recommendation for everyone out there. For us, the Holafly Unlimited data SIM card for Mexico is one of the best options to use, and the price is pretty accessible.

SIM rates for traveling to Mexico

  • Unlimited data for 5 days at $30.40
  • Unlimited data for 15 days at $51.36
  • Unlimited data for 30 days at $91.19
  • Unlimited data for 60 days at $177.14

eSIM for Mexico

Now, eSIMs are a somehow new alternative for people to use. These are totally digital SIM cards that can work alongside a normal SIM card, and they have gained a lot of importance among travelers.

People can use them as traditional SIM cards due to eSIM cards giving people Mobile data and other benefits as well. The only thing to consider here is the fact that eSIM mostly works on new-generation devices.

So, in case you want to take an Unlimited data eSIM with you, we have a recommendation people can consider. The Holafly eSIM for Mexico can truly surprise people with all they have to offer.

eSIM rates for traveling to Mexico

  • Unlimited data for 5 days at $19
  • Unlimited data for 10 days at $34
  • Unlimited data for 20 days at $54
  • Unlimited data for 30 days at $64
  • Unlimited data for 60 days at $84

How to get internet in Mexico with your domestic operator?

Some Mobile operators around the world offer people the chance to use their roaming service when they are traveling. In this particular case, Mexico is a place in which people can rely on roaming services for good.

But, there’s a huge question for people to think about here. Are these services cheap enough for everyone to use them? Actually, they can be pretty expensive for some people to use. 

Mobile internet in Mexico with T-Mobile USA

In case you still want to go ahead and use a roaming service when traveling, we can go ahead and use the T-Mobile roaming service in Mexico. And, the good news here is that they can be easily accessed as long as someone is a T-Mobile client.

T-Mobile has different plans available for people to use, so they have to choose the one that suits them most. The good thing about that is the fact that Mexico is part of the countries in which the roaming service is available for use.

Cellular internet in Mexico with Vodafone

It is surprising to say that a cellular operator can be used as a roaming service in Mexico, but that’s how Vodafone works. And thankfully, if someone is located in the UK, this is a good option for people to rely on.

For everyone wondering how much they have to pay to use this service, the rates of the roaming service are around $6 per day. 

Mobile internet in Mexico with Telstra

Now, it’s time to talk about Telstra. People can use this service in Mexico even though the company is located in Australia. There’s no need to worry too much about not being able to use it.

For people wondering how much the price to pay is, the Traveling Pass offered by the company is $10 per day. And, in some cases, they charge people $3 per MB consumed. 

Pocket WiFi for internet in Mexico

Time to talk about a new alternative for people to use here. The Pocket WiFi devices are something that has been around in the market for quite some time now, but they have been replaced by different alternatives that have become more popular.

But there’s something vital to mention here. These devices are rented, and therefore, people must take care of them because if a device is damaged or gets lost, the company can charge people for them.

My Webspot 

My Webspot is an alternative for people to use when they want to go ahead and use a Pocket WiFi device. In this particular case, the company offers the service to everyone who would like to travel to Mexico.

For a week of usage, the company charges $81, and provides a package with 1GB of Mobile data per day included. Also, they have a penalty for those who lose or damage a device from the company, and the person to whom this happens to will have to pay 102 to 204 USD right away.

Travelers Wifi 

Now, the second alternative on our list is Travelers WiFi. They are also located in Switzerland, and provide people access to 1 GB of cellular data per day. Thankfully, they have the service available in Mexico.

For those wondering how much is it, the price to pay for the Pocket WiFi service is $75.37. The only thing to consider here are the penalties the company has. If someone loses or damages a device, they have to pay $159 to the company. 

Public WiFi offering internet in Mexico 

Something amazing to tell is the fact that, in some places, there are free WiFi hotspots in Mexico. Whether it is in a hotel, on a beach, or even in a restaurant, people might come across an open WiFi connection there. 

Thankfully, there are other options for people to consider using. In case free WiFi is not enough, using a SIM card or eSIM is enough for people to remain connected. 

Internet coverage map in Mexico

Terrestrial coverage (fixed internet or home)

Map of Mobile internet coverage in Mexico. Source: Cellular Maps

3G or 4G coverage 

Map of Vodafone coverage in Mexico. Source: nperf

Our recommendation

Now that you have read everything we have to say about connectivity options on during your vacations in Mexico, there is something we have to say before closing things up. So far, we can tell there’s no need to worry about what to use as there are different alternatives, but there are two options that are surely the best.

We highly recommend people to use Unlimited data SIM and eSIM cards due to how good they are. These two options are surely the most reliable ones for travelers, so it is good to consider them as an option as much as possible.

Frequently asked questions about the internet in Mexico

In case you still have some doubts up to this point, here we will tell you some extra things.

What network frequencies work in Mexico?

Mexico is a country that works with the following networks: 850, 1700, 1900, 2100.

What telephone companies are there in Mexico?

There are different Mobile operators in Mexico to use, the most famous ones are: Telcel, AT&T, Movistar, and Virgin Mobile.

What kind of networks exists in Mexico?

Thankfully, when people are in Mexico, they can access 2G, 3G, 4G, and even 5G connections.

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