Vodafone Roaming: Rates, countries & alternatives

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Vodafone is one of the most important and famous companies when it comes to talking about mobile operators. That’s something that people that have used them can easily tell, but what about the people that want to know about the company? Well, good news, we will be talking today about the Vodafone roaming and some other important information.

So, if you are interested in acquiring this service, we have great news for you! And, we also have some extra information that will help you out in case that you need to find a fast solution for roaming service in case that it is not what you were looking for. So, let’s get into it right now.

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How does Vodafone roaming work?

The roaming service works exactly in the same way for almost every single company out there. People must understand that, there’s no actual difference between a normal mobile service and a roaming service. Why? Because the roaming service basically allows users to use all the benefits that their mobile operator offers to them, but while traveling through the world.

That’s basically what the Vodafone roaming offers to people. It is exactly the same service that other similar companies out there offer to people, but they only offer one of their mobile plans to people who want to meet the world.

Vodafone offers its Xtra Plan to all its customers, but the plan actually varies in something: People can choose if they want their service to be unlimited or not. That’s something that will change the overall experience that the user can have while using the Vodafone service, but still, both plans are good options.

So, in case that you need to travel to over 100 different countries, Vodafone will be there to help you out.

Vodafone roaming rates

Something that people constantly worry about is the price that they will pay for the service. Will it be low or will it be what they are willing to pay for it?

Well, in this case, we have good news for people. The very first thing that you need to know is how much will pay for their basic Xtra Plan, and to tell you a bit about it, the price goes from 18 to 24£ depending on the one that you choose.

Now, for the roaming rates, things are slightly different. The final price of the service will depend on the plan that you chose, and in this case, it will vary depending on if you pick an unlimited or limited plan. So, let’s dive deep into this to know more about the service.

Vodafone mobile data rates

Mobile data is basically the main reason why people hire a roaming service. So, it will obviously be important to know how much people have to pay for it. The good news here is that Vodafone rates are pretty low, which is awesome for its users.

People who have the Xtra Plan activated will only have to pay 6£ to keep their mobile data activated while traveling. It is not a lot of money, and it is actually quite affordable for most people out there.

But, just to let you know, you might come across some countries that will not charge you for using the mobile data service while being a Vodafone client.

Vodafone local and international phone calls rates

We have great news again for Vodafone customers. They are truly worried about their service being top-compared to others services out there, making it one of the best options for travelers.

We say this because people will get access to their local phone calls minutes in their Xtra Plan by just paying 6£ during each day that they are traveling through the world.

Vodafone text messages rates

Last but not least, we have to talk about text messages. They might not be such an important thing nowadays, but they are still worth using in some emergency situations.

Therefore, people must know that by paying 6£ per roaming day, they will have access to their local amount of text messages, with no extra charges for using it.

Countries in which people can use the Vodafone roaming

Vodafone is available in lots of countries from around the world. But, mostly, they are available in the European continent. People can basically go to 51 different European countries and will have access to the Vodafone service.

But they can also travel to countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Curacao, Japan, China, and many others and they will also have access to their service, but at a different cost as they are separated from Europe.

They are planning to expand their service a bit more, but that’s something that is yet to be seen during the next year.

Alternatives for the Vodafone roaming service

So, in case that you are not interested in using the Vodafone service, there are other alternatives for you. We know that sometimes using the roaming service is not the best idea for you, so let’s see what else we can find in the market.

International SIM Card

You probably have used a SIM card before, in case that you haven’t, here’s the time for you to use them as your travel alternative. 

People can buy an international SIM card once that they reach the country that they will visit, or before arriving, that’s up to the client for choosing. But, we highly recommend using the Holafly SIM card instead of other services.

Internatinal eSIM Card

Just like it happens to the SIM cards, we now have the chance to use eSIMs. They offer the exact same service as the SIM cards, but, with the difference that these cards are completely digital.

Thankfully, eSIMs have been evolving for good turning into a more affordable service for most people in the world. Once again, we recommend using the Holafly eSIM card when traveling through the world.

Free WiFi

Who doesn’t love to have free things? Especially when what we are receiving is a Free WiFi connection. It sounds like a dream, and for most people, it can end being an awesome service as people will have the chance to use all their social media platforms as long as they stay in the Hotspot area.

But, beware that once that you leave it, you will not have more access to the internet. Free things always have their highs and lows!

Pocket WiFi

A few years back, people were using Pocket WiFis as their alternative for traveling because of how good the service was. And, in 2022, the Pocket WiFi devices are still a good option for replacing a roaming service.

The only thing that you will need to find before using one is a company to rent one, and you will surely find one out there. But, the only downside of this service is that people won’t have the chance to use phone calls or text messages as it only offers mobile data.

How to activate the Vodafone roaming?

Vodafone offers two different ways of activating the service. In case that you are more tech-savvy, then you can go to the company website, log into your Vodafone account and activate the service in a matter of seconds through there.

But, in case that you are more old-fashioned, there’s no need to worry about it. You only need to make a phone call to 199 and talk to one of the customer representatives that will answer your call and will help you activate it.

Opinions about the Vodafone Roaming

  1. “I’m overall very happy with Vodafone. Using them for three years now, and just upgraded with a new phone. Although looks like there were some delays with delivery, they informed me about that. I also use Vodafone Broadband and mostly no issues at all.”
  2. “Recently switched to Vodafone. Got Vodafone broadband and mobile sim, good value for money also 2 pound discount for having both, got to say overall way better deal then with the previous network where I use to be loyal customer over 10 years.”
  3. “I left Sky broadband about 2 years ago and went to Vodafone fibre I’m surprised they get a bad customer service score as I’ve only had one problem with slow broadband and they sorted it out within two days.”
  4. “One year, 2 phones, and 3 sim cards later – Vodafone have still not fixed the problem of my phone repeatedly being disconnected (without any warning) from the network – full strength signal but no one can get through to me.”
  5. “Trying to top up my phone whilst in Italy. The top-up app isn’t available in this country and the number to top-up also isn’t free. Doesn’t really make sense at all. Thanks, Vodafone. Now I’m stuck abroad with no Internet outside of my apartment”
  6. “What an awful service. Very poor customer service, people unable to actually do anything within their own department.”
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