Sprint Roaming: Rates, Countries and Cheaper alternatives

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All the companies out there in the world try to offer something unique to their clients. Sometimes, people do get the chance to know everything that a company gives, yet, not everything is pretty clear to people. That’s why it’s time to talk about the Sprint roaming service because a lot of people might not know everything about it.

Remember that the roaming service is designed to give people access to the internet while traveling around the world. But what does it offers? Is it unlimited? Will people have to pay more for it? Well, it’s time to know all this and even more about it.

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How does the Sprint roaming work?

Have you heard about Sprint in the past? If not, let us introduce you to one of the newest acquisitions of T-Mobile. People who are customers from Sprint will get access to the roaming service through the T-Mobile plans.

It works just like other similar services. People must choose a plan that has roaming included on it, activate the plan before or while traveling, and that’s it, the roaming will be ready to be used.

Basically, people can choose from three different plans and pick the one that suits them most as they not only vary in price, but also in the benefits that these plans give to users out there.

Other than that, the Sprint roaming has nothing else that people haven’t heard about, only that is quite a good service.

Sprint roaming rates

As we mentioned before, Sprint offers three different plans through the T-Mobile platform. Now they these two companies are one, people can access the roaming through the Magenta, Magenta Plus, and Essentials plans.

Also, we mentioned that there are different prices offered by the company, and it’s time to know more about it.

Sprint mobile data rates

Well, something that can surprise a lot of people is that Sprint basically offers free data on their roaming service. Don’t get us wrong, people will still need to pay for the service, but once the plan is paid, people won’t need to pay more for it.

Plan prices go from 30$ to 47$ per line/month, being the Essentials the cheapest one and the Magenta Plus the most expensive plan. Yet, it is fair to say that the data speed will vary depending on the plan that people are paying for.

Sprint local and international phone calls rates

People might have been surprised that the roaming prices offered by the company were somehow, low. But, on the other hand, people will actually have to pay when they make phone calls.

The rates for each one of the plans offered by Sprint are the same. People will have to pay 0.25$ per minute used while using the roaming, and it won’t matter if they are clients of the Essentials or Magenta Plus plan, as we said, it’s the same for everyone out there.

Sprint text messages rates

Once again, we get to see that Sprint, thanks to its fusion with T-Mobile, is able to give users attractive rates on almost every one of its services.

People will have access to unlimited text messages, it won’t matter the chosen plan, it is the same for each one of them. 

This is something that makes the company to stand out from the competition, so people can rely on them with ease as T-Mobile has proven to be a pretty solid service throughout the years.

Countries in which people can use the Sprint roaming

T-Mobile offers a pretty impressive coverage range in almost every single country from around the world. So far, 210 countries are part of the list.

In this case, we have to say that we are truly surprised because, with that coverage, people can go basically anywhere they want to, and they will still get access to the internet, phone calls, or text messages with Sprint.

In some cases, companies will only offer their service among specific countries, but this is not the case with Sprint since they are part of T-Mobile. Basically, people can enjoy the service and good prices even if they go to the other side of the world.

That being said, we can find in the list countries such as: United States, Canada, UK, Germany, France, China, Japan, Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Philippines, and many others.

They don’t split their coverage areas by zones as all the prices offered by the company are basically the same. There are not actually differences from one country to another.

Alternatives for the Sprint roaming service

In case that you think that the roaming service is a bit complicated for you, or in case that you think that you would like to have a different service, we have great news for you. People can rely on other options that are basically as good as the roaming service.

International SIM Card

Who hasn’t used a SIM card in their lives? From the very first moment that we have a mobile phone, we need to use a SIM card in order to make it work, and how people can use these SIMs to travel.

People can buy these SIM cards once that they reach the country that they want to visit. Or they can buy one on the Holafly website for a quite accessible price.

Internatinal eSIM Card

Similar to the SIM cards, we have eSIMs. The main difference? We are talking about a card that is digital and won’t compromise the way that we use our main SIM card at all.

People can easily buy one of these with their mobile operators, or they can go for the Holafly eSIM card. Both options are good and will fulfill users’ expectations.

Free WiFi

We know that WiFi is always there to save our lives. But, there’s one issue with it. People must always be near the hotspot area or it will simply not work at all, and that’s where it makes it a not-so-reliable option for travelers.

Yet, people can use Free WiFis every once in a while. Who knows, you might need to send a WhatsApp message and you have a WiFi hotspot near you, and it will definitely be useful.

Pocket WiFi

Have you heard about Pocket WiFis in the past? If you haven’t then this is the right time for you to learn about them.

These small devices are designed for people to use while traveling wherever they want to. It will give people unlimited mobile data for as long as they rent it, and we are talking quite seriously.

How to activate the Sprint roaming?

Ok, so far we have talked about alternatives to the Sprint roaming, about the Sprint roaming rates, and even the Sprint roaming coverage. But, how do I activate this service on my phone?

Well, you might be surprised that the activation process is quite simple to follow and basically everyone can do it. If you are a Sprint, or T-Mobile user, you will only need to send make a phone call with the following text #RON# or #ROF#, and that’s it! Roaming will be activated.

Opinions about the Sprint Roaming

  1. “Excellent service-despite the T Mobile merger. I have had a great experience using the chat as well as speaking”
  2. “Sprint has always stood by me in financial assistance as well as, keeping my phone repaired when needed.”
  3. “I feel that the customer service representatives are very informative. They try to help you resolve the issue without any pressure.”
  4. “I was tricked. I feel extremely frustrated that I can’t do anything about it. Horrible. The service is horrible. Everything is very bad.”
  5. “I have been a Sprint customer 10+ years without any issues until the T-Mobile merge which has been nothing but disappointing.”
  6. “The service itself is terrible – did you know that you can’t use the internet on your phone and make a phone call at the same time?”
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