Top 5 Best SIM Cards for travel to the US in 2023

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The United States is surely a place worth visiting for many people out there. No one can deny that there are many things to do there, and it’s a unique experience for people to adventure. Therefore, having the chance to stay in contact or connected is surely one of the best things to do, so let’s discuss the 5 best SIM cards for the USA, so you can use your cellphone in the United States and always be connected.

This is quite important, as other options due to roaming services are too expensive, such as Pocket WiFi devices for the United States.

Where can I buy a SIM Card for the United States?

Customers can buy an International SIM card through different methods. Nowadays, buying through online stores has become popular. Even for regular SIM cards, it has become one of the most go-to methods as many carriers offer this product and delivery service through their websites.

But there are other methods to keep in mind. Some people can get a SIM card as soon as they reach the airport, as there is a variety of stores from different cellular companies there.

And, we can’t forget about the easiest way of getting a SIM card. This is through physical stores that people can find while traveling and getting to know more about the country. 

Something to remember is that these methods have pros and cons. For example, buying a SIM card through an online store can be cheaper than buying in person, but actually getting it can be an issue. 

Through the other options, people might not be able to get a SIM card because they’re offered only to residents or citizens. But, the pro here is that it is far easier to get than other options. 

What is the Best SIM Card for the US?

Nowadays, many companies are offering SIM card services in the USA and worldwide. Here’s when a big question comes to people’s minds, which option is best for travelers?

Of course, there are many things to worry about when traveling, and having access to a proper cellular service is one of them. Also, people have to keep in mind that they would like to use a service on their budget.

Choosing the best SIM cards USA can be something hard to do, but, of course, it is not impossible. There are some basic aspects these SIM cards would need to have, so let’s talk a bit more about them.

  • These SIM cards are easy to get through different methods.
  • The service offered should have enough benefits for users throughout their journey.
  • SIM cards should be able to use the different networks of the country that travelers are visiting.
  • If bought with a cellular carrier company, it should offer different plans adapted to individual travel plans.
T-Mobile’s coverage map in the USA Source: GSMA

Now that we have additional information regarding coverage, we have to elaborate on each one of the SIM cards available for travelers to use in the USA. Because there are many options, we will talk about them along with the details people have to know.

Here, the operators you will see are Holafly, T-Mobile, AT&T, Orange, and Three. 

1. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is a local cellular provider which has been operating in the United States for quite some time now. Nowadays, their service is one of the most popular among citizens of the United States, and the network coverage is quite good.

Now, when talking about this service for travelers, it is not as easy to get it as people might think. As the service targets citizens, they only have physical stores all around the country, and there are no other ways to get the SIM card.

2. AT&T

As it happens with T-Mobile, AT&T is also another of the best options to consider in the United States. This service is mostly focused on providing local citizens a cellular connection service while being in the United States.

The downside comes when we talk about getting a SIM card because it is a little hard to get one as a tourist. So keep that in mind because other than that, the cellular coverage they offer is pretty good, and people won’t have to worry much while being there and using this service.

3. Verizon

The Verizon SIM card is a suitable option, but it can be a little expensive for a tourist. This SIM card is easy to get in Verizon stores around the United States. With them, you can also buy a data plan to use the internet in the US, but it usually costs $50 USD/month.

We recommend that you check if your phone is compatible with this local operator in the US before buying a SIM card and verify if the SIM card that you will buy is for 5G or 4G because if you buy a 5G SIM card and your cellphone only supports 4G, the SIM will not work on your cellphone.

4. Three

Three is a well-known service provider in the UK, and now they have extended their service to other countries. Nowadays, the USA is part of the countries where customers can use the service they offer, making things easier for travelers from the United Kingdom for their vacations.

As we could expect, the downside here is that the SIM card can only be bought in the UK, not in other countries. This limits people when they try to get one, but other than that, we can tell that the coverage is pretty decent, and users won’t have to worry much about not being able to contact friends and family.

5. Orange

Orange is another alternative for people who are traveling to the US from Europe. This cellular operator company is among the ones that now offer SIM cards for traveling as well. The good thing about them is that it is easy to get a SIM card, while being in Europe.

Therefore, we can already see which one is the downside about using it because if you are far from Europe, things will get a bit hard. Other than that, given that this provider connects to the network from the main providers in the USA, users will have a good internet connection while using their SIM cards.

Virtual SIM card for the USA

The Holafly virtual SIM card is one of the best options for digital nomads to consider. This virtual SIM card is easy to get and can be bought through their website in seconds. Also, it can be used in different countries worldwide!

In the United States, users can get a virtual SIM card with unlimited data without signing a contract! The only disadvantage is that not all the cellphones are compatible with virtual SIM cards, so you must check before buying if your cellphone supports virtual SIMs.

What is the best price?

Here comes one of the most difficult questions to answer. There are many options out there for people to use, as we can see. But, let’s be honest, travelers will always try to save as much money as possible. 

This is something normal, especially for travelers who want the best SIM cards USA. AT&T is one of the most reliable options among the ones we just talked about. They have unlimited data from $50 USD, but if you are a student, you can save $10 USD. With AT&T, you will also have unlimited talk, text and data in and between Mexico and Canada.

The only bad thing here is you will have to pay for a monthly plan, and even sign a subscription contract, things might not be as easy as someone would want.

On the other hand, if your cellphone is compatible with a virtual SIM card the best option is the Holafly virtual SIM for the USA, you can buy it in seconds through their online store, and they offer unlimited data from $19 USD.

Which one offers more cellular data?

If we want peace of mind while traveling, having more data is surely the solution for us. That way, staying in contacting with other people won’t be much of a problem, but it can cost more.

In some cases, travelers can get SIM cards for about 29 to 49 USD but with only 10 GB of cellular data included for a whole month, and if you want a plan with unlimited data, you must buy a plan for 50 USD or more. But that’s not something that happens with the Virtual SIM card from Holafly.

With Holafly, you can have unlimited data starting 5 days until 90 days, from 19 USD to 99 USD. You just need a compatible cellphone.

What is the most complete SIM Card?

As we can tell, not all the SIM cards will be as complete as we might think they are. Travelers will worry about how much the best SIM cards in the USA will cost them and how much it can help them stay connected.

It’s not surprising to worry about, but we have the answer here. If we compare the price/benefits of the different SIM cards we talked about, Holafly comes in first place again

Compared to the other options, they offer users unlimited data plans, different payment methods, and better coverage due to the cellular network they use inside the United States. 

Which SIM card is the most affordable?

Talking about the price of a SIM card is critical too. Some people travel with a limited budget, or they might want to spend more money on other stuff. 

Again, we have to mention Holafly first. As they have a wide variety of data plans to offer, it makes things easier for travelers. And, as the prices they offer low prices starting at $19, it makes it accessible for more people.

And, once more, if we compare the price and benefits ratio, we can tell why it is the best option here. But if your cellphone is incompatible with Virtual SIM cards, we recommend buying a SIM card from AT&T or T-Mobile since they are the main operators in the United States and have the best coverage in the country. Holafly uses the AT&T and T-Mobile networks in the US.

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