Roaming Germany: T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, O2

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Germany is, for most people, a country that is worth visiting. To every corner that you take a look at, you will see amazing historic buildings and powerful history behind them. Also, some of their traditions are quite amazing, like Oktoberfest, and people don’t truly want to miss them. So if you are planning to go there, don’t forget to take your roaming Germany service with you.

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You will stay connected wherever you go, but you need to know more about it to know what exactly you are going into!


Price comparison between the different USA mobile operators

USA Mobile OperatorRoaming Price 
T-Mobile30$ (Essentials) – 40$ (Magenta) – 47$ (Magenta Extra)
Verizon10$/per day (Europe) – 100$ (International Monthly Pass)
AT&T10$/day (International Pass) – 15$ (International Calling Plan)
Table 1. Price comparison between the different American mobile operators

Price comparison between the different UK mobile operators

UK Mobile OperatorRoaming Price 
O23.5£/per GB 
Three2£/per roaming day
VodafoneNo extra cost for European countries
Table 2. Price comparison between the different UK mobile operators

Roaming alternatives for Germany: Options to save some extra money 

Doesn’t roaming sound good to you? That’s ok; the good thing for you is that there are some other options that you can rely on.  For example, people can rely on eSIMs and SIM cards, as well as on Pocket WiFis and free WiFi networks.

These options are available almost everywhere people go, and Germany is not the exception to that rule, so let’s see.

eSIM card for Germany

eSIM cards for Germany are becoming more and more important to people out there. These digital cards can be used with ease on different devices, and they can give people all the internet connections that they might need. Sounds interesting, no? Well, in case you need one, you can use the eSIM from Holafly, a pretty good option for travelers.

But, what’s the good part of using an eSIM? You might be surprised, so let’s see a bit more of this to convince you:

  1. People can share their mobile data with up to 5 different devices.
  2. Has better coverage than other similar services.
  3. People will get customer support 24/7.
  4. The price of the eSIMs is pretty accessible. 
  5. The Holafly eSIM allows you to make phone calls. Other carriers don’t allow this feature.

SIM Cards for traveling to Germany

As surprising as it might sound, international SIM cards for Germany are actually a good alternative for travelers. People can use these traditional cards, and they will get an internet connection, access to phone calls, and more. And the best thing is that you can buy them while reaching Germany, in Berlin or Munich airport, for example.

Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFis are devices that became pretty famous a few years ago. These devices allow users to travel throughout the whole world and get an internet connection with ease, which is pretty amazing, leaving the roaming Germany service aside.

People can easily rent one of these devices from different companies, and they can even receive them at the door of their houses. Yet, prices are pretty high and that can be a lowdown for a lot of people.

Free WiFi

A country such as Germany will surely have some free WiFi networks out there. But, let’s be honest, it might be annoying for people to rely on them. In case you want to do it, remember that you will only get an internet connection as long as you are connected to one of them. 

In case you want to give it a try, try using the WinMan, Avast Wi-Fi Finder, or the WiFi Map app to make things easier.

Details of Roaming services offered by the most popular mobile operators in the U.S

Now, the time has come to talk more about what people truly want to know more about. Let’s see what all these services offer and what we can expect from them.

T-Mobile Roaming Germany service

T-Mobile has decided to keep things simple for its clients. People will only need to choose a plan from the company, and they will get access to the roaming service. Of course, each plan has different benefits.

People should get the Essentials Plan in case they want a basic service, the Magenta Plan for an intermediate service, or the Magenta Plus Plan for the premium T-Mobile service.

Verizon Roaming Germany service

People who are clients of Verizon will also get things quite easy when it comes to roaming. They only offer two plans, which is pretty good. The International Travel Pass costs 10$ per day, and it gives people access to their local data allowance.

On the other hand, the International Monthly Plan costs 100$ per month but is quite a complete service for more demanding customers. 

AT&T Roaming Germany Service

Just like we saw with Verizon, AT&T also offers only two plans to its customers. People can choose from a basic international phone call plan which costs 15$ per line acquired, or they can go for the International Pass, which costs 10$ per day but gives access to unlimited high-speed data, which is what most people need.

Details of Roaming services offered by the most popular mobile operators in the UK

Enough talking about what people can find on the U.S mobile operators; it’s time to know more about the UK operators and what they offer to their clients.

O2 Roaming Germany service

O2 is one of the most famous services in the UK. For people, they can rely on their roaming service, which costs only 3.5£ per day, which is one of the cheapest services in the world.

Three Roaming Germany service

Three is also a pretty important company that is found in Europe. People who are clients from it can access a pretty cheap service of roaming, which only costs 2£ per day.

Vodafone Roaming

Now, it’s time to talk about Vodafone and its, basically, incredible service. People who are part of the Xtra Airtime Plan will not have to pay a cent while they are roaming Germany, which is great, and it makes it a pretty solid service.

How to activate roaming with the different mobile operators in the USA

Now that we have talked about how people can rely on these services and what they offer, it’s time for people to see how they are activated.

T-Mobile roaming activation

T-Mobile decided to keep things simple, as people will only need to make a phone call to activate or deactivate the service. With the #RON# and #ROF#, you make the phone call, and that’s it!

Verizon roaming activation

With Verizon, things are different yet simple. People only need to go to their “Settings”, get to the “Mobile Data” option, and click on the “Roaming” option to activate or deactivate the service. 

AT&T roaming activation

Now time to talk with AT&T. They have a pretty similar service to Verizon, so people will need to go to “Settings,” click on “Mobile Data,” and then on the “Roaming” option, and that’s it!

How to activate roaming with the different mobile operators in the UK

Now it’s time to talk about the UK mobile operators to finish off with all the things that people must know about it. 

O2 roaming activation

With O2, people will only need to send a text message with the text O2TRAVEL to 23336, and that’s it; the roaming service is activated! 

Three roaming activation

Three takes us back to the manual activation. Just like it happened before, people will need to go to “Settings”, click on the “Mobile Data” option, and then press on the “Roaming” option to activate or deactivate the service. 

Vodafone roaming activation

To finish things off, let’s talk about Vodafone. People must log in to their Vodafone account and activate the “International Roaming” service, or they can make a phone call to 199 in order for a customer agent to activate the roaming. 

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