Pocket WiFi in Canada: what are the best options?

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If your life plans include visiting a diverse country with a little bit of everything, you can’t miss the opportunity to go to Canada. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to this country on a regular basis, and we have no doubt that it is a great tourist attraction. That’s why Pocket WiFi in Canada would be very useful to connect to the Internet on your cellphone and avoid roaming.

Today we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the different companies that offer this type of service in the country. That way you’ll be prepared for any eventuality and can prepare yourself before you travel. Also, we’ll be talking about all the alternatives you have to always stay connected.

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Companies offering Pocket WiFi in Canada

Pocket WiFi Provider BrandRate for one week including postage and handling + insurance
XOXO WiFi$92.00 USD (Weekly rental) + $15 (Insurance) +  $5 to $60 USD (Shipping) 
Pocket WiFi$66.43 USD (Weekly rent) + $20 to $35 USD (Shipping) + Pickup service is also available
Wificube$70 USD (Weekly rent) + $30 to $40 USD (Shipping) + $150 USD (deposit)
Travel WiFi63.6 USD (Weekly rent) + $8 to $30 USD (Shipping)
Cello Mobile349.99 USD (Weekly Rental) + $14.99 USD (Insurance) + $75 USD (Shipping outside the United States, Canada or Mexico) or $20 to $40 USD (Shipping to Mexico, United States or Canada)
Table N°1 Comparision between pocket WiFi providers for Canada.

Details and prices of Pocket WiFi for Canada

We have already seen that several companies offer the possibility to get Pocket WiFi in Canada. However, it is necessary to know in depth all the details of these companies and what they offer.

So, before you make a decision, it is best that you know all the alternatives you can find on the market. That way, you will be able to choose the one that best suits you.


The first of our options for traveling to Canada comes from Europe. The cost of their service, in a large number of countries, is around $92.00 per week of rental. The price is quite affordable and is a normal price in this market. However, the service is not completely unlimited.

The issue of shipping is something that the company has as a weak point. The cost varies widely and ranges from $5 to $60, which can be a bit questionable. The final rate is taken based on the destination to which the package will be sent.

One thing we can mention, and which is a plus, is the number of payment methods the company has. People can pay with Payment, PayPal, and credit and debit cards, which is quite useful.

Finally, the company does charge a penalty for loss, and that fee ranges from $135 to $159. The price will be determined based on whether or not the device had additional accessories. 

Pocket WiFi

Pocket WiFi is a company that offers its service in various parts of the world and Canada is on that list.

In the case of this company, the prices can be considered standard. For a week’s usage, the company will charge $66.43 for unlimited service, which is pretty good for travelers.

On the subject of shipping, we are presented with two different options. People can choose to pick up the device at an airport, or they can request shipping to provinces in Canada and the United States for $20 to $35.

Payment is quite accessible. People can pay either by credit card or PayPal, which makes this company a good idea, especially for frequent travelers.

Finally, something important to mention is the penalty for loss. In this case, the company charges an additional $150 if the equipment is lost, a rate quite similar to other companies.


Wificube is one of the companies that could not be missing from this list. The company is based in Canada and it is an option for people traveling within the country.

The price of renting the Pocket WiFi in Canada with Wificube is a bit high, although the difference with other companies is not that much. The company charges $150 in advance at the time of rental. So, instead of being only $70 dollars, you will have to pay $220 dollars to rent a piece of equipment.

The company is a little bit flexible with shipping. A shipment to another country can be requested. The price of such shipment will be around $20 to $30 dollars.

When it comes to payments, we can’t deny that the company has really taken care of that factor. People can pay via PayPal, credit or debit card, and also with bank deposits if they have the opportunity.

As for losses, the company charges a fee that can be considered average in case of losing one of their equipment. The company will charge an additional $150 in case one of your devices is not returned.

Travel WiFi

One of the companies that could not be missing from our list without a doubt is Travel WiFi. The Spanish company is a good option that you can find today.

The company offers its services for what we could consider a fairly affordable rate. For one week of use, the price we will have to pay for a Pocket WiFi in Canada is $63.60.

The shipping rates offered by the company are also quite useful. Depending on the country of destination, people will have to pay between $3 to $29, but it’s a pretty affordable rate for the price of the service.

Payments are something that won’t be too much of a headache, as there are several methods that can be used. People can pay with either PayPal or credit cards, making it a straightforward process.

Finally, the company will penalize those who lose their equipment. In case this happens, people will have to pay for it, in total, they will have to pay between $149 to $199 dollars depending on what the equipment was carrying, so you should be really careful with the equipment. 

Cello Mobile

Cello Mobile is a company that should have been on this list. The American company has proven to be one of the best in the market and we couldn’t leave it out of the list.

What we could mention as a bad point of the company is its price. In total, a person will have to pay 349.99 dollars for a whole week of use, which is a rather high price.

As far as shipping is concerned, people don’t have to worry too much about it. The company ships worldwide, and if you are in Mexico, Canada, or the United States, the rates are much cheaper. The prices range from $10 to $75 dollars depending on the destination.

We must also not forget the issue of payments. In the case of Cello Mobile, the company only accepts credit card payments, which is normal, although it could be better.

Finally, there is the issue of penalties. This is a normal thing to see, although, in the case of Cello Mobile, the price to pay is much lower. In case of loss, only $75 will be paid to the company.

Similar options to Portable WiFi for Canada

As we can see, the list of options in Canada is quite extensive. However, this is not to say that Pocket WiFi in Canada is the best option for those wishing to visit Canada.

There are a couple of additional alternatives that are worth knowing about, especially if you are a frequent traveler. That’s why we’ll take this opportunity to tell you about other options for your travels.

Data SIM card for Canada

In case a Pocket WiFi isn’t your best alternative, no problem. A Canadian data SIM card may be enough to help you out. Everyone has used one and knows how useful it can be.

These cards are easy to buy and set up, so just about anyone can get one. If this alternative appeals to you, don’t hesitate to visit online stores. Remote options make shopping easier for tourists and can deliver chips to them through international shipping. Alternatively, you can use local operators such as Rogers to purchase prepaid SIM cards for tourists, although this alternative can be somewhat more expensive and tedious.

International Data eSIM for Canada

eSIM for Canada
eSIM for Canada with unlimited data plans. Source: Holafly.

Unlimited data eSIM is one of the best alternatives for those who don’t want to leave their SIM card behind. This is useful in case you think you might misplace your card and it would be a problem. 

In the case of eSIM cards, they are designed to be able to help users in different destinations. This is something that sets them apart from traditional SIM cards.

If you think this would be a good alternative for you, we highly recommend using a Canadian unlimited data eSIM from Holafly, it will most likely be advantageous on your journey.

Free WiFi

Canada is a country where you will undoubtedly get free WiFi in several places across the country. This can be useful, but remember that not everywhere you go, you may not have a connection.

If you choose to use free WiFi, remember that networks may also be congested. Take this into consideration and think about whether it will really be useful for you when you travel. 

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