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If you are planning to travel to Chile for business, leisure, or work, don’t let the lack of internet become a problem when planning your trip, especially abroad. It can be expensive to get a portable or mobile internet service. For this reason, at Roaming, we recommend international eSIMs for Chile, one of the best alternatives so that you don’t run out of data when you are visiting this country.

Keep in mind that this service will prevent you from paying for roaming services in Chile or purchasing services that are a little more difficult to use and acquire, such as Pocket Wi-Fi for Chile.

So, we’ll be talking about how valuable international eSIMs are. We will also explain how they work, the different providers on the market, and a comparison of what these companies offer so that you can make the best decision.

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Requirements for using an eSIM card Chile

The first thing you should know about eSIM cards is that despite being a handy option for travelers, its technology is still a bit new because it is a SIM card, but it works virtually; therefore, some cellular devices do not have the necessary functions or features to run an eSIM. Please consider the following requirements before making any purchases:

  • You must have a cellular device compatible with eSIM technology. In addition to that, check that your cellphone is supported by the operator or eSIM card provider you’re getting your service from.
  • On the other hand, it is essential to have an email address to register and receive your eSIM.
  • Remember that you must have an internet connection, as your eSIM profile will be downloaded from the operator’s servers so you can scan the QR code or installation code. 
  • Some providers will require you to install their App to download the eSIM. 

If your device does not support eSIMs, you can always opt for a prepaid SIM card for Chile.

Cellular eSIM card providers for travel to Chile

If your device meets the above requirements, and you want an eSIM for your trip, we have listed a couple of companies that provide and sell international eSIM cards for Chile.

However, remember that in case you can’t use this service or need to use more data, you can opt for a prepaid Chile SIM card with a phone number included.

With that last part cleared up, here are the companies that provide international eSIM cards for Chile. These cards are mainly intended for tourism or business trips abroad. Depending on what you are looking for, choose your favorite.

  • Holafly
  • TravelSIM
  • WiFiMap

Rates and data plans from eSIM providers for traveling to Chile

To help you make the right decision, below you will find a list of the providers mentioned above with the different plans and prices they offer.

Remember that the variation in prices may be due to coverage, previous roaming agreements of each of these companies, the location, and the payment methods available to each of these companies.

Holafly plans and prices for Chile

  • Unlimited data for 5 days at USD 19
  • Unlimited data for 7 days at USD 27
  • Unlimited data for 10 days at USD 34
  • Unlimited data for 15 days at USD 47
  • Unlimited data for 20 days at USD 54

TravelSIM plans and prices for Chile

  • 3GB for 30 days at $58.12 USD
  • 3 GB for 14 days at $42.66 USD
  • 1 GB for 5 days for $23.84 USD
  • 1 GB for 3 days at $19.33 USD

WiFiMap plans and prices for Chile

  • 3 GB for 30 days at $92.44 USD
  • 1 GB for 30 days at $35.26 USD
  • 500 MB for 30 days at $18.23 USD

Comparison of eSIM providers for Chile

SupplierDataDays Price Support LanguageSales Channel
HolaflyUnlimited data519 USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
HolaflyUnlimited data727 USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
HolaflyUnlimited data1034 USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
HolaflyUnlimited data1547 USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
HolaflyUnlimited data2054 USDSpanish, English, German, and FrenchWeb
TraveleSIM3GB30$58.12 USDChinese, English, SpanishWeb, Play Store, App Store
TraveleSIM3GB14$42.66 USDChinese, English, SpanishWeb, Play Store, App Store
TraveleSIM1GB5$23.84 USDChinese, English, SpanishWeb, Play Store, App Store
TraveleSIM1GB3$19.33 USDChinese, English, SpanishWeb, Play Store, App Store
WiFiMap 3GB30$92.44 USDEnglish, RussianWeb, Play Store, App Store
WiFiMap 1GB30$35.26 USDEnglish, RussianWeb, Play Store, App Store
WiFiMap 500MB30$18.23 USDEnglish, RussianWeb, Play Store, App Store
Table 1. Comparison of eSIM providers to connect to the Internet in Chile.

What you should know about eSIM cards for traveling to Chile

To learn more about what eSIM cards have to offer, we have prepared some important features that you should consider so that your trip to Chile to visit the eighth wonder of the world is the best, and in the same way, you can know the differences that these virtual SIM cards have, from the traditional physical ones.

  • Most eSIM cards do not offer analogue calls, only data. For voice communication, you can use apps like Skype or WhatsApp.
  • Some eSIM cards will set up an automatic APN for you.
  • It turns your phone into a dual SIM phone, so you can keep your local SIM and don’t have to change it when you travel to Chile. Remember to set up your cellphone to avoid surprise bills.
  • eSIMs can only be installed once, so if you are experiencing problems with your virtual card, the best thing to do is to contact your eSIM provider, so we recommend that you do not remove it.
  • Some eSIMs allow you to share data.
  • You can add multiple data plans on your cellphone, depending on the available memory, but you can only use one at a time.

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eSIM coverage for traveling to Chile

Another factor that should not go unnoticed is coverage offered by national providers when purchasing or choosing an eSIM card, as sometimes a very cheap eSIM card may not provide good coverage where you’re going to visit.

Therefore, keep in mind that the best eSIMs are those that have the most roaming agreements in Chile. In this case, the operators that have coverage in the country are Claro, Entel, Movistar, and Wom.

Below we share the coverage map of each of these operators so that you can get an idea of the reach of each of these providers in Chile.

Claro’s 4G coverage map in Chile

Claro’s coverage map in Chile. Source: Claro Chile

4G coverage map of the operator Entel in Chile.

Map of Entel’s coverage in Chile. Source: Entel

4G coverage map of Movistar operator in Chile.

Movistar coverage map in Chile. Source: GSMA

Wom’s 4G coverage map in Chile

Map of Wom’s coverage in Chile. Source: Wom

Domestic cellular operators offering eSIM in Chile

In Chile, there is currently only one domestic company that offers the country’s residents the option to have or change their traditional SIM card to an eSIM. Keep in mind that users who opt for this alternative and can activate a plan with an eSIM must meet certain requirements and complete the procedures stipulated by the operator. 

Having said that, the company that offers Chilean residents the possibility of acquiring or changing the physical chip to an eSIM is: 

  • Movistar
  • Entel

Therefore, Claro and Wom users will have to wait more time until their operator enables this technology. Wom has already started testing, and a launch is expected very soon.

Chilean residents planning a trip to Europe or the USA may be interested to know about the new eSIM for Europe and the eSIM for the USA.

Frequently asked questions about eSIM in Chile

We hope you found the information in this article useful. Here are some common questions that users often have when purchasing an eSIM for traveling to Chile. You may be able to get answers to your questions here, but if not, add them in the comments, and we will be happy to help you solve them.

What is the difference between an international data eSIM and the local eSIM in Chile?

The Movistar eSIM is a local eSIM and is mainly intended for Chilean residents. The international eSIM for Chile from Holafly or WifiMap is used to connect to the Internet during your travels to Chile.

Do I need a passport to buy the Chile eSIM card?

You do not need to present a passport, some providers do require your address. This applies only to the tourist eSIM. Not for the eSIM offered by Movistar, who will ask for your information.

How to activate the eSIM for Chile?

After installing the virtual SIM profile you need to choose it as your default cellular data medium, turn on data and roaming and your virtual SIM should be working.

Do international prepaid eSIM cards work?

Yes, just like physical cards, virtual SIM cards also have an expiry date.

When do the days of my data plan start to count?

The days start counting from the moment you activate your eSIM by scanning the QR code on your phone.

Which cellular phones are compatible with the eSIM Chile?

The number of cellular phones compatible with the eSIM Chile is increasing every day. Remember that if you live in a European or Latin American country, and you plan to travel to Chile, it is essential that you carry a cellphone compatible with both eSIM and its bands.

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