Making International Calls from Italy: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Making international calls from Italy is as easy as calling locally. Of course, you must have a plan with an international calling service to avoid unexpected charges. After that, you just need to consider the area codes of the countries you will call and the format you should use to dial the number on your phone. 

In this article, we will give examples of how to call landlines and mobile numbers so that you can apply them to any destination by changing the corresponding area code. Stay with us so you won’t have more problems when calling abroad.

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How to call landline numbers or mobile numbers from Italy 

To be able to call local lines, the first thing you must do is dial the international access code from your country. In Europe it is “00” or you can also dial “+” if you call from a mobile phone. After this, you must dial the region code of the country you are calling. For example, when calling the USA, it is 1, or if you are calling Australia, it is 61. Finally, you must dial the phone number you want to contact.

The number of digits you have may vary between countries. In the United States, they use 10-digit phone numbers; in Australia, they use nine digits.

In short, an example of a call to the USA would be 00 1 555 555 5555 or +1 555 555 5555.

If you call an Australia number, on the other hand, it would be 00 61 555 555 555 or +61 555 555 555.

Italy has no distinction when calling local numbers or mobile numbers. The important thing is always to dial “00” or “+” as allowed by the phone you use to make the international call. So using this format we have given you, you can make calls to any destination as long as your service allows it.

How to call Italian phone numbers in Italy

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When calling within the country to an Italian number, we must always include the area code corresponding to the city you are calling to. Some codes begin with 0, do not get confused, and always include it, unlike international calls. Including the prefix of the city, the numbers in Italy can vary the number of digits depending on whether it is a land number or a mobile number.

As you are in Italy, you can choose to use +39 or not, then dial the phone number you want to call, and you will be able to communicate. If it is a mobile number, the prefix combines three non-zero numbers (338, 339, 439, etc). If it is a land number, it will start with a zero and then a number corresponding to a city (Rome 06, Milan 02, Florence 055, etc). Finally, you must have a format like this marked to call:+39 338 555 5555 or just 338 555 5555.

How to make calls to Italy from abroad

The method we have explained to call from Italy applies to calls from any destination. However,  to make it clearer we will explain how to call Italian numbers from anywhere in the world. 

Assuming you are abroad and you want to call your family in Italy, you have to dial the number as follows on your phone:

  • First, dial the international exit code. This can be either “00” or “+” To dial the “+” you do it by holding down the 0 for a few seconds. Some countries have different exit codes, like the USA (011) or Australia (0011). If you can dial “+” you avoid having to consult this difference.
  • Then you dial the Italian area number (39). 
  • Finally, you dial the phone number of the person you want to contact. In Italy, phone numbers have ten digits.
  • When making calls, you should have a number dialed similarly to this format 0039 555 555 5555 or +39 555 555 5555.

Area codes for international calls

As you may notice, the area codes and the number of digits in the phone number may vary by country. So that you can dial and call internationally, here are some area codes for Europe and other destinations. 

CountryArea code Country Area code
Australia61United States1
Czech Republic420Netherlands31
Great Britain &
Northern Ireland
Table n°1 area codes of countries in Europe and the world

How can I use international calls on my trip to Italy?

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Many people indeed use applications such as WhatsApp and Skype to receive calls via an internet connection. But it is normal to find that services such as hotels, travel agencies, airlines, and transportation only have access to analog calls. This is why it is essential to have a data plan abroad that allows us to call this way

One of the best options for travelers is Holafly’s eSIM for Italy. They have unlimited data on all available plans and minutes to receive and make international calls in Italy. These virtual SIM cards are easy to purchase and can be installed in minutes, whether you do it before your trip or once you are at your destination.

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