Pocket WiFi at Paris Airport: prices, providers, and how to rent

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Pocket WiFi at Paris Airport is handy, where public WiFi can be slow and unreliable. With this device, you can stay connected to the internet while waiting for your flight, checking in for your hotel, navigating the airport, or getting to know the city. 

They are also known as portable WiFi or mobile WiFi and is a small, lightweight device that provides you with a mobile internet connection wherever you are. It is a popular choice for travelers, as it lets you stay connected to the internet without relying on public WiFi or roaming charges. This article will discuss the providers you can use in Paris, the plans and prices they offer, and some alternatives to keep mobile internet.

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How to rent a pocket WiFi at Paris Airport

It is usual that when we travel, we prepare everything we need from home, and mobile hotspot is no exception. To have one from the moment you arrive at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, you must schedule it with a remote provider. You must go to one of the pickup points to get your pocket WiFi when you arrive. The whole process is done before arrival to ensure availability at the time.

However, don’t worry; booking portable WiFi is not complicated. The requirements vary depending on your chosen store but generally require information such as how long you will use it, the data plan you want, and sometimes upfront payments. Also, you should have no problem renting one of these devices. Many options on the web offer excellent service.

Pocket WiFi Paris Airport
Paris International Airport terminals. Source: Grand Roissy Tourisme.

Step-by-step to rent a pocket WiFi

Paris is a very visited destination, so finding online stores that deliver pocket WiFi at the airport is easy. The first thing to do is to choose one of these stores. Some popular ones are Hippocket WiFi, Travel WiFi, and XOXO WiFi. You can start with the booking when you compare their offers and decide which one you will rent from.

Once on the store’s website, you should look for the pocket WiFi rental option, as they may offer other services such as SIM cards or eSIM. Once selected, you must fill out a form or similar with general information. You must enter arrival and departure dates, desired data plan, add accessories such as extra batteries or chargers, and indicate that you want to pick up at Paris International Airport. Shipments to private addresses, hotels, or post offices are also available.

After specifying the information about the rental of the pocket WiFi, you must also enter personal information such as name, address, and country to place the order and pay. Each provider has its own payment methods, so you should choose one you also have. 

As for the delivery points at the airport, they may vary, but it is common to pick up at international terminals, tourist desks, post offices, or similar. When you complete your order, the respective opening hours and pickup locations should be indicated. At the time of pick up, please have your order number, ID, and credit card ready to avoid delivery delays.

Options for pocket WiFi providers at Paris International Airport

As we already mentioned, there are a lot of online stores that offer pocket WiFi at Paris Airport. However, we will tell you about the advantages of three stores that tourists widely use. With any of these, you can pick up at the airport terminals and use your mobile hotspot while getting to know the city and the country without any problems.

  • HIPPOCKET WiFi: This French store is famous for offering Pocket WiFi all over Europe. With them, you can pick up at Paris Airport terminal 2D. They have unlimited data plans in Paris, and you must book three days in advance for free shipping.
  • Travel WiFi: Another European company, specifically Spain, offers delivery to terminals T1, T2BD, 2E, and 2F at Paris CDG Airport. It has three data packages and discounted plans for longer than 30 days.
  • XOXO WiFi: A last option from this Polish-based store with portable WiFi for multiple European destinations. They offer delivery to the UPS Access Point at Paris Airport, and you can add services such as rent Pocket AI Translator, insurance, and flexible rebooking, among others.

Pocket WiFi rental companies often include clauses in their rental agreements that hold customers responsible for damage or loss of the device. You may be charged an additional fee if you return the device with any damage. The fee will depend on the severity of the damage or whether the device is lost.

Price and service comparison

The table below compares the prices and features of the basic one-week rental plans for each pocket WiFi provider in Paris. More expensive data plans are available, and the table also includes information about the damage policy for lost devices.

Company Price (USD)DataSpeedDevices connectedDamage policy (USD)
HIPPOCKET WIFI53.43$1 GB/Daily4G LTE10up to 160$
Travel WiFI55.6$1 GB/Daily4G LTE5 to 10up to 200$
XOXO WiFi22.4$1 GB/Daily4G5up to 170$
Table N°1 Comparison between pocket WiFi providers at Paris International Airport.

Other options to have mobile internet at the airport and in the city 

Pocket WiFi can be convenient for connecting multiple devices to the internet, and the cost in Paris is relatively lower than other destinations. However, other options, such as eSIMs, roaming, and free WiFi at the airport, are easier to obtain and don’t have the risk of being lost. Additionally, carrying around a pocket WiFi device can be annoying, especially if you only need internet on one device. For these reasons, other options may be more advantageous.

eSIM with unlimited data in Paris

The eSIM or virtual SIM card makes it much easier for tourists and travelers to connect to the internet. Because they are digital, we can buy them online and install them without leaving our homes or placing an additional chip in our phones. In this way, online stores like Holafly have offers for Paris eSIM and other destinations that allow you to be communicated from the moment you arrive at the airport.

Unlimited data eSIM for Paris
eSIM with unlimited data and calls in Paris. Source: Holafly.

Holafly’s eSIM for Paris is available in options from five to ninety days of use. In all cases, it includes unlimited data and an Austrian number (+43) to make and receive international calls. They are cheaper than pocket WiFi, and a week’s usage costs $27. More extended plans are more expensive, with a maximum of $99 for 90 days for this destination.

The coverage in the city is 4G LTE and 5G with the support of the best operators in the country, such as Orange, SFR, and Free Mobile. You can receive calls from anywhere worldwide and all over Europe except destinations like Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Turkey. You don’t have to speak French because there is a website and customer support available in multiple languages.

International roaming in Paris 

Many people do not want to rent an extra device or buy a data plan just for one destination. In these cases, the alternative is to use international roaming and enable your local data plan abroad. It has the advantage of not requiring anything additional to your regular phone and plan, but it tends to have costly rates compared to other options.

The price varies depending on your operator or service provider; the common is to find daily rates or rates per Mb used. US carriers like AT&T have a Day Pass for $10 to use data in Paris. Some European carriers, like Three from the UK, have better rates thanks to EU alliances. It only costs $2.5/day to use data abroad. Last but not least, Optus from Australia has roaming rates of $0.02 per KB.

WiFi at Paris International Airport

It has long been common to find free WiFi networks in public facilities; in fact, Paris International Airport, since 2014, has had this benefit. To access the network, you must search on the device “WIFI-AIRPORT” and connect; you must not enter any password. The navigation is unlimited, but the performance will depend on the number of people connected. 

Also, consider that public networks such as this put personal information at risk, as they are more prone to electronic theft. For this reason, do not use bank accounts or sensitive information while connected. You can also install a VPN App or similar to protect yourself from this type of crime.

Use of pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi is a portable device that creates a private wireless network, similar to the Wi-Fi in your home. You must keep the device nearby for the best signal strength and speed. The network usually has a password you can find on the device or from the provider. Installing any additional apps is unnecessary; find the network and connect.

Most portable WiFi devices have a display that shows signal strength, battery level, time, and other information. To see the network name and password on the screen, press the power button or another button with this function. Once you have the password, you can connect to the network from any device.

Which is the best option to be communicated at the airport and in the city

The best way to get internet while traveling depends on various factors. If you need to connect multiple devices, pocket WiFi is the best option. It provides a private wireless network that you can connect to from anywhere. However, pocket WiFi devices can be expensive to rent or buy, and they can be bulky and inconvenient to carry around.

If you only need internet on one device and have a compatible device, an eSIM with unlimited data is a great choice. eSIMs are digital SIM cards that can be installed on your device remotely. They offer excellent coverage and affordable prices, and you can use multiple eSIMs on the same device to connect to different destinations.

FAQ about pocket WiFi at Paris International Airport

Can I use free WiFi zones at Paris International Airport?

Yes, as in other international airports, you can use the free network inside and surrounding areas. These networks can be slow but are an alternative if you do not have more efficient options.

Can I use pocket WiFi in other countries?

It is possible to rent a WiFi pocket with coverage in other countries. However, this can be more expensive. Also, in many cases, you must indicate in which destination you will return the device, so if you travel to more than one country, you must be sure which will be the last destination. A more practical solution for entire regions is Holafly, as their eSIM for Europe has coverage in 32 countries.

How can a traveler have internet at Paris International Airport?

You can have internet with the free WiFi network at Paris International Airport or your own private network with a pocket WiFi. There are more versatile options such as SIM cards, eSIM, or international roaming, which also offer good coverage and service in the airport and city.

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