Pocket WiFi at London Airport: prices, providers, and how to rent

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We know that portable WiFi allows us to get an internet connection on several devices simultaneously, which is a suitable option when traveling. For this reason, we will show you how you can rent or buy a pocket WiFi at London airport, the offers you can find, and other alternatives to stay connectedGetting the internet while traveling facilitates many things we can do, such as looking for an address or searching for information. 

Pocket WiFi usually offers connections for at least five devices, so it is your best option if you are traveling in a group or need internet on your laptop, phone, and other devices at the same time. London Heathrow International Airport is one of the largest airports in the country and Europe, so with the information we give you, it will be easier to find your options without getting lost.


How to rent a pocket WiFi at London Heathrow Airport

The most direct and convenient way to get your pocket WiFi at the airport is through pickup at one of the sterminals. This requires a previous booking. Many online providers can schedule your rental or purchase for your stay. You can also choose to have it delivered to one of the airport terminals or even to your hotel address if you already know where you will be staying.

Travel agents such as WeKnowLondon have multiple service desks at the airport. Once there, you can request information on how to rent a pocket WiFi device and other services, as they have partnerships with many providers that can make the process easier.

Step-by-step to rent a pocket WiFi

As we have mentioned, in most cases, you must book your service in advance. For this, you need to search the internet for a provider with a pick-up location at London Heathrow International Airport. Some of these are Travelers WiFi, Travelocity, or Rent ‘n Connect.

In any case, when you enter their website, the first thing to do is to select the destination you are traveling to, the time in which you will use it, the most convenient data plan, and finally, choose to have it delivered to one of the airport terminals. Once you have selected all the information, you need to provide your billing address and proceed to pay.

When you arrive at the airport on the day you chose for pick-up, you must go to the terminal that the provider has indicated. In the case of those mentioned above, you can pick up the mobile hotspot from any of the following WeKnowLondon service desks: Heathrow Terminal 2 – baggage reclaim area of arrival, Terminal 3 – level 0 (Ground Level Arrivals). Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 – Arrival on Level 0, next to the currency exchange desk. The hours of attention are usually from 06:00 – midnight, so if you arrive earlier, you must wait.

Pocket WiFi London Airport
Person waiting at the airport. Source: Unsplash.

Options for pocket WiFi providers at London Heathrow Airport

Many providers can deliver portable WiFi at the airport. However, we will briefly mention some of the most popular ones. You must remember that besides paying for the rental and data package, you can add other accessories, such as chargers or power banks, for the mobile hotspot.

It is also crucial to know that providers have a damage/loss policy in case of losing or damaging the device, so you will have to pay a penalty depending on the damage. These online stores partner with WeKnowLondon, so receiving the package at the airport will be easier.

  • Travelers WiFi: This company has global, regional, and country-specific plans, with coverage in more than 150 destinations. Their plans range from 1GB to 10GB at 4G daily speed and unlimited 3G speed browsing.
  • Rent ‘n Connect: you can get global plans for Europe or a particular country, and you can enter your flight information so that the delivery and pick-up at the airport can adjust to your itinerary. Plans are unlimited but may apply usage policies.
  • Travelocity:  One of the latest options allows you to rent plans for two days. Their mobile hotspot is for the UK and Europe, with 2GB at 4G daily speed. They include a charger, travel adapter, and user guide.

Price and service comparison

For you to see the features of each provider, we will create a comparison based on their basic plan with coverage in Europe for one week. Please note that single-country plans and packages with more high-speed data may have a price difference. In this case, the price reflects the costs of packaging and return.

Company Price (USD)DataSpeedDevices connectedDamage policy (USD)
Travelers WiFi$95.101GB/Daily4G5 to 10up to $200
Rent´n Connect$98.15Unlimited data 4G10up to $250
Travelocity $101.412GB/Daily4G5up to $100
Table N°1 Comparison between mobile hotspot London Airport providers.

Other options to have mobile internet at the airport and in the city 

Not only can we get internet at the airport or throughout the town with a mobile hotspot, but there are other exciting alternatives for when you don’t require a connection for several devices. Also, consider that having pocket WiFi with you all the time can be inconvenient, making these options more versatile solutions.

eSIM with unlimited data in London

They are digital versions of physical SIM cards and can be purchased, installed, and activated in minutes through an online store. Holafly is one of the most popular providers, with unlimited data plans for London. Their packages range from 5 to 90 days of use for $21 and up to $139. 

esim london holafly
Unlimited data eSIM for London. Source: Holafly.

To use them, we only need a compatible device such as a phone, laptop, or tablet. At the time of purchase and installation, you need an internet connection, so it is advisable to do it from home or in a secure WiFi zone at the airport.

International roaming in the UK

It is usually the most expensive alternative, but when traveling, we can use our local data plan internationally. This service is called roaming and, depending on your carrier, will have a specific rate. In the USA, carriers like AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile can charge up to $2.05/MB or $10/Day, depending on the plan you have purchased.

In other destinations, like Australia, the operators divide their roaming service by Zones. Telstra, one of the big companies in the country, charges $10/Day. With this, you will have 1GB of high-speed navigation in destinations marked as zone 2, which includes most of the European destinations.

Use of pocket WiFi

As mentioned in its name, with a pocket WiFi, we will have a personal internet zone to connect our devices. Generally, it does not require any installation or additional software. They function with a pre-installed SIM card from the provider. When we receive it, we must confirm that it is charged and ready to use. Turn it on, and you’ll be able to connect from your phone, tablet, laptop, or other equipment.

These mobile hotspots usually have a range of coverage of about 10–15 meters. In turn, the closer you are, the greater the signal strength, so it is convenient to have them close. When it is turned on, we must find the network and connect. We must consult the provider or user guide for the password if it is secured. Then you can share access between computers thanks to a QR.

Which is the best option to be connected at the airport and in the city

To give you a straight answer, you must understand what type of user you are because each option has advantages. If you are a person who needs to have an internet connection on several devices at the same time, your choice should be pocket WiFi. On the other hand, if you have a compatible device and only require internet, then eSIMs are more versatile and cheaper solutions, with unlimited high-speed data and plans adjusted for all types of stays.

Finally, if you don’t mind paying a high amount of money and you don’t want to buy or rent an additional service for your trip, you could consider using your local operator’s roaming service. You will get an internet connection within your carrier’s coverage areas, and you won’t have to change your device other than activating the roaming option.

FAQ about pocket WiFi at London Heathrow Airport

Can I use free WiFi zones at London Heathrow Airport?

Many airport areas have public WiFi; however, using these networks can compromise your personal information. Having them as a resource but not checking your bank accounts, email work platforms, or anything similar while connected.

Can I use pocket WiFi in other countries?

Plans are available with coverage in multiple countries, such as Europe, and even global options. Depending on the package you purchase, you may be able to use the mobile hotspot service in other countries.

How can a traveler get internet at London Heathrow Airport?

As tourists, we have several options. Among the most attractive, we find the eSIM more versatile and better priced than the physical options. We can use public WiFi networks, although this compromises our personal information. Finally, we have international roaming services, the most expensive alternative.

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