Pocket WiFi in the UK: What are the best options?

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No one can deny that traveling to the United Kingdom is an amazing activity to have in mind. And once you are able to go there, it feels like you are living your dream, no? Well, the truth is you need to have access to a way for you to communicate with people, and that’s why we will talk about Pocket WiFi in the UK.

The United Kingdom is one of the most visited countries in Europe, and once people get there, they will surely miss the chance to show their adventures with their loved ones. And that’s exactly why a Pocket WiFi might be a good idea to have.

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Companies offering Portable WiFi in United Kingdom

Portable WiFi provider companiesWeekly rates (Including other expenses)
Travelers WiFi80.07 USD (Weekly use) + 4.67 to 34.07 USD (Delivery)
Hippocket WiFi80.87 USD (Weekly use) + 11.36 to 22.71 USD (Delivery)
Travel WiFi55.65 USD (Weekly use) + 8 a 30 USD (Delivery)
Cello Mobile104,93 USD (Weekly use) + 14.99 USD (Insurance) + 75 USD (Worldwide delivery) or 20 to 40 USD (Delivery to Mexico, USA, and Canada) 
My Webspot 70.76 USD (Weekly use) + 5.57 to 11.24 USD (Delivery)

Details and rates of Portable WiFi for the UK

If you have traveled in the past, chances are you know about some companies offering the Pocket WiFi service to the UK. Yet, not all of them are quite reliable to use.

Also, the company you will choose will mostly depend on the country you are visiting, as not all service rates are the same, that’s why we will talk about some recommendations we can give.

Travelers WiFi

Located in Switzerland, Travelers WiFi has been around for quite some time now. It offers the Pocket WiFi UK service with ease due to its location.

This company offers different rates depending on where people will travel to. In this case, as our destination is the UK, the rate for the weekly use of the Pocket WiFi UK is $80.07, a bit high for a simple WiFi connection.

Also, something we need to take into consideration is the fact that it charges you a delivery fee depending on where you are at. Prices will vary from $4.67 to 34.07 depending on where you will receive the device.

Gladly, people will have different payment methods available, and they won’t have to pay for insurance of the device as other companies charge it when renting one.

The last thing people should know is the company will charge them up to $159 if they lose or damage the device they rented, which can be a serious problem for some travelers.

Hippocket WiFi

Located in France, Hippocket is a well-known company offering the Pocket WiFi device to people who want to visit Europe.

The price of the service they offer is pretty similar to what we saw with Travelers WiFi, which means it is a bit high too. To be more exact, the weekly expenses for renting an Hippocket WiFi device are $80.87, and the service is limited.

When it comes to receiving the device, people can ask for free delivery, but it will take up to three days before it arrives, or they can pay 11.36 to 22.71 USD to receive the device faster.

Once again, the company offers three different payment methods, which can help, somehow, people to rent one of the devices. Yet, something people must take into consideration is the fact the company charges an extra fee if the Pocket WiFi is damaged or gets lost. Depending on the device rented, the extra charge can be around 153.52 to 170 USD.

Travel WiFi

Travel WiFi is a company located in Spain. This company has offered the Pocket WiFI rental for quite some time now, but not all the rates offered by the company are the same.

In the case of people who want to take the Pocket WiFi United Kingdom device, they will have to pay 55.65 USD for a week of use, which is less expensive than other alternatives, but the price is still a bit high for what it offers.

These devices only offer people the chance to use 1GB per day, which is a pretty low amount of mobile data. Also, people will have to pay from 3 to 23 USD depending on where they are located for the device to be delivered.

Just like it happens with other companies, they offer different payment methods to their clients. The last thing we’ll talk about is the extra fee people will have to pay if they lose the device. If you lose or damage the device, an extra fee of 149 to 199 USD will be immediately charged. The final amount will depend on whether you were having extra accessories with your device or not.

Cello Mobile

In case you are not located in Europe and still want to go for a Pocket WiFi, even though they are a bit expensive, you can use Cello Mobile.

Located in the United States, they are a company that has been offering this service for a while now. The only bad thing is the price of the service itself, which reaches $104.93 for a week of use.

Also, the delivery of the Pocket WiFi device is quite high too. People who are near the United States, or inside the country, will have the chance to pay from 10 to 30 USD for the delivery of the device. If you are in any other country, the rate reaches 75 USD, which is a lot.

Also, people can only pay in cash or with a credit card, which limits a bit how people can rent a device with them. The last thing you need to know, and maybe the most affordable price here is the extra fee you have to pay if you lose or damage the device, which is $75 that you must pay right away. 

My Webspot 

The last device on our list comes from My Webspot. This company is also located in Switzerland and is the direct competitor for Travelers WiFi.

At first sight, the rates offered by the company seem to be ok, but truth be told, they are still a bit high compared to other services. For a week of use, people will have to pay $70.76 and users will be limited to spending 1GB per day.

The only good thing here? The delivery price. No matter where you are at, the price of the deliveries won’t be more than 11.24 USD, but that’s not something that will truly matter at the end of the day.

Also, just like it happens with most companies out there, people will have to pay an extra fee if they lose a device of the company. People will have to pay up to 204.41 USD if this happens, or 102.20 if they previously paid $14 for the insurance of the device. 

Similar Portable WiFi options in the UK

Now that we have talked about the Pocket WiFi companies people can use in the UK, it’s time to talk about other alternatives we can use.

Something we can say here is the options we will tell you about are way better than the Pocket WiFi devices, not only for their price, but also because you won’t have a hard time taking care of an extra device during your trip.

What options are we talking about? Well, we will introduce you to SIM cards and eSIM cards, so let’s talk more about them.

International SIM Card for United Kingdom

SIM cards are a great alternative to keep everyone connected no matter where they go to. You probably have one on your phone and you can tell how amazing it is, and now you can use it while traveling.

Is it complicated to get a SIM card of this kind? Not all, you can even go to the Holafly online store and buy one of their SIM cards in a matter of seconds and you will surely love the outcome of your purchase.

eSIM cards for UK

eSIM cards are the little brothers of the traditional SIM cards we all have used. But, the good thing, is that everything related to them is managed in a completely digital way.

Once you buy an eSIM you can tell how easy is to have an internet connection while traveling without having a hard time finding a solution. You can simply go to a website and order yours in seconds!

In case you want a recommendation here, we highly recommend the Holafly eSIM, which you will surely love to use due to all the benefits it has and how affordable it is compared to other services.

Free WiFi

In the United Kingdom, people will surely find free WiFi every once in a while. But, something they need to take into consideration is the fact that, once they leave the WiFi hotspot, they will lose the connection.

So, it might be a good alternative, but it will be only useful for a while, so you might consider getting an eSIM or SIM card instead.

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