Pocket WiFi Mexico: What are the best options?

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Traveling to Mexico sounds like a dream to most people out there. The beauty of their beaches, the historical places in which people can spend hours and hours knowing all about the ancient Mayans, and of course, exquisite architecture worth watching. All this sounds good, but, how can I use my cell phone in Mexico? With a Pocket WiFi Mexico, maybe!

In case you haven’t heard about these devices in the past, don’t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know here. From weekly rents and how to get them in your house, and even those things you need to keep in mind. So, are you ready to get yourself prepared for your next journey? 

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Companies offering Portable WiFi in Mexico

Portable WiFi provider company Weekly rates (Including other expenses)
Travelers WiFi75.37 USD (Weekly use) + 5.80 to 35 USD (Delivery)
Mio WiFi64 USD (Weekly use) + 11.36 to 22.71 USD (Delivery)
Travel WiFi63.60 USD (Weekly use) + 50 USD (Delivery + Insurance)
Cello Mobile104,93 USD (Weekly use) + 14.99 USD (Insurance) + 75 USD (Worldwide delivery) or 20 to 40 USD (Delivery to Mexico, USA, and Canada) 
My Webspot 95.83 USD (Weekly use) + 5.57 to 11.24 USD (Delivery)

Details and rates of Portable WiFi for Mexico

As you might have seen in the table we just presented, you might see that there are different prices offered by each company mentioned there.

So, they don’t offer the same to all its clients who need a Pocket WiFi Mexico? That’s right, each company has its own way of working, and therefore, will have its own rates depending on what people needs, and that’s what we will be talking about right now.

Travelers WiFi

The first company on our list is Travelers Wifi. This company comes directly from Switzerland and has been giving people the Pocket WiFi service for a long time now.

They offer people the chance to rent one of their devices with ease, and it won’t truly matter where they are heading to due to the company having coverage in lots of countries. Yet, the price might not be the most convincing thing here, because they charge $75.37 for a week of usage of a Pocket WiFi with 1GB of mobile data per day.

People can also rent the Pocket WiFi with some accessories if they want to, such as an extra charger, but that’s not so necessary. Another thing to keep in mind is the delivery rates, as they charge from 5.80 to 35 USD depending on the destiny the device is going to.

The last thing people should know about the service is the fact that the company might charge them in case they lose or damage their devices. If it happens, people will have to pay $159 right away


MioWiFi is a company located in Latin America that has been slowly growing to offer its service to more countries around the world.

In this case, they already have Mexico covered with the Pocket WiFi Mexico service, which is great. For people who want to use the service, the price is $64 per week, and users will have access to 1GB of mobile data per day.

Now, if you are traveling from Argentina to Mexico, you can save the money for the delivery, but if you aren’t there, be prepared to pay up to $50 to receive the Pocket WiFi in your house.

Other than that, people must keep an eye on the device they are traveling with due to the fact that, if they lose or damage it, the company charges $260 that people must pay immediately to them.

Travel WiFi

Directly from Spain comes Travel WiFi, a company that offers the Pocket WiFi service to countries all over Europe and America.

This company charges $63.60 per week to those people who want to use their Pocket WiFi. The price might seem ok, but keep in mind that the service is strictly limited to only 1GB of mobile data per day.

Now, talking about deliveries, people can get the device with ease almost everywhere, but they will obviously have to pay for it. Depending on where you are at, the company charges 3 to 23 USD. 

And, the last thing to talk about is the fact that such as other companies, Travel WiFi also counts with a loss/damage policy people must keep an eye on. If someone loses the device, they will be charged from $149 to 199 depending on what the Pocket WiFi had at that moment. 

Cello Mobile

Time to talk about another alternative that is actually pretty near to Mexico. Cello Mobile is a company located in the United States, and they obviously offer the Pocket WiFi service to that country.

Cello Mobile is one of the oldest companies offering the Pocket WiFi service, but that doesn’t mean they are cheap. The company is actually one of the most expensive alternatives for people nowadays, as they charge $104.93 for a week of usage.

If you need a delivery, they also have you covered. As you are going to Mexico you might want to take advantage of the 10 to 30 USD delivery offered to that country, but if you want to receive the device before traveling, the rate is $75 for the delivery.

Last but not least, we have to talk about the policy that other companies also have. People must be careful with how they treat the device because if they lose it or damage it, they will have to pay $75 to the company when returning the device.

My Webspot 

My Webspot is the final company on our list, and they are ready to give people Pocket WiFi directly from Switzerland.

As we mentioned before, each company has its own rates, and that’s also what happens with My Webspot. People will have to pay $95.83 for a week of usage of a device given by the company, and they are also limited to spending 1GB per day.

We can say that they have something good to offer due to the delivery price being somehow low compared to other companies in the market. Depending on where you are at, the delivery will cost you around 5 to 11 USD.

And, to close this section, we need to talk about the penalties once more. Just like other companies, if you lose or damage one of the Pocket WiFi devices given by My Webspot you will have to pay $204.41 or 102.20 depending on whether you have insurance or not. 

Similar Portable WiFi options in Mexico

Up to this point, you might think that the Pocket WiFi Mexico might be too expensive for you to rent one for a week. We think so because you can find other alternatives in the market for much less.

For example, do you know SIM cards can now be used to travel? Well, if you didn’t know that, now you do. Also, you have other options you can use as well, the eSIM card, which is pretty similar to the SIM card.

We know that you might have some doubts about them both, so we’ll try to clear those doubts in a second.

International SIM Card for Mexico

Nowadays, SIM cards are the most common service people use to stay communicated with everyone due to all it offers. Whether you need to make a phone call, send text messages, or use the Mobile internet in Mexico, a SIM card will help you with it.

The good news here is people now can use SIM cards to travel. Different companies now sell international SIM cards for traveling, and of course, you will surely find a SIM card to use in Mexico.

The question here is, with who should I buy it? Well, we can recommend you use the Holafly SIM cards due to them being a pretty decent choice for most travelers. 

Unlimited data eSIM card for Mexico

eSIM cards are pretty similar to the already known SIM cards, but they are completely digital. Sounds like something pretty cool to have, right?

The eSIM cards work mostly on last-gen devices and are a pretty good choice to stay connected while traveling without leaving your traditional SIM card aside, which is pretty great.

In case this has caught your attention, you might want to give them a try when you go to Mexico, no? If you do so, we highly recommend using the Holafly Unlimited data eSIM card due to all it offers and the easiness people have when trying to buy one. 

Free WiFi

You might come across some free WiFi connections when traveling, that’s something no one can deny. It can be in a restaurant while eating, or in the hotel, you are staying at.

But, if you want to have more access to an internet connection, this can be a reliable option for emergencies, and we highly recommend getting a SIM card or eSIM card for a better experience.

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