Where to travel in November?

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Traveling during November is a fantastic idea for numerous people. During those days, the weather starts to change around the world, and it becomes the perfect time for many people to travel to certain places. But it is hard to say where to travel in November, as there are many incredible alternatives!

Therefore, if you are planning to travel during November and need some help choosing your destinations, we have some ideas you can take into consideration! So let’s get to the different destinations that are simply perfect to visit during those days!

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What are the ideal places to travel during November?

As the seasons start to change around the world, telling people they can only travel to Europe or the United States isn’t good advice. Of course, no matter where they are traveling to, being prepared for the trip is vital. People would need to have many things prepared, such as how to stay connected while traveling, their luggage, and much more.

For us, some of the top destinations to travel to during November will allow vacationers to choose places around the world and not just one! These are some of the top destinations:

  • New York, United States.
  • Patagonia, Argentina.
  • Lisbon, Portugal.
  • Athens, Greece.

What to do in New York during November?

During November, the cold weather reaches New York, but it’s still a perfect time for travelers who would like to get to know one of the most important cities in the world with lovely weather. 

New York is a city that never sleeps, and travelers won’t run out of activities or hotspots to go to. There’s simply too much to visit while being there, and if you are used to big cities, you won’t have to worry much about enjoying New York and everything it offers.

Women taking a photo in New York. Source: Pexels.

Walking around the city parks, like the famous Central Park, getting to know 4th Avenue, awing at the big skyscrapers all around the city, meeting the Liberty Statue, and these are just a few of the many highlights to do in the city!

Also, November is a month full of events in New York. People won’t only get the chance to travel there and visit spectacular places, but they will also have the opportunity to go to incredible events taking place during that month!

What to do in Patagonia during November?

While New York is getting cold, other places are starting to warm up. Even though Patagonia is known for being a cold, snowy place, November is the perfect time to visit it as the temperatures will rise to 11 °C.

Of course, the temperature will allow enthusiasts to enjoy more of what they are seeing, but that’s not all that matters in Patagonia. During these days, the landscape will start to change a lot; flowers will blossom, the cold winds won’t be as tough as in previous months, and the snowy peaks of Patagonia will be there to give travelers a once-in-a-lifetime view.

A woman enjoying the snowy mountains of Patagonia. Source: Pexels

And, even though the Argentinian Patagonia is mostly a perfect palace for travelers, those who enjoy nature and beautiful landscapes will make the most out of the trip. Those snowy mountains, with waterfalls, glaciers, and almost no people to disturb the surrounding places, will have an experience of a lifetime.

What to do in Lisbon during November?

In November, autumn is coming to Lisbon, so it’s the perfect time to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. Even though around Europe, the weather is starting to get quite cold, Lisbon remains one of those cities where there’s still warm weather to make the trip easier and much more attractive.

By having such friendly weather, Lisbon has become a popular place to visit. But what makes the city a top-tier destination is not that. Lisbon remains a “vintage” city in some places, and people will get the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds without needing to move a lot throughout the city.

People walking around Lisbon. Source: Pexels.

Of course, there’s much more to meet in Lisbon, such as the Mercado da Ribeira, the Cais do Sodré neighborhood, the Lisbon Bullring, and many other events that take place during November that will make the trip enjoyable from beginning to end.

What to do in Athens during November?

Athens is quite similar to Lisbon, in fact. The weather, while it is autumn there, is still lovely for visiting and getting to know a historical city mixed with a youth culture, which makes it a perfect place to visit when traveling during November.

As for people wondering where to travel in November and thinking why Athens, mentioning how historic the city is, and how the youth culture is gaining more ground as time passes, there’s a lot to do in the city throughout the whole month.

Athens at night. Source: Pexels.

When talking about Athens, at all times, there will be performances, museums, art galleries, historic neighborhoods, and let’s not forget about the Acropolis and the Parthenon. Also, during November, not too many people decide to travel to Athens, so it’s the perfect time to enjoy the city without huge crowds and waiting in lines.

Lastly, Athens’s views are unique as well. Take time to take photos and share them with your friends, but to accomplish this; you will surely need to have mobile internet there!

What to take when traveling in November?

Now you know where you can travel during November, you better be prepared to enjoy your trip! To enjoy as much as possible what you are doing in these cities, you better have the following prepared:

  • Think about how you will stay connected when traveling: When traveling to either the United States, Argentina, Portugal, or Greece, you need to know how to stay connected. In any of these places, you can either choose between roaming services, Pocket WiFi devices, and even eSIMs for Greece, Portugal, Argentina, and the United States. That way, you can stay connected and show the world what you are seeing!
  • Prepare your clothes according to the season: If you decide to travel somewhere else that isn’t any of these destinations, you better be prepared for the season. If it’s cold, bring enough sweaters, gloves, and whatever you like to use during these days. But if it’s hot, then you know these clothes won’t help you, but some shorts, t-shirts, and similar clothes will be helpful!
  • Make an itinerary for the trip to visit everything you want: If you decide to travel to any of these destinations, there’s a lot to do at any of them. There are daily tours or even longer tours for places like Patagonia, but you can make a schedule on your own to enjoy the trip and discover everything you want without worrying!
  • Prepare your budget for the trip: Before taking the trip, you better watch out for your budget! Don’t spend more money than expected, and take as much money as you think you will need. You can try to have money outside the travel expenses, such as the flight ticket and hotel. That way, you can buy things for yourself and your family or simply have more fun while traveling!
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