Pocket WiFi in Asia: what are the best options?

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Asia is one of the most famous continents to visit around the world. People like to travel to many of Asia’s countries because of their beauty and tourist attractions. So, it is important to know which is the best Pocket WiFi in Asia to make the most of this trip connected to the internet.

However, the options are many and people have the opportunity to choose from several companies. But, we have to see which of them presents itself as the most viable option.

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Companies offering Portable WiFi for Asia

Pocket WiFi Provider BrandThe rate for one week including postage and handling + insurance
Roamingman25.00 USD (Weekly Rental) + $3 to $5 USD (Shipping only to China) or Pickup at the airport
Japan Experience61.54 USD (Weekly rental) + Withdrawal is only possible within Japan
Travel WiFi71.60 USD (Weekly rent) + $8 to $30 USD (Shipping)
Rent n’ connected74.07 to 82.05 USD (Weekly income) + $11.40 to $17.09 USD (Shipping)
My Webspot 95.76 USD (Weekly rent) + $5.60 to $11.32 USD (Shipping) 
Table N°1. List of companies offering Portable Wi-Fi for Asia

Details and prices of Portable Wi-Fi for Asia

We’ve already talked about how important Asia is as a tourist destination. That is why companies offering Pocket Wi-Fi within the continent have sought to reach every corner of the continent.

That is why, before deciding, we’d like to analyze each of the options available to you. That way, you can choose the option that is best for you. 


While it is true that we are talking about Asia, there are many countries that make up the continent. In China, one of the best Pocket Wi-Fi alternatives comes from Roamingman.

People who purchase this service will have to pay 25 dollars for a whole week’s use. Their service is limited, but you can buy more data, which is a good thing.

The shipping issue is a bit tricky. The company only offers its service to people in China, and the package can be picked up at an airport or delivered via a courier.

As to payment, Roamingman only handles one payment method. Presently, people will only be able to pay with credit cards.

Finally, there is the issue of penalties. As for this company, there are two penalties. One for late delivery of equipment, and the second for loss. Both penalties are calculated differently, but a person could spend an additional $4 to $100 dollars if they incur one.

Japan Experience

Again, a company that offers its services within Asia, but for a specific country, enters our list. In this case, Japan Experience only operates within Japan.

The company’s prices are quite affordable for travelers, especially in a country like Japan. For a week’s use of Pocket Wi-Fi, people will have to pay $61.54 USD.

A downside of the company is that, in addition to not being present in other countries, it only offers a pick-up service within Japan, although this may not be a bad thing.

On the payment side of things, people will be able to pay with credit cards before arriving in the country, although they can also pay with cash when picking up the device.

Similar to Roamingman, Japan Experience has two distinct penalties. The first is for loss, and in this case, the person who lost the equipment is charged $182.34 dollars. The second is for late return, and in this case, just over $3.42 dollars per day are charged. 

Travel WiFi

One of the best options for travelers regardless of destination is Travel Wi-Fi. This company offers its portable Wi-Fi service almost everywhere in the world, and Asia is obviously included.

Getting into the pricing, the company has a stable tariff in different countries in Asia. Pocket Wi-Fi in Asia is a very popular service, which is why they charge $71.60 per week.

Shipping is something that can be tricky. People can receive their devices, no matter where they are, but you have to keep in mind that the price will change between 3 and 29 dollars.

The good thing is that people can pay via PayPal or credit cards, which makes it fairly easy to get one of these devices while on the road.

Closing the subject with Travel Wi-Fi, the company has only one applicable penalty, and that is for loss. In this case, you will have to pay between $149 and $199 USD for loss to the company. 

Rent n’ Connect

Once again we see a company from Europe on our list, but we couldn’t pass them up because of their great service.

Rent n’ Connect offers its Pocket Wi-Fi service in Asia in almost every country on the continent. The rate varies a little, as the price will be between $74.07 to $82.05 USD depending on the destination.

The issue of shipping is something we can rescue from the company. The price does not exceed $17.09 dollars, and the rates usually start at approximately $5.70 dollars, which is quite affordable.

On the subject of payment, the company accepts both credit cards and PayPal for payment, which is quite useful as they are two methods that are practically global and easy to use.

The last thing to mention is the issue of penalties. Individuals will have to pay between $159.54 to $216.52 dollars per loss, although the amount is not stipulated within the Rent n’ Connect website. 

My Webspot 

The last of the companies on our list is also from Europe. To be exact, it comes directly from Switzerland.

The great thing about My Webspot is undoubtedly the rates they offer to their customers. Regardless of the destination, the company will charge 95.76 USD for a full week’s rental, although the service is not completely unlimited.

As for shipping, the rates are very affordable, which makes it an attractive option. The company will charge between $5.60 to $11.32 dollars, and the rate will be calculated once the destination country where the equipment will arrive is known.

The issue of payment is definitely in the customer’s favor. With My Webspot we can pay via PayPal, credit cards, and Stripe, if necessary.

The last thing is that the company penalizes those who lose their equipment, but the fee will depend on whether you have insurance. If you have insurance, the price to pay will be 102.56 dollars, while if you don’t have insurance, you will have to pay 205.13 dollars.

Similar options to Portable WiFi in Asia

We already know that no matter which country you want to visit in Asia, the alternatives to stay connected are many. This is something we can take advantage of, but it doesn’t hurt to know about other options.

In Asia, the options for staying connected are not limited to Pocket Wi-Fi, and each one has differences and benefits that people can take advantage of in their own way.

Data SIM card for Asia

The first of the options we can use to replace the Pocket Wi-Fi in Asia is an Asia SIM card. This is an option that people should not dismiss because they are vital and useful for travelers. However, if your plan is just to travel to a specific country, you might be interested to know a bit more about the Taiwan SIM card or the SIM card for India.

Besides, it’s not just how useful they are. Moreover, they are easy to exchange and the price for which you can buy them is quite low, so you don’t have to worry too much about it.

If you want to get one of these cards, we recommend you do it with online stores. Not only do they offer quality SIM cards, but they are also quite inexpensive.

eSIM for unlimited data in Asia

eSIM for Asia
eSIM with unlimited data in Asia. Source: Holafly.

Our second alternative for the Pocket Wi-Fi in Asia is an unlimited data eSIM. You could say it’s basically a SIM card, but it’s completely digital.

These cards are not only easy to buy, but they are also easy to set up on the phone. Also, importantly, each eSIM is different and has different benefits and plans that are tailored to its users. Plans range from $19 for five days to $79 for thirty days of use, with six total options to choose from.

Again, one of our recommendations for getting one is with an eSIM for Asia from Holafly. The company offers different SIMs for numerous destinations, and this is something to take advantage of. You also have unlimited data plans and the opportunity to recharge for more days with top-ups if your stay is extended.

Free WiFi

Throughout Asia, there are likely to be plenty of free networks to connect to. However, we have to consider that many people are probably already using them.

But it’s not all bad, free Wi-Fi can be a very plausible solution for people. This is something that can help in a pinch, although it is not advisable to rely on free Wi-Fi for your entire stay. 

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