Where to buy the best SIM card for Switzerland?

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You are traveling to Switzerland and you need to stay connected, well here we will tell you about the options. Their advantages and disadvantages, where and how to buy the best SIM card for Switzerland. In the end, you choose the best option but be aware of what you buy to avoid surprises.

There are additional options such as paying for roaming or taking a pocket WIFI, however, their costs can be high. With regard to roaming, you will depend on your operator and your cell phone bill can be an arm and a leg up. On the other hand, there is the pocket WIFI, you will have to carry the device with you everywhere and will have to make sure it’s charged which can be a real hassle.

So, let’s start to clear the different SIM cards you can find in order to choose the best one for you. You know… Nowadays it is very important when traveling to think about your internet connection. Whether it’s for GPS, translator or keeping in touch with your family.

Switzerland sim card prepaid travel holafly
Switzerland SIM card to travel. Source: Holafly

Why buy a SIM card for Switzerland?

Although Switzerland is a European country, it is important to note that it is not a member of the European Union (EU). In addition to the above, Switzerland is not included among the countries of the European Economic Area. Therefore roaming is not free, you have to pay for it and at high costs, unless you are Vodafone. Precisely for this reason it is a good idea to buy a SIM card for Switzerland.

esim switzerland
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  • Connect to the best network.
  • Forget about roaming and searching for WiFi.
  • Keep your WhatsApp number.
  • Easy to set up: you’ll receive an email with your eSIM in seconds, no matter where you are.
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Which SIM card for Switzerland offers me the most data at the best price?

Let’s clarify here, which SIM card for Switzerland is the best option, which offers more data and great prices is the main thing. We will take into account the options that you can find before traveling as well as those offered upon arrival in Switzerland. You will be able to decide whether to take it with you before you travel or buy it upon arrival.

Where to buy the best prepaid SIM card for Switzerland

Now without further ado, let’s get down to business! Where is it better to buy your prepaid SIM card for Switzerland? Before traveling or upon arrival? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Well… There are many questions that may arise at this time, especially if we want to avoid unnecessary expenses.

On your trip to Switzerland you can connect to the internet in four ways: local prepaid cards, international travel cards, Pocket WIFI and roaming with your usual operator. Roaming in Switzerland is definitely not a recommended option, it is very expensive!

Holafly SIM card for Switzerland

The data SIM card for Switzerland has two options: One valid for 15 days with 6GB of data for 44.15 USD and another for 30 days of 12 GB at 56 €. This means that for 10 € more, you get double the amount of data and more service time.


  • It includes a UK phone number and you can use this number to receive calls when you are in Switzerland.
  • It is important to add that you can connect to three operators Sunrise, Swisscom or Salt.
  • You will only pay one fee, unlike other SIM cards, which charge you separately for everything: SIM card, data and shipping.
  • They have technical support in English 24/7 to solve any problem and travel with peace of mind.
  • It works for different countries and has free shipping.


  • It is not possible to extend the service with Holafly, you can extend it on your own but it would no longer be the same service you initially got.

Photography in the snow
A SIM card to share the funniest photos. Source: Hammad Khalid on Pexels
photos in Switzerland
Photography with friends in Switzerland. Source: Alexy Almond on Pexels

Now that you’ve seen the above, you may be wondering, am I getting enough with 6GB? Videos and video calls take the crown, in 1 hour you can get up to 1.8GB, so we encourage you to check how much data you need to travel.

One SIM Card data SIM card for Switzerland

One SIM Card offers you a SIM card for Switzerland that allows you to surf the Internet, receive text messages and receive calls. In addition to the above, it has other advantages:


  • You have the option to top-up the amount of data you need and you can also top-up to make calls.
  • It covers a large number of countries.


In principle, the cost of the services is all individual: SIM card, data plan, and credit to make calls. That’s right, each one has a different rate and the SIM card alone is priced at 29.95 USD.

What about the other prices? We will show them to you later in a comparison table.

Internet on your phone in Switzerland
Bring your Internet-enabled cell phone to Switzerland. Source: Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels
Taking photos with your cell phone in the mountains
In summer you can take some cool photos to share. Source: Adam Kontor on Pexels

Cellular abroad data SIM card for Switzerland

A third option is the data SIM card offered by Cellular Abroad with 12GB of data for 59.95 USD. Its features are:


  • The same data card can be used in different countries.
  • You can top-up calls and text messages.
  • Includes UK number.


  • Shipping to Europe is expensive.

How much does a data SIM cost for Switzerland?

Now that you have more details about the best options for prepaid SIM cards, we will show you a comparative table of the rates. The ideal way to compare one product with another and make your decision.

Price of the cardCost dataShipping costTotal
Holafly 0 USD44.15 USD (6GB)0 USD44.15USD
One SIM Card29.95 USD19.68 USD (1GB)? USD49.63 USD
Cellular Abroad0USD59.95 USD (5GB)16.72USD
The Holafly SIM card is valid for 15 days and the One SIM card is valid for 30 days, as is the Cellular Abroad SIM card.

Please note that the Holafly SIM for 30 days with 12GB of data is priced at 56 USD.

Buy my SIM card in Switzerland

First of all you can buy a SIM card in Switzerland at the airport, retail or official stores of cellphone operators, supermarkets and electronic stores. Don’t forget to always carry your passport when you consider buying a data SIM card.

Secondly, Switzerland has three main telephone operators among which are: Swisscom, Sunrise, and Salt Mobile (the three operators with which the Holafly SIM works). Now we will tell you some of their features to take into account: The SIM cards they offer for tourists, their advantages and disadvantages.

Swisscom SIM cards

In principle, it is one of the leading telephone operators in the country. Swisscom has therefore one of the highest sim card rates on the market. On the other hand, costs for data SIM cards for Switzerland start at 28.64 USD onwards. You can choose from 6 different types of data packages ranging from 250 MB to 5 GB. They also have data packages for the rest of the European Union, Andorra, and Monaco, in case you travel to other nearby destinations.

You should know that only one of its 6 types of data packages offers a high browsing speed (50 Mbit/s). In addition, if you do not use the data SIM cards within the interval considered by the operator, they are considered void after the end date. So you will also not be able to reuse them for other trips on the basis of the above.

Sunrise and its SIM cards for tourists

Sunrise has cards starting at 22.67 USD which you can buy in official stores or receive at home. You can choose between three types of data plans: Prepaid Airbag ( with maximum and low speed), Prepaid Unlimited (unlimited data), and Young WhatsApp (gives you data for exclusive WhatsApp use). 4 packages are Prepaid Airbag, 4 are Prepaid Unlimited and 1 is Young WhatsApp.

However, some SIM cards can only be activated via SMS, they are not automatically activated. In addition, their web portal is only in English. Customer service is another important factor to keep in mind.

Taking photos of glaciers
You can reach these incredible glaciers with GPS. Source: Julius Drost on Unsplash
Photo among pines and snow
Take pictures of the snow-covered pines. Source: Cameron Stewart on Pixabay

Salt Mobile SIM cards

The operator Salt Mobile offers SIM cards that you can buy in supermarkets, vending machines, and some stores. They have options with unlimited data although they will charge you a daily fee. They have cards that cover the entire European Union.

There is one factor that is both good and bad, they have the option of unlimited data, however, they charge you a daily fee. On the other hand, like other operators, their web portal is in English and for technical support also in English.

SIM card for Switzerland, which one to buy?

In our opinion, the best option is the Holafly SIM card. First of all because when you arrive you just insert it in your cellphone and activate the data and roaming and that’s it. They have two options with a good amount of data. They have a UK phone number built-in and you can use it to receive calls when you are in Switzerland. In addition to its good price, support in English, and keep your WhatsApp unchanged for what you need.

Frequently asked questions about Internet and SIM card for Switzerland

How to get internet in Switzerland?

Having internet in Switzerland is easy. First of all, because of the number of options, you can choose from: pay roaming with your operator, buy a SIM card before traveling, or when you arrive in Switzerland, the pocket WiFi. Also because of the ease of purchase.

How much does roaming cost in Switzerland?

Roaming in Switzerland costs depends on your operator plans. For example, Vodafone offers free roaming in Switzerland. The others, however, vary depending on the number of megabytes downloaded or the type of plan.

How to choose a data SIM card for internet and telephone in Switzerland?

Consider this when choosing a data SIM card for your phone’s internet in Switzerland: data quantity to price ratio, operator coverage, and ease of technical support. You may also want to consider including a phone number.

Where to buy a data-only SIM card?

You can choose your data SIM card based on what we explained above for each option, take it with you before traveling by ordering it online or in Switzerland: Supermarkets, airports, operators’ stores, or electronic stores.

How much does a SIM card for Switzerland cost?

The SIM card costs you depending on what is included. You can find them starting at 22.67 USD, however, you have to add the data plan. You can also buy an all-inclusive SIM card without additional costs starting at 44.15 €.

Other travel tips for Switzerland

You already know the pros and cons of each option available to you, having internet in Switzerland is not difficult, but it is important. Now you can choose the best option depending on what you need it for. Don’t forget to take your SIM card in your suitcase for Switzerland.

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