Roaming in the Caribbean: prices and how to activate it

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Are you thinking of traveling to the Caribbean on your next vacation? If so, do you want to connect to the internet through your cellular provider, but you don’t know about the rates that roaming offers you in the Caribbean? Don’t worry because, in this post, we will tell you everything you need to know to use roaming services in the Caribbean without going crazy trying.

In the first place, we will show you what the rates that cellular providers offer you to have internet in the Caribbean islands are. Likewise, we will tell you what the best alternatives are to get internet in the Caribbean without having to pay the infamous roaming service rates. Among these alternatives, we anticipate that the one that stands out the most, and in general, the best of all, is the new eSIM with data for the Caribbean.


Comparison of Roaming rates in the Caribbean with the main operators

Do you want to have at hand the rate of international roaming from operators? If so, we present the following comparison chart. There we will show you the data that each operator offers you and the price you must pay while you are in the Caribbean.

Cellular operatorCellular data / Internet
AT&t $10 USD per day (International Pass) – $2.05 per MB
T-Mobile$15 per MB
Verizon$2.05 per MB
Vodafone$6.05 per MB
O2 $6 per day
Three$6 per MB
Optus$2 per MB
Rogers10$ per day
Telus9$ per day 
Comparison table between mobile operators.

How much does the roaming service cost with the main cellular providers in the Caribbean?

We know that one of the things that you’re most interested in knowing before activating roaming services in the Caribbean is the price you have to pay to do so. Before commenting on the rates of each of these options, it’s important that you know the payment they have. Since unlike eSIM cards, the roaming service usually doesn’t offer you a data package but a consumption rate in MB. In other words, for each MB you use, you’ll have to pay a fairly high price, which makes it very expensive to connect with this service.

On the other hand because the rates of these operators work by zones and the Caribbean islands are in the same zone, the prices that you’ll have to pay for the roaming service will be the same, regardless of where in the Caribbean you are. In other words, the rates that you’ll see below will be the same whether you want to travel to Jamaica, Barbados, or any other island located in this American region.

Roaming in the Caribbean with AT&T

Starting with AT&T roaming, this operator offers several ways to connect to the internet while traveling. With the International Day Pass, users will have access to unlimited data, minutes, and messages for a daily price of $10. However, another option that users can get is the pay-as-you-go service. The consumption fee that users will have to pay will be as follows:

  • Calls: $3 per minute.
  • Send texts: $0.50/message
  • Send pictures and videos: $1.30/message
  • Internet: $2.05

Roaming rates with T-Mobile

On the other hand, using T-Mobile’s roaming service for your travels is a little different since it will depend on the plan you have with the company. That is, if you have one of T-Mobile’s Global Plans, you will be able to use roaming at no extra cost. However, if you have any other plan, you will have to pay for your consumption, and the rates are as follows:

  • Calls made: $0.25/min.
  • SMS: $0.50 per text.
  • Internet: $15/MB.

What are Verizon’s rates for the roaming service in the Caribbean?

If you connect to the internet with Verizon through the roaming service during your trip to the Caribbean, you can use the Travel Pass, with which you can enjoy unlimited data, calls and text for $10 per day. However, if you use the pay-as-you-go service, the price you’ll have to pay is $2.05 for 1 MB. In addition, we present the following rates for other services:

  • Outgoing calls: $1.79 for each minute
  • Sent SMS: $0.50 per each one.
  • SMS received: $0.50 per each one.
  • Internet: $2.05/MB

Roaming with Vodafone in the Caribbean

If you are a Vodafone prepaid customer, we recommend that you carefully read the following rates that Vodafone charges to connect to the internet or make calls in the Caribbean:

  • Outgoing calls: $1.69/min + $1.21 for call set-up (VAT included)
  • Incoming calls: $1.69/min + $1.21 for call set-up (VAT included)
  • SMS sent: $1.21 for every SMS sent (VAT included)
  • SMS sent: free
  • Data: $6.05 (VAT included).

How much does roaming with O2 cost in the Caribbean?

Indeed, the price you have to pay for the O2 Roaming service in the Caribbean is one of the most accessible. Moreover, roaming rates will change depending on the country you visit. In some countries, you’ll be able to use the O2 Travel Bolt On, which costs $6 per day. However, in other countries of the Caribbean that do not have O2 Travel Bolt On available, you’ll pay their standard rates:

  • Calls: $2/minute
  • SMS sent: $0.50/SMS
  • Data: $7.20 for each MB.

Three rates for Roaming in the Caribbean

If you are a Three user, and you’re interested in using their roaming service to connect to the internet or make calls from the Caribbean, we recommend that you bear in mind the following prices:

  • Calling a UK number: $2 per minute.
  • Receiving calls from any number: $1.25 per minute
  • Texts to the UK: $0.35 per text
  • Data: $6 per MB
  • Using voicemail: $2 per minute

Optus prices for Roaming service

To avoid a possibly unpleasant surprise on your bill once you finish your trip, we recommend that you consider the following prices that Optus manages so that you can connect to the internet, send SMS or make calls in a safe and informed way.

  • Calls made to locals: $1.90 per minute
  • Calls made to other countries: $5.80 per minute
  • Received calls: $1.65 per minute
  • SMS: $0.55 for each SMS
  • Data: $2 per MB

Roaming in the Caribbean with Telstra

Finally, if you are a Telstra subscriber and you want to use your cellular phone services while traveling to the Caribbean, then you should know that you can only roam in Jamaica, and you can only use unlimited calls and SMS, not data. You will not be able to use this company’s roaming to the rest of the Caribbean countries.

Roaming in the Caribbean with Rogers

If you are a Rogers user and want to connect to the internet or make calls during your trip to the Caribbean, we recommend that you consider the following rates:

  • Call: $3 per minute
  • Text: $0.75 per text
  • Data: $15 per 10 MB
  • Roam Like Home Plan: $15 per day

Roaming rates in the Caribbean with Telus

On the other hand, Telus is another company from Canada, and they do offer its users to activate the roaming service in the Caribbean islands. However, when doing this, you’ll have to pay the following fees.

  • Internet: $10 per MB.
  • Calls: $3.50 per minute.
  • Send SMS: $0.75 per text.
  • Easy Roam Plan: $15 per day.

Alternative to Roaming in the Caribbean

In case the previous data rates for your trip to the Caribbean offered by the different cellular providers didn’t convince you, don’t worry. In addition to the roaming service, many other alternatives will allow you to connect to the internet in the Caribbean at a more reasonable price. To explain, these different options are:

Holafly eSIM cards

Considered the best way to get internet abroad, the eSIM with data for the Caribbean is one of the best options that will allow you to connect to the internet during your vacations in these heavenly islands that form this region. Among its most important advantages, we highlight the fact that they are very easy to activate and buy. Surely, as it’s a digital product, you can buy it at any time, anywhere in the world.


  • Purchase and activation processes in less than a minute.
  • 24-hour customer service
  • You can share data with your friends
  • You can keep both your original SIM and your WhatsApp number.


  • You can’t make calls unless it’s through a digital means such as WhatsApp or Skype.
  • By all means, your smartphone must be compatible with eSIM. So, we recommend that you check the list of compatible cellphones.

Free WiFi in the Caribbean

Despite being a free alternative, Public WiFi is one of those options that should not be taken lightly just because of its low price. In fact, as it’s a network available to everyone close by, the security, and speed that it offers are quite poor. Therefore, it’s only recommended to use it when our stay is for a couple of days.


  • Unlimited internet
  • Free
  • It’s found in different places.


  • In fact, it’s usually unstable and there’s a lot of lag
  • These networks are rarely protected against third parties, so they can be easily hacked. This is a big disadvantage since important information such as emails and passwords can be stolen from you.

Rent Pocket WiFi for the Caribbean

Lastly, Pocket WiFi, despite being quite an expensive product as well as the roaming service, can also be an option to consider, more than anything, due to the feature of providing internet to more than one cellular device.


  • They offer a low amount of data.
  • It’s portable, so you can take it almost anywhere.


  • If you lose it, you’ll have to pay for it since it’s not protected against loss or theft.
  • You must top it up in advance. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get a data connection
  • It’s more expensive than prepaid SIM cards for the Caribbean.

How to activate roaming in the Caribbean?

Overall, now you know what the roaming rates are with each cellular operator in the Caribbean. If you still want to connect to the internet, what you should do is follow the instructions depending on the cellular provider you choose.

  • AT&T: Activate the roaming option through your cellphone’s settings.
  • T-Mobile: call #RON# to activate it.
  • Verizon: Go to “Settings” on your device, press on the “Mobile/Cellular Data” option, and then press on the “Roaming” option.
  • Vodafone: you can activate it from its website in the private area or My Vodafone App.
  • O2: text O2TRAVEL to 23336.
  • Three: Go to your device’s settings, then go to the cellular data option and turn on the roaming.
  • Optus: You can activate it through the My Optus app.
  • Rogers: go to “Settings”, find the “Mobile/Cellular Data” menu, and then press on the “Roaming” option.
  • Telus: you can activate it through the company website or send a message to 7626.
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