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If your next travel destination is the USA, and you are looking for the best way to connect to the internet while you are in this country, then we invite you to keep reading! Throughout this article, we will be telling you everything you need to know about how to get one of the AT&T unlimited data plan. With these, you won’t have to worry about running out of cellular data during your trip. 

We know that not many people are familiar with unlimited data plans. That is why we will be telling you what unlimited data plans are, the limitations that you may encounter, and of course, how to get one of these plans with one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, that is, AT&T. Additionally, we will also tell you a little bit about the new eSIM. The perfect alternative to having an internet connection in a matter of minutes. Let’s get started!


What is unlimited data?

Surely, it has happened to you that you are using the internet on your device, and suddenly, you run out of data on your plan. So, you have to top up your phone to continue enjoying the internet connection. Well, this ends with the new unlimited data plans. Many cellular providers have opted to offer their users plans with which they can surf the internet without limits.

Likewise, many companies also offer unlimited data plans for specific applications. For example, for some streaming applications such as Netflix or HBO Max or for social networking applications. This allows customers to use those apps that consume a lot of mobile data without worrying about suddenly running out of data. 

Is unlimited data really unlimited?

One of the main concerns that many users have about those plans that offer unlimited data is if it will actually be unlimited, no matter how much data they consume. 

While you can always have an internet connection when using one of these plans, most companies have consumption policies.  This means that if you currently have an unlimited data plan, and you exceed a certain data threshold at the highest connection speed, then your internet speed may decrease. So, before purchasing any unlimited data plan, we recommend that you check the usage policies of the provider. So that you are aware of any limitations you may have. 

How to get unlimited data with AT&T in the USA

AT&T currently offers a number of plans, including those that offer unlimited data. As a tourist, you will be able to purchase those plans that are prepaid because, with these, you will not sign up for any subscription contract, annual contract or credit check.

To purchase one of AT&T’s unlimited data plans, you will first need to purchase a prepaid SIM card or eSIM from the company. You can do this through one of their physical stores. Through their online site or through certified providers, such as Best Buy. 

After getting the AT&T prepaid SIM card or eSIM, you can add one of the unlimited data plans through MyAT&T. And you will start enjoying the benefits of the purchased plan. Later we will explain in detail the unlimited data plans that AT&T offers and that you, as a tourist, can buy. 

AT&T SIM card

This company offers prepaid and postpaid SIM cards. However, as a tourist, you will only be able to get a prepaid SIM card, with which there will be no need to sign a contract. This can be purchased through an AT&T physical store, ordered online, or purchased from a local retailer.

If you purchase one through a physical store, it will usually be priced at $4.99. However, through the website, it is free. Remember that once you purchase a prepaid SIM card, you will be able to log into MyAT&T and set up the unlimited data plan you want to get. 

Finally, remember that in order to use one of these prepaid SIM cards in the United States, your cellphone must be unlocked. That is, it must be able to work with different carriers than the one in your country. 


On the other hand, if you currently have an eSIM-compatible cellphone and prefer to use this type of service, then with AT&T, you will also be able to do so. You will simply need to visit an AT&T physical store to purchase it, where you will be given all the information to activate it on your device. 

As with the prepaid SIM card, after purchasing an eSIM, you will need to add the prepaid data plan that you will be using with the virtual SIM card. This can be done through the AT&T website. Also, it is recommended that if you only use the plan for one month, make sure you don’t have the autopay option activated. 

How much does an unlimited data plan from AT&T cost?

We’ve come to the information you’ve probably been waiting for. With AT&T, you can purchase different plans that offer unlimited services. However, the only one you can really enjoy unlimited data with is the AT&T prepaid Unlimited, which is priced at $65 per month. With this plan, you can also enjoy unlimited talk time and text messaging. 

The cellular carrier also offers other plans that, after the amount of high-speed data offered is used, the speed will slow to a max of 128 Kbps for the rest of the plan term.

Unlimited data plan in the USA with an International eSIM carrier.

If you consider that buying one of AT&T’s services is not your best option. Then it is time to discuss the best alternative we recommend. With which you can also enjoy unlimited data during your trip without the need to buy in person at a physical store, pay for a monthly plan or sign any contract. 

We are talking about the International eSIM that you can purchase through online stores. Nowadays, many travelers decide to buy their internet services for trips through an online store. As it allows them to choose between different options, purchase from anywhere in the world, and, best of all, have an internet connection instantly upon arrival at their destination. 

Here we will talk about how you can purchase an eSIM with Holafly. An online store that has been gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. Read on to find out more!


unlimited data esim usa holafly store
Holafly unlimited data eSIM for the USA.

This is one of the most recognized online stores today, which specializes in offering eSIMs with data plans for numerous destinations around the world, including the United States. With Holafly’s eSIM for the United States, you can enjoy plenty of benefits. Including, of course, unlimited data usage on all the different plan subtypes, ranging from 5 days to 90 days, and excellent pricing on each option. 

Also, if you buy one of Holafly’s eSIMs, you will enjoy 24-hour customer service in different languages. An easy purchase process through their website, different payment methods, and more! 

However, remember that before purchasing an eSIM, it is very important that you confirm that your smartphone is compatible with eSIM technology. You can verify it through this list of devices that support eSIM. 

FAQ about Unlimited Data Plans

Thank you for reading our article. We hope the information has been helpful, and that you can choose the best alternative to have an internet connection during your trip. Finally, we will leave you some answers to frequently asked questions related to unlimited data plans. 

Why is my unlimited data so slow?

If you have purchased an unlimited data plan, and suddenly, your internet speed has been slowing down, this can be due to two reasons: You’re in an area with poor coverage. Or that you have been subject to a company’s fair usage policy.

Is Holafly legit?

Yes, Holafly is an entirely legitimate and reliable Spain-based provider. They have offices in Madrid, Lima, and Medellín. Holafly used to sell physical SIM cards in Spain, France, and Germany. However, now this company is only offering digital SIM cards. This is because of the eSIM increased usage, as well as their ease of purchase for travelers. 

How to know if you have unlimited data?

To find out if you currently have unlimited data, you will need to check the data plan you currently have with your carrier. In most cases, you will be able to do this through the carriers’ websites or official apps. 

Is AT&T unlimited data plan really unlimited?

It is important for you to know that the AT&T unlimited data plan comes with a specific monthly data cap, after which your plan may be subject to slower speeds during times of network congestion.

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