Best Germany Data SIM Card: Price and which one to buy?

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Germany is an exciting country that’s definitely worth visiting in Europe. Whether you choose to go to Berlin, Cologne, or Stuttgart, or even visit the football stadiums, such as the Allianz Arena or the Signal Iduna Park, this is an experience that you will treasure forever. How better to safely share this adventure than to share with friends and family in real time! In this case, you will need a Germany SIM Card to keep in touch with everyone.

Therefore, you need all the information available on a data SIM Card for Germany, how you can buy one, and where you can get it. That’s why here, we will tell you everything you need to know so that you can be prepared before your journey in Germany begins.


Where can I buy a German SIM Card?

If you are thinking about traveling to Germany, you need to know about all the available ways to buy a SIM Card. When going to Europe, the first thing you need to know is that there are many options available for you to buy one.

Travelers can arrive at the Berlin Airport or Munich Airport and quickly buy a SIM Card, as there are many options available there. Tourists will find stores, but these won’t be available only at the airport; people will surely see some cellular stores where they can buy these cards.

Also, there are some options to buy a Germany SIM Card before you arrive. Back then, among the options available Holafly, was one of the main alternatives to get a SIM card for travelers, but their service has improved now thanks to their eSIM.

Buy a Germany eSIM online

Of course, in the end, you’re the one who makes the final decision, but let’s take a look at when we can expect if we choose to buy before or after reaching Germany.

Buying the Germany SIM Card before traveling

  1. You know exactly how much you have left for your travels: Knowing how much money you have left for your trip is essential. Whether you want to spend it on a hotel, visiting a different city in Germany, or simply don’t want to spend more than you should. Buying beforehand will always give you the peace of mind that you will always know how much money you will have for the trip.
  2. You can take advantage of the extra time: No matter if you stay two days or a week, chances are that you want to spend all that time visiting the city in which you will stay. If you choose to buy your Germany SIM Card before traveling, you won’t have to spend time looking for a store to buy; all you have to do is enjoy.
  3. Worried about connection upon arrival? Have no fear: Every time you visit a new country, a stable and reliable connection is always on the top of your mind, whether you need to text a close friend or relative or simply use the map on your phone. For both tasks, you will need internet, so why not have it before arriving at your destination?
  4. You will get to pick the best option available for your phone: Technology is not the same everywhere we go. In Europe, things are a bit more advanced, so people that choose to buy their SIM cards before traveling will know whether their phone is compatible with it or not. 

Buying the SIM Card while in Germany

  1. While looking for the SIM Card, you can get to know more about the city you’re staying in: Shopping is always something fun to do, no doubt about it. You can use this to your advantage because, while looking for your SIM Card, you can visit more places like museums, restaurants, tourist hotspots and more! The chances are that you will get to see some parks, museums, malls, and more!
  2. People might come across an offer from a cellular company: When shopping in-store, people can find offers or extra benefits when buying a SIM Card. This won’t be available in instances so, so it might be a good idea to consider.
  3. People can try the SIM before buying it to see if it is compatible with their cellular: There is not much to say here. In Europe, cellular technology has a few more notches than in Latin America; for example, buying directly in a physical store will allow users to see whether their phone is compatible or not with a German SIM Card.
  4. Complaints can be made directly in person: You won’t get the chance to file a complaint if you buy the SIM Card from an online store. We hope that you don’t have any issue with it, but if it happens, you can go to the store and talk to someone in charge about what’s happening.

Cellular carriers available to buy a SIM Card in Germany

Just like it happens in many different countries, Germany is a country with plenty of cellular operators available for its people and travelers. Therefore, people should know which one is the best company for them, just in case they need to buy their SIM Card while in the country.

One of the most reliable options is O2, a company that is available throughout Europe and has coverage in Germany. Its price is not high, and the benefits are pretty good, especially for a traveler.

Another option is Orange. The French company operates in Germany as well, so people can count on them in case they are looking for a non-expensive SIM Card for their trip.

Deutsche Telekom is a German company dedicated to telecommunications, and it is one of the most important ones in that country. The price is quite similar to what other companies offer, so people can choose them if they don’t have any other option available. 

eSIM Card for Germany, a new alternative

eSIM Cards are a new consumer tech trend, so if you haven’t heard about it, that’s ok. These cards were designed to be used as digital SIM Card without changing the one they already own and still get all the perks and benefits that a regular SIM provides. 

Also, eSIMs are the perfect option for travelers. People can choose their destination and buy an eSIM that will work during the days that they will stay in Germany, in this case, for an affordable price and overall excellent benefits.

Requirements to buy an eSIM

  • People can buy the eSIM Card by only having a valid physical address to make the purchase through an online store.
  • Most of these online stores accept payments through Google Pay, PayPal, or credit card, so it’s a must to have at least one of these.
  • Before purchasing it, people must select their destination country to get the right eSIM or data plan.

Pros and Cons about the eSIM for Germany

  • Price will depend on the plan that you want to choose, yet, you can still save some money by choosing one of these cards.
  • The eSIM mostly grants 4G speed when using it, but in case someone passes the data limit, they will keep 2G speed until they leave the country.
  • Buying an eSIM can be done in every single country of the world in a matter of minutes!
  • People can share their cellular data with family and friends.
  • The eSIM will not erase the information that is stored on the SIM Card, in case people have them both. 
  • People can make phone calls using the Holafly eSIM as it includes a phone number that travelers can use whenever they need.

Luckily, we can only tell two negative aspects about the service offered with the eSIM:

  • The cellular data available for consumption is limited.
  • Only new-gen cellphones and smartwatches are available to use an eSIM.

How much does the eSIM for Germany cost?

Days of use Available Cellular DataPrice (USD)
5 Days Unlimited Data$19
7 DaysUnlimited Data$27
10 DaysUnlimited Data$34
30 DaysUnlimited Data$64
60 DaysUnlimited Data$87
Prices for the Holafly eSIM for Germany.

Frequently Asked Question about the data SIM Card for Germany

What other options offer me internet in Germany?

People can rely on free WiFi while in Germany, yet, we recommend getting an eSIM or a Pocket WiFi as an alternative to a SIM Card.

What do I need to know to choose the best SIM card with data for Germany?

Users must focus mostly on two things: Price and what it offers. If the price is relatively low with good benefits, go for it. Also, you should be aware of the fine print in the contract, in case you need to sign one.

How much does Roaming cost in Germany?

This will depend on your cellular operator. In most cases, roaming costs start at 3 euros, and can cost up to 15 euros per GB.

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