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If you are interested in traveling throughout the world, chances are that you want to stay connected where you go to. Some companies out there offer a service that most of us know as roaming, and that’s exactly what we will be talking about today. But, to be more specific, we will talk about the O2 roaming service.

So, in case that you are interested in this service or you want to know some alternatives to it, then stay here because you will see that there are different options for you to use when traveling.

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How does O2 roaming work?

When it comes to talking about how a service work we have to say that they can work in a very different or similar way depending on what people will use. In this case, roaming services are the same in most cases.

O2 offers a pretty solid service in which people will have the chance to use the roaming service in almost every single country in the world. But, there’s a slight difference here, and is that O2 offers a different service for people who will travel inside the European continent and something completely different for people who will travel to other countries.

Depending on where you travel to, you will be able to use your local allowance on mobile data, text messages, and phone calls. That’s why most people consider O2 a pretty good service, and they are working hard to be better than the competition.

So, now that you know the basics, is time to talk about other important stuff, such as the rates, where the O2 roaming service works, and a lot more that will help you clear up your mind when trying to choose one of these services.

O2 roaming rates

As we mentioned before, people must be aware that the price that they will pay for their service will depend on where they will travel to. If you are inside the European zone, then you can stay calm.

But, in case that you are traveling outside the European zone to other countries from the world, then you might come across different rates. But don’t worry, they aren’t as high as someone might be expecting.

So, let’s talk about the different rates that people must pay attention to when using O2 as their mobile operator. And remember, this is something that will not vary and there are no exceptions on what people have to pay for using the service.

O2 mobile data rates

No one can deny that mobile data is one of the most important things when traveling to a different country. Nowadays, mobile data is what helps you to stay in touch with people no matter where you go, and O2 knows that.

Therefore, they offer two plans for their clients. If you are planning to travel inside the European zone, you won’t have to worry about paying for the service because everything will be, well, free. You will get access to your local data allowance and you will only be charged if you spend more than 25GB in a month.

Now, if you travel to other countries, you will have to pay to have access to mobile data. The rate is 4.99£ per day, which is pretty low due to the service being unlimited for everyone.

O2 local and international phone calls rates

Phone calls might not be so useful when traveling to a country different than yours, but they can be helpful in an emergency or something similar. That’s why people must know that O2 offers them two ways to access phone calls when traveling.

If you go outside the European zone, you will have to pay 4.99£ per day for the service. It will give you access to 120 minutes that are restored at the end of each day, and if you travel inside the European zone, you will have access to your local phone calls allowance.

O2 text messages rates

Text messages might be underrated, but people can see that they can be pretty handy if an emergency shows up. Or maybe you simply need to send a text message to someone, both options are valid.

With the text messages, we have the same story as the past rates, 4.99£ for travelers that go out of the European zone, and for travels inside the European zone, you have access to your local allowance.

Countries in which people can use the O2 roaming

We have talked a lot about this throughout the article. We have mentioned several times that O2 is available in the whole European continent, and that’s right. But, to be more exact, there are 48 different countries that people have the chance to visit using this service.

Now, if you want to go somewhere else, there’s no issue at all. There are 27 different destinations that people can also visit using the O2 roaming service. It might not be as good as other companies, but it is still quite useful.

Alternatives for the O2 roaming service

Now that you know everything about the O2 roaming service, you can choose for yourself what alternative you want to use. In case that the service offered by O2 is not enough for you, here are some alternatives that you can use when traveling.

International SIM Card

Chances are that you have used a SIM card in the past, most of our cellphones work with one and they are pretty common everywhere in the world.

But, the good news is that people can now use international SIM cards to stay connected no matter where they go to. In case that this is an option that you find interesting, we recommend using the Holafly SIM card.

Internatinal eSIM Card

Now that we have talked about the SIM card, is time to talk about the relatively same service. But, the main difference here is that we are talking about a SIM card that is digital, and it is known as eSIM.

People can easily install an eSIM on their phones in a matter of seconds, and the best thing here is that people will have the chance to choose in which country they will use their eSIM card. And, if you need a recommendation on which one to choose, go for the Holafly eSIM.

Free WiFi

People know that when traveling there will be chances for them to find Free WiFi, it can be in their hotel or in a restaurant, but it is quite likely that they will find one.

The only downside here is that once that you leave those places, you won’t have internet anymore. So, keep that in mind as this wonderful alternative might not be so useful at the end of the day.

Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFis are devices that people have used to keep themselves connected to the internet for quite some time now. In case that you don’t know much about them, here’s a brief introduction to them.

These devices work similar to a WiFi router, but you can carry them wherever you want to go. And, also, renting one is pretty simple, no need to worry about it, just remember to deliver it in good conditions.

How to activate the O2 roaming?

O2 offers only one method for people to activate the roaming service on their phones. It is quite simple and it can be done within a minute.

The only thing that you will need to do is send a text message to 23336 with the text O2TRAVEL to activate the service, and that’s basically everything that people must do in order to activate the service!

Opinions about the O2 Roaming

  1. “O2 deals are very gd and I’d like to say am sorry for late payment but now it’s been paid now very good service hope it doesn’t affect my credit score already bad”
  2. “I always find it amazing to see so many negative reviews. I’ve been with O2 for about 9 or 10 years now, and whilst there have been issues, they have always resolved them quickly.”
  3. “I would recommend 02, as their value for money and they reward their customers. When you take out a contract with them you get access to 02 priority, ie freebies each week like free coffee and food”
  4. “Most horrible customer service I have ever had so far. They cannot even complete a simple task such as removing the bar on the sim card properly.”
  5. “First you never sent the sim cards on time and never opened the accounts correctly. After canceling the services three times well before receiving the sim you guys are sending threatening emails for overdue payments and penalty.”
  6. “I have been with 02 since 2008 with no break in service and what a waste of those years that have been, they do not honor loyalty or even appreciate your custom, the service, or should I say lack of, I have received today is appalling.” 
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