Best international Pay As You Go SIM Card: which one to buy?

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Traveling is one of the best things in life. It won’t truly matter where you are going to, you only need to enjoy the destination. But, do you have everything needed to enjoy it? A trip is something that people must carefully prepare, and that includes having or knowing where to get a SIM Card. But if you don’t have an exact destination in mind yet, you will still need a SIM Card as you go.

Whether you are going to Germany, Italy, Costa Rica, Japan, or any other country, you can’t miss the chance to remain connected. But, how can you do that? Let’s figure it out.


Where can I buy a Pay As You Go SIM Card while traveling?

While you are traveling, you will get the chance to buy an international SIM Card in different places, or you can simply do it online. People have the chance to choose the option that suits them most, but it will also depend on the country that they will visit.

You surely can get the chance to buy your Pay As You Go SIM Card before traveling, or even when you arrive at your destination! And let’s not forget about online stores, but who has the final word on how to buy the SIM Card as you go? Definitely, the customer has it.

But, how can someone make that decision? We’ll give you a little push with some of the reasons that you might come across.


Buy an International eSIM for travel online

Buying the Pay As You Go SIM Card before traveling

  1. More financial control: If you choose to buy your Pay As You Go SIM Card before your journey begins, you will know how much money is left for you to spend! The reason is pretty simple, yet, it can help people with better money management.
  2. Your time will be spent doing only the things you like: Forget about worrying because you don’t have a SIM Card as you go on that journey, if you buy it before traveling, you can enjoy the entire trip doing everything you like!
  3. Once you reach your destination, you will have an internet connection: A new country means new things to get to know, people to meet, but it also means that you won’t have cellular coverage unless you have a SIM Card that’s already working. If you buy it before traveling, you will have internet as soon as you get off the plane, making things a lot easier.

Holafly Online Store

We all know that online stores have become quite popular in the past years. People will simply need a few minutes to choose what they want, a few seconds to pay, and wait until the package arrives.

Thanks to the Holafly online store, you can buy a SIM Card as you go, you will only need an internet connection to complete the purchase. Also, you will get the chance to receive it in a matter of days without paying any additional fees.

But, there are some extra benefits too. Let’s see what we can expect:

  1. People will have a SIM Card with a new phone number that works with phone calls and cellular data.
  2. Holafly customer service is available throughout the whole week to help users.
  3. People can get free delivery if they choose Holafly instead of other cellular operators.
  4. Holafly has different packages that will vary depending on where people want to go.

Buying the Pay As You Go SIM Card while traveling

  1. You can take your time to buy the SIM Card as you go and get to know new places: When you are traveling, you will need you know about all the places where you can get an internet connection. If you combine that with a shopping spree, you most probably won’t be bored while looking for that SIM Card. 
  2. Physical stores are ready to help you out: of course you can make a complaint through an online store, but once you get the chance to go to a physical store, chances are that you get better customer service, and this is something that you can do almost in every country that you go to.
  3. You can try the SIM Card on your phone before paying for it 

Mobile carriers to buy a Pay As You Go SIM Card

Depending on where you are traveling to, chances are that you will find different cellular carriers. This is not a secret and is something pretty common to see all over the world, actually.

The main difference that we can tell about these cellular operators is that, depending on the country, they might offer different benefits or the service will have better quality. In case this is the option that you want to take, read about the cellular operators of the country that you will visit.

If you don’t have time to read more about it, then try asking someone you meet or once you reach the country, take your time to find which one is the best option for you!

How much does a SIM Card for travelers cost?

People need to know that prices will depend on where they go. Not every single country handles the same prices. That’s something that people probably know by now but is always good to clear things up.

Days of use Available Cellular DataPrice (USD)
30 Days (North America)Unlimited Cellular Data $112
30 Days (Japan)Unlimited Cellular Data $ 86
30 Days (Europe)12GB $ 51
30 Days (Latin America)12GB $ 51
Prices eSIM Pay As You Go

eSIM Card Pay as you go, a new alternative

It might sound weird, but eSIM Cards work perfectly for those who like to buy things as they’re on the go. These SIM Cards that are completely digital can be bought, no matter where people are at, which is perfect for those who want to buy as they travel.

People can tell that this technology is quite new, and that’s ok because it actually is a relatively new trend in consumer tech. That’s why it only works on, mostly, new cellphones and smartwatches, but there’s no need to worry about that.

Requirements to buy an eSIM

  • People must have a valid physical address, which can be changed as they travel through the world.
  • It is required that people have a PayPal, Google Pay, or Credit Card in order to make the payment for the eSIM.
  • People must choose where they are going to buy the eSIM. People can also choose more than one destination.

Pros and Cons about the eSIM for travelers

  • People can buy an eSIM for a lower price than a normal SIM Card.
  • eSIM Cards will give people 4G coverage, and once they run out of data, they will get access to unlimited 2G coverage.
  • People can buy the eSIM and receive it within a few minutes.
  • With an eSIM, people can share their cellular data with up to 5 users.
  • People don’t need to worry about having an eSIM along a SIM at the same time, they can work simultaneously on a phone.

People must know two things before purchasing an eSIM:

  • They can’t access a 4G unlimited coverage.
  • Mostly work on new-gen devices, such as iPhone 11, 12, 13, Samsung S20, and similar smartphones.

How much does the eSIM for travelers cost

Days of use Available Cellular DataPrice (USD)
7 Days (United States)3GB $ 39
15 Days (United States)5GB  $ 51
30 Days (United States)5GB $ 66
8 Days (Europe)3GB $ 41
15 Days (Europe)5GB  $ 54
30 Days (Europe)5GB $ 57
15 Days (Latin America)6GB $ 57
4 Days (Philippines)4GB $ 45
15 Days (India)6GB  $ 54
Price eSIM for travelers

Frequently Asked Questions about Pay As You Go SIM Card

Can I buy multiple SIM Cards for my trip?

Yes! If you are going to different countries on the same journey, there’s no trouble with you buying a SIM Card for each one.

Can I share the cellular data of my SIM Card with other devices?

Yes. People can share their cellular data with up to 5 different devices.

Is there any other option for me to have internet while traveling?

Yes! People can have access to the internet with Pocket WiFi or with International Roaming.

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