T-Mobile Roaming: Rates, Countries and Cheaper alternatives

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T-Mobile is one of the most complete companies in the world. They have been around for quite some time now, and they have proven to give people the service that they deserve. But, do all the T-Mobile clients know everything about the company? Maybe some do, maybe others don’t, and that’s why we will talk about the T-Mobile roaming service today.

But, what if the roaming service is not what I want to know? Are there other alternatives that people can use instead of the T-Mobile roaming service? As a matter of fact, there are a lot of different alternatives out there. So let’s see what we can expect.

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How does T-Mobile roaming work?

T-Mobile is a company with tons of years of experience on its backs. But, does their roaming service works just like any other out there? Actually, the answer is yes because people can easily access that service through different plans.

People won’t have to worry much about how the roaming service works or how to activate it, both things are easy to solve in a matter of seconds. But, what’s important to know is that people will have to choose a specific plan to properly make the T-Mobile roaming. 

For now, people will have the chance to use the Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Plus plans. Each one of them offers different services and different benefits, and of course, the price is quite different too.

Other than that, people won’t have to worry about how the roaming service works. Just remember to choose a plan, pay for the service, and you will be good to go.

T-Mobile roaming rates

Just like we mentioned before, there are three different plans to choose from. These rates are slightly different from the other, as the prices go from 30$ to 47$, which is somehow a relatively good difference.

But, what about the individual rates? That’s the main information that people would like to know. How much would I have to pay for mobile data? How much will I have to pay for text messages? That’s something that we are about to know.

T-Mobile mobile data rates

T-Mobile is quite an amazing service. People won’t have to worry much about paying more for the mobile data that they will consume, once the plan is paid the service will be immediately activated. There’s no need to pay anything more after that.

Remember, as we mentioned before, plans vary from 30$ to 47$ per line/month. In case that you want a basic 2G unlimited service, the Essentials Plan is the one for you and might even surprise how good it is.

The other two plans have the main difference and are the fact that the mobile data speed changes to 4G and 5G respectively.

T-Mobile local and international phone calls rates

Now, when talking about international phone calls, this is something that doesn’t come up with the basic plans. No matter where you go, you will have to pay to call as long as the roaming service is activated.

Luckily, the T-Mobile rate for phone calls is only 0.25$ per minute. With that price, people can actually save a lot of money, and they can make as many phone calls as they need because the price won’t actually be an issue for them to deal with.

T-Mobile text messages rates

The last thing we need to talk about is the T-Mobile rates for text messages. It might sound weird that people send text messages while traveling around the world due to other platforms replacing SMS.

Yet, in case that users want to use text messages, they won’t have to pay a cent for it. All the text messages sent through the T-Mobile roaming service are free as the service is completely unlimited.

Thankfully, this makes the company standoff from its competitors. They truly focus on giving people what they need and want for the best possible price in the market. 

Countries in which people can use the T-Mobile roaming

T-Mobile is surprisingly one of the mobile operators with the highest coverage range in the whole world. Doesn’t it sound impressive? Because for us, it is quite impressive. 

So far, the T-Mobile roaming service is available in over 210 different countries from around the world. What does this mean? Users will have the chance to use their T-Mobile roaming service everywhere they go.

Also, this is something important to mention due to the fact that T-Mobile is also an important provider to companies such as Mint and Sprint, who have recently migrated their services to the main T-Mobile network to offer a more powerful service.

In case that you are wondering in which countries you will have access to the roaming service given by T-Mobile, here’s a small list for you: Canada, France, Italy, Japan, China, Peru, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, Philippines, Taiwan, India, and many others. 

T-Mobile doesn’t split their coverage areas, making it easier for people to know if the service that they want to acquire is available or not in the country that they are visiting.

Alternatives for the T-Mobile roaming service

Ok, we have seen that T-Mobile is a pretty complete service no matter what other people can tell about it. But what if is not enough for what people need? 

Well, there are some alternatives that people can rely on. These services have been available for quite some time now, and some others are relatively new options for travelers. Either way, let’s see what we can expect from them.

International SIM Card

SIM cards have been around for quite some time now. Basically, everyone in the world has previously used one, and the good news about it is that people can now use these SIM cards to travel with them and access mobile data and many other benefits.

The good thing about SIM cards is that their coverage range tends to be better than other services, which is what we like the most about it. On the other hand, we recommend using Holafly as your SIM card provider.

International eSIM Card

What can we tell about travel eSIMs? These digital cards have been around for not that long compared to the SIM card, but they have proven to be good enough for people to trust them while traveling.

People won’t have to worry much about when they try to buy one as they are offered by many famous mobile operators in the world, but we highly recommend using the Holafly eSIM card.

Free WiFi

In case that you want to know if Free WiFi is a good option for you or not, we have the answer that you might be looking for. People can use this service for a while, but we don’t recommend completely relying on it for the whole journey.

Don’t get us wrong, it can truly save your life if you don’t have anything else near you to work with. But once you leave the hotspot area, you won’t have any more access to it, which is the downside of the service. 

Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi devices are a traditional solution for travelers. People can rely on them while traveling throughout the world as they offer coverage in almost every single country they go to, which is awesome.

The only downside of using one of these devices is that you will only get mobile data, there are no text messages or phone calls included. Just a little reminder in case that you need to use one of these services while traveling.

How to activate the T-Mobile roaming?

We have come to an end talking about the T-Mobile roaming service. We now know all about its rates, where it works, the different plans that the company offers, but there’s still one big question here. How do people activate the roaming service?

The good thing about the activation process is that people can make it in an easy way. People will only have to send a text message with the following text: #RON# or #ROF#, and it will activate or deactivate the service depending on what they sent.

Opinions about the T-Mobile Roaming

  1. “I have been with T Mobile since I had a Cell phone. The service is good and reliable. I have had no drop call. When I was out of the country in the West Indies, I was able to access my email, make calls and do all the things when I was at Home.”
  2. “T-mobile I have been there first 14 months. It is the best so far. Also we have Apple phones for the last five years. Would not have anything else. We have 12 iPhone Pro. Also 11 Max Pro. We also have the internet and a hotspot we use in our camper.”
  3. “I have tried them, definitely better now that it’s 5g. Still need some work on the wiring. Once you get a 5G phone the internet is faster and does a lot better with less freezing up.”
  4. “Ever since T-Mobile merged with Sprint, NOTHING works right. They used to be great, especially for veterans and anyone traveling to Europe, but I’m about ready to drop them like a steaming pile of something.”
  5. “Horrible Company!!!! Take your money then have to wait 3 months and still going to get money back!!!!”
  6. “I switched to Tmobile service about 2 months ago. Since then, I realized how big a mistake I have made. They double bill me on my credit card.”
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