Roaming UK: AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Telus, Bell

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The UK is one of the most beautiful places that people can visit in the world. Whether you choose to go to England, Scotland or Wales, we can tell that you will surely love the time you will spend there. Therefore, you need to know the roaming UK service and how it works.

That’s something that we will be talking about today because in case that the UK is in your plans for your upcoming trips, this information will surely help you out.

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Price comparison between the different USA mobile carriers

USA Mobile OperatorRoaming UK Price 
T-Mobile30$ (Essentials) – 40$ (Magenta) – 47$ (Magenta Extra)
Verizon10$/per day (UK) – 100$ (International Monthly Pass)
AT&T10$/day (International Pass) – 15$ (International Calling Plan)
Table 1. Price comparison between the different American mobile operators

Price comparison between the different Canadian mobile carriers

UK Mobile OperatorRoaming UK Price
Rogers$9.99/ 20MB.
Bell14.00/day (use the data from your plan)
Telus13.00/day (usage from your monthly rate plan)
Table 1. Price comparison between the different UK mobile operators

Roaming UK alternatives: Two options that can save your life and money 

In case that you need a different alternative because roaming is not something that you maybe can’t afford or simply want to avoid, we got you covered. Thankfully, international travelers can choose a SIM card or an eSIM card for their journeys.

People can also rely on free WiFi or they can choose a Pocket WiFi, but it will all depend on their needs and what they truly need. 

Prepaid eSIM card

International eSIM cards are something new for the world. People who have used one of these cards can tell that they are pretty useful as customers can choose the destination they want to visit and choose the plan that suits them better. Also, these cards are completely digital and won’t occupy space in your phone. Let’s see some benefits you can get while using an eSIM card, and, if you decide to buy one, choose Holafly as your provider.

  1. People will never run out of data with an eSIM. 
  2. eSIMs offer an overall cheaper service than roaming services.
  3. Holafly eSIMs gives users 24/7 customer service.
  4. eSIMs have a wide range of coverage.

International data SIM Cards for travelers

Data SIM cards are also an alternative for travelers. It might sound weird, but since not so long ago SIM cards can be bought for specific destinies and at a relatively good price. In case you are thinking about buying one, we also recommend the SIM cards from Holafly, so let’s see some of the benefits you can get.

  1. People can contact their SIM card provider in a matter of seconds to get help.
  2. SIM cards are way cheaper than other services.
  3. Using a SIM card will grant access to phone calls and messages.

Pocket WiFi

In case you haven’t heard about Pocket WiFi, this is the right time for you to make it. These are small devices that will let you have internet no matter where you go to and they can be easily rented in different companies, which is pretty cool. The only downside is, Pocket WiFi devices are pretty expensive, and if you lose one it can turn into something even more expensive.

But, you can get access to a pretty decent roaming alternative with unlimited internet and an overall pretty good coverage no matter the place that you visit. 

Free WiFi

While traveling, you can come across some free WiFis in your way. It might not be normal, but you can rely on them for a small amount of time. With some apps, you can even get a better chance of finding one as they will help you with it.

In case this is something you can rely on, Avast Wi-Fi Finder, WiFi Map and WinMan are the apps that you can use to easily find free WiFi.

Details of Roaming UK services offered by the most popular mobile operators in the U.S

In case you are a client of a U.S mobile operator, then this will be important for you to read about it. Let’s get to know what each one of these mobile operators offers and how they work.

T-Mobile Roaming UK service

For a T-Mobile client, people can rely on three different plans when it comes to roaming. The company offers three different plans for people who want to go roaming UK, and they all offer something completely different.

The three plans offered by the company are Magenta, Magenta Plus, and Essentials. The first two offer people 5GB and 40GB of mobile data, and unlimited messages and phone calls. On the other hand, Essential clients will have unlimited 3G speed, with unlimited SMS and phone calls as well. 

Verizon Roaming UK service

In case that you are a Verizon client, then you can rely on the two plans that they offer to their clients when it comes to roaming. The first one is the Travel Pass, which is offered to clients for a price of 10$ per day, a pretty affordable price. On the other hand, the International Travel Pass is more expensive, but it offers clients access to 5GB of mobile data, unlimited text messages, and 250 minutes of phone calls that people can expand a bit more.

AT&T Roaming UK Service 

The last one of the companies that we will talk about is AT&T. For people, this happens to be a pretty reliable option due to the plans that they offer.

For people who only want to access phone calls and text messages, they can buy a line for only 15$/month. But, in case you need to access something more complete, you can go for the International AT&T Pass. People who choose this option will get access to unlimited phone calls, text messages, and mobile data for only 10$ per day, which is pretty accessible.

Details of Roaming UK services offered by the most popular mobile operators in Canada

Rogers Roaming in UK:

Rogers only has international data roaming service in the UK for postpaid customers. Customers with a prepaid line cannot use this feature. The price you will have to pay in the UK to make a call is $ 2.00 / min. If you send an SMS it will cost you $ 0.75. In the case of the use of mobile data, the price is $ 9.99 / MB.

Bell roaming in UK

Bell, for its part, has the Roam Better service, which will allow you to continue using the mobile data, text messages and calls that you have contracted in Canada. The cost of this service is $ 14.00 / day.

On the other hand, those who cannot use Roam Better, also have the possibility to activate the roaming service abroad and get 100MB, unlimited calls and messages. With this option, your local mobile data is not used.

Telus Roaming in UK

Telus has a similar option to Bell’s. You can continue to use the mobile data that you have contracted in your plan in Canada when you travel to the United Kingdom. The cost of this service is $ 13.00 / day.

How to activate roaming with the different mobile operators of the U.S

You know all about the plans that these operators offer for people who want to access a roaming service while traveling the world. But, there’s a big question in the middle of everything. How do I activate the roaming when I want to? Let’s talk about it.

T-Mobile roaming activation

With T-Mobile, things are pretty easy to do because they don’t have a lot of issues with the activation process. Whenever you want to activate the roaming, simply call #RON# or #ROF# to activate or deactivate the service once you are done.

Verizon roaming activation

Verizon’s process to activate the roaming is also quite simple, but in a different way than we saw T-Mobile. Here’s what you need to do to activate it:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Now, press on the “Mobile Data” option.
  • Press on the “Roaming” option to activate or deactivate the service.

AT&T roaming activation

AT&T is quite similar to what Verizon does when it comes to roaming activations. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Press on “Settings”.
  • Select the “Mobile Data” option.
  • Press on “Roaming” to activate or deactivate the service.
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