Top 5 Best travel SIM cards for the USA in 2023

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You may think there are few options for tourists, but nowadays, being connected abroad and using your phone in the USA is more accessible for visitors! For this reason, we will tell you about the five best travel SIM cards for the USA in 2023. You can compare them, considering their coverage, connection speed, prices, and available plans, so choosing the right one is more effortless.

Although there are other alternatives, such as roaming services or renting pocket WiFi, these are usually more expensive and very impractical. This makes the SIM card for USA travel an excellent option for improving a lot in these aspects! There are even virtual solutions, such as digital SIM cards, with which the installation process is much faster.


How can I buy a travel SIM Cards for the USA?

Customers can buy an International SIM card through different methods. Nowadays, purchasing through online stores has become popular. Even for regular SIM cards, it has become one of the go-to methods as many carriers offer this product and delivery service through their websites.

But there are other methods to keep in mind. Some people can get a SIM card when they reach the airport, as there are various stores from different cellular companies. Locally you may find more data plans for residents than for tourists, plus finding a physical store in a country you don’t know always takes time.

Something to remember is that these methods have pros and cons. For example, buying a travel SIM card USA through an online store can be cheaper than buying in person, but getting it can be an issue for international shipping and being able to receive it at your address. 

When you think about these situations and get to know the virtual SIM card for the USA, you realize that having a digital alternative you can receive immediately and with even better offers than local operators is the right choice! However, you will be able to compare all the options yourself.

Local and international alternatives for travel SIM cards USA

Now that we know how to buy a SIM card for your trip to the USA, it is time to discuss which providers you can use as a tourist. We will mention some local carriers and online stores with international coverage in the USA.

AT&T tourist SIM card 

AT&T building advertising
AT&T building advertising. Source: Unsplash.

It is one of the first and largest mobile operators in the country. Although their services are focused on citizens, you can buy SIM cards for tourists with them. Among visitor options, we have plans with data to navigate and unlimited calls and texts locally. It is also possible to rollover to use your package the next month if you renew it. Some packages are:

Verizon SIM card with data

best SIM Cards USA
Phone using Verizon SIM card. Source: Unsplash.

Another famous American operator is Verizon which, since 2000, has had communication networks for its customers. It currently offers services for visitors with a 5G connection in most of the territory. It offers in each of the options unlimited texts and calls locally. The SIM card for tourists can include any of these options:

Ultra mobile SIM card for travelers 

best SIM Cards USA
Ultra Mobile SIM card. Source: Amazon.

This company operates in the USA thanks to the T-Mobile network and has a service called Ultra Tourist SIM card only for visitors in the territory. In addition to this plan, it has other services aimed at citizens and is one of the operators with the best customer service.  As for its package for foreigners:

  • Ultra Mobile tourist SIM kit 3 GB at 5G and unlimited data at 4G for $30/Three weeks

Holafly virtual SIM card for travel to the USA 

Holalfy home website
Holafly home website. Source: Holafly.

This is the first online store we will talk about, and it has a digital SIM card for travel to the USA with unlimited data. The difference between these and physical SIM cards is that you need a phone compatible with the technology and an email to receive your QR to activate your service. As long as you can use this alternative, it is one of the best options for tourists ease of purchase, security, and good coverage in the country. We will see the available plans.

  • Holafly virtual SIM card with unlimited data at 4G LTE for $19/Five days
  • Holafly virtual SIM card with unlimited data at 4G LTE for $27/Seven days
  • Holafly virtual SIM card with unlimited data at 4G LTE for $34/Ten days
  • Holafly virtual SIM card with unlimited data at 4G LTE for $47/Fifteen days
  • Holafly virtual SIM card with unlimited data at 4G LTE for $54/Twenty days
  • Holafly virtual SIM card with unlimited data at 4G LTE for $64/Month
  • Holafly virtual SIM card with unlimited data at 4G LTE for $87/Two months
  • Holafly virtual SIM card with unlimited data at 4G LTE for $99/Three months

Orange international SIM card for the USA

best SIM Cards USA
Orange SIM card. Source: Amazon.

If you are a European citizen and want to travel to the USA while staying connected, you have probably heard of the Orange Holiday SIM card. This service is aimed at people traveling from Europe to other destinations in the continent or outside of it. In the case of the USA, they have a travel SIM card that you can purchase as a physical or virtual SIM, according to your preference. The package included with the SIM card offers data to navigate and even share with other devices.

  • Orange Holiday USA with 10 GB at 4G LTE for $33/ fourteen days. 

Comparative table of providers for travel SIM cards USA

To give you a complete picture, we will look at all the plans mentioned above, comparing prices, days of use, connection speed, and the amount of data they offer.

Company Amount of dataSpeedDays of usePrice
AT&T 5 GB to unlimited4G/5G30 days30$-65$
Verizon 15 GB to unlimited4G/5G30 days45$-70$
Ultra Mobile3 GB (Unlimited at 4G)4G/5G21 days30$
HolaflyUnlimited data4G LTE5 to 90 days19$-99$
Orange10 GB4G LTE14 days33$
Table N°1 Comparative between providers for USA travel SIM card.

How to choose the best SIM card with data for USA?

Choosing the best tourist SIM card for the USA may seem like a matter of taste and how familiar a brand or company may seem to you. However, when we look at specific points such as coverage, speed, accessibility, or even payment methods that each option has, it may lead us to consider one store over another. 

For this reason, before making a decision, we recommend you check some features that most users consider essential:

  • Amount of data: Always choose an option with a good amount of data so you won’t be surprised to be without internet abroad. There are unlimited data options for visitors.
  • Coverage and speed: These two factors directly affect the user experience, choose a SIM card with coverage in the city you are visiting and with at least a 4G connection.
  • Accessibility: Try to check if you can buy as a tourist. Some providers may have SIM cards only for citizens or a few plans for travelers. Online stores usually have more offers when you are a foreigner. 
  • Payment methods: It is essential when traveling because some providers may only accept local currency. Online stores tend to have more payment options for international customers.

What is the Best SIM Card for travel to the USA?

It is time to answer the most crucial question, what is the best option for tourists? Ideally, a SIM card for travel to the USA unites all the benefits in a single service and allows us to use our phone as we would at home without paying much. Holafly’s virtual SIM cards for the USA are an example of this, making them more and more the choice of travelers worldwide.

What is the best price?

Starting at $19 and with unlimited data Holafly has an excellent price for the service. Ultra mobile and AT&T have $30 options, but in both cases, unlimited data is not included.

Which one offers more cellular data?

Several carriers offer unlimited data, such as AT&T, Verizon, Ultra Mobile, and Holafly. However, the only one with this advantage in all available plans is Holafly, so no matter which one you choose, you will always have internet during your trip.

What is the most complete SIM Card?

Local options such as AT&T and Verizon are usually more complete because they offer calling and texting along with the data plan. Likewise, with Holafly’s virtual SIM card, with unlimited data, you can use applications to calling or instant message at all times.

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