Orange SIM card: how to acquire and activate it?

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If you have just arrived in Spain and you want to buy an Orange SIM card to connect to the internet during your trip, or if you are a resident and you want a SIM card, in this article, we are going to tell you what need to know about how to buy, activate and top up your Orange SIM card.

From the prices to the main top up stations, keep reading this article to learn all about Orange and its SIM card.


What is Orange?

It is one of the biggest carriers in Spain, much like Vodafone, which is in first place among the largest operators in Spain and other countries in Europe.

Orange is popular because of offering such great coverage, having their own networks, and being one of the fastest providers available. It is also one of the operators that offer an eSIM card for their customers.

Where can I acquire one?

You can get this SIM card in many places, some of them are physical stores, like the ones of Orange, or related stores like The Phone House. Keep in mind that you can also buy your Orange SIM card through online stores like Amazon, eBay, or the Orange official website.

Depending on where you make the purchase, the price will be higher or lower. Also, you have to consider that if you want to buy it in a physical store, you have to go during their available hours.

How to acquire my Orange SIM card from their website?

To achieve this you only have to visit their online store, go to the “I’m not a customer” section, then to “prices” and then to “prepaid prices”. You have to take into account that the payment methods are Credit or Debit card, and PayPal.

Also, during the purchasing process, you will have to provide some information like your address, passport or ID, cellphone number, and email. The price of the SIM card is €5, and it includes €5 of the balance. You can also buy a SIM card with an additional data plan, which will change the price.

Also, if you are not sure about getting a SIM card this way, you can buy an eSIM card with cellular data for Spain and Europe on other virtual stores, such as Holafly.

Buying on websites like Amazon, or eBay

Buying a SIM card on non-official stores like Amazon or eBay is a little bit easier because you don’t have to provide too much information. Nonetheless, the SIM cards that you can find on these websites have a data plan included, which makes the price go up. But you can also find Orange SIM cards for €5 with €5 of available balance.

The price of the additional data plans goes from €6 to €30, depending on how much cellular data you want. To make the purchase, you need to have an Amazon or eBay account.

Buying at official stores

Buying from an official store is one of the easiest ways to obtain an Orange SIM card because all you have to do is to go to a physical store, and ask for a SIM card. Once there, the seller who is with you will carry out the SIM activation. Remember to take with you your ID or passport to complete the purchase. These stores are open from Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 9 PM. On Fridays, they are open from 10 AM to 4 PM, and on weekends they are open from 12 PM to 9 PM.

These stores are usually located in malls and at the airport, and the prices are the same as you can find on the official Website, a SIM card for €5 with €5 of balance.

Acquire a SIM card at stores like The Phone House

If you don’t want to go to an official store, you can buy the SIM card at stores like The Phone House. To make the purchase here you don’t need to have any ID with you, you just have to go to the store and buy your Orange SIM card.

These stores cannot activate the SIM card right after you buy it, so you will have to do it when you arrive back home or where you’re staying. They also sell Orange SIM cards with no data plan. The price is the same, €5 with €5 of included balance.

Buying the Orange SIM card at the airport

If you just arrived in Spain and you want to connect to the internet, we recommend you acquire a SIM card with cellular data for Spain, to connect to the internet as soon as possible. You can also buy a virtual SIM card for Spain if you need to connect immediately.

Finding an Orange store at the airport may be difficult because it is not open all the time and they are not very close by, they are usually 10 to 15 minutes away.

How much does the Orange SIM card cost?

The price of the physical SIM card from this provider does not depend on where you buy it, because most places offer this product for the same price. Despite that, the price of the SIM card may vary depending on the amount of cellular data you need.

SIM card with no balance

The price of the Orange SIM card is €5, but as we told you before, it comes with €5 balance. However, it is not that much if you compare it with other cellular data plans.

How do I activate the SIM card?

It is very simple; you can do it on the official website or through their cellphone app My Orange. Once there you enter your username and password. Then you will have to follow some steps. Remember to have your ID or passport with you.

How do I top up minutes, cellular data, and calls?

You can add and top up your minutes or cellular data in the “I’m a customer” section. Remember that the amount that you want to top up has to be in multiples of 5, like 10, 15…for example.

All-inclusive plans

These plans have cellular data, minutes, and SMS.

Cellular dataCallsPriceDays
10GBUnlimited€1030 days
20GBUnlimited€1530 days
35GBUnlimited€2030 days
7GB0 cents per minute€930 days
0GB6 cents per minute€0For consumption

Compatibility of the Orange SIM card with your cellphone

It is very important to make sure that your cellphone can support the SIM card you buy. Because if it is incompatible, you won’t be able to use the SIM card.  

Which size is the Orange SIM card?

The Orange SIM card comes in three sizes, the traditional SIM card, which is used in old cellphones, the Micro SIM used in modern devices, and the Nano SIM, used in almost all new cellphones.

What network frequencies does Orange use?

Make sure that the network frequencies available in Spain are the same as your cellphone uses because if they are not the same you won’t be able to use your Orange SIM card.

2G1800, 900
3G2100, 900
4G800, 900, 2600, 1800, 2100
5G2100, 3500

How is the coverage of the Orange network in Spain?

Orange has cellular coverage that reaches 99% of all Spanish territory, so you won’t have to worry about this providers coverage.

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