Roaming for Switzerland: AT&T, T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone, Three

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Tourism in Switzerland is a big part of the country’s economic income. The great variety of places full of culture and history together with the Alps are the main points of attraction. For this reason, travelers are recommended to get roaming Switzerland services. That way, they can avoid inconveniences during the trip and, at the same time, save some money.

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Price comparison between the different European mobile operators

USA Mobile OperatorRoaming Price 
T-Mobile30$ (Essentials) – 40$ (Magenta) – 47$ (Magenta Extra)
Verizon10$/per day (Europe) – 100$ (International Monthly Pass)
AT&T10$/day (International Pass) – 15$ (International Calling Plan)
Table 1. Price comparison between the different American mobile operators

Price comparison between the different UK mobile operators

UK Mobile OperatorRoaming Price 
O23.5£/per day
Three2£/per day
Vodafone6£/per day
Table 2. Price comparison between the different UK mobile operators

Roaming alternatives for Switzerland: Options to save some extra money

During the trip to Switzerland or before it, tourists will be able to have various options that will allow them to have an internet connection. In addition to a stable and high-speed internet connection, they might need something else.

Along with the roaming Switzerland service, there are currently 4 ways to have an internet connection while traveling to Switzerland. Each of these methods has unique benefits and qualities which will be broken down below.

eSIM Card for Switzerland

For anyone who has knowledge and use of a SIM card, the eSIM card for Switzerland will be useful, effective, and easy to use. The reason why this method of connecting to the internet while traveling to Switzerland is one of the most widely used is because of the many benefits it offers its customers with the least amount of effort. Holafly provides one of the best options for travelers today.

  • It offers users one of the best prices compared to other internet connection methods.
  • The eSIM offers users fairly comprehensive data plans.
  • It adapts effectively to all the needs that service users may have.
  • The process of buying an eSIM card is very simple and intuitive, allowing anyone to make use of this service.

SIM card for Switzerland

One of the oldest options on the market and along with the eSIM card is one of the most popular among travelers in Switzerland. The reason for its popularity lies in the fact that it is the connection method that despite not being intended for data roaming, it can perform this task effectively. 

In addition, the fact that it is the native internet connection method for most travelers makes it easy to use for users who purchase the service.

Choosing Holafly as a SIM card provider is the most suitable option, because, in addition to offering a high-quality internet connection, it also provides users with a number of additional benefits.

  • The operators allow you to purchase this service prior to the trip.
  • Obtaining a SIM card for Switzerland provides the purchaser with a new phone number to receive calls.
  • In addition to being an easy to acquire service, it is also one of the most affordable from an economic point of view.
  • The customer service provided to SIM card users is complete and efficient, allowing users to solve any problems they may have with the product.

Pocket WiFi

Considered as a functional and effective method for more than one person is the Pocket WiFi. The main feature and biggest advantage of this service are to provide a stable internet connection not only to one person, but to everyone who connects to the device

In addition, it is a method of simple use because you only need to purchase the device and put it to work to enjoy a smooth and fast network connection.

Free WiFi

Despite being one of the least used methods among those mentioned here, it is still an option that should not be discarded. This service limits users to only being able to have an internet connection in specific places that offer free WiFi. However, it can be used to solve specific problems or to avoid the data consumption of some of the previous services.

Details of Roaming services offered by the most popular mobile operators in the U.S.

Now that you are fully aware of the different methods that can be used to have a stable and quality internet connection, we will provide you with important information about the different operators in the U.S. and the roaming services they have available for their users.

T-Mobile Roaming Switzerland service

Being one of the most used operators by travelers, T-mobile offers its users three roaming service plans in most of the world. One of the places covered by their plans is the Roaming Switzerland service, which offers users 3 models of contracting.

The Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Plus Plan. Although, the last mentioned is the most complete service in terms of its benefits and features, the others can also meet the needs of travelers by offering basic features such as international calls or text messages.

Verizon Roaming Switzerland service

Another operator that stands out today is Verizon, which despite providing a basic service to its customers, manages to adapt to the needs of most of them. Among the options they have available for their users is the 10$ plan known as the International Travel Pass, being this the service with basic features. 

On the other hand, the International Monthly Pass offers its users for the price of 100$ a better plan with more benefits and features.

AT&T Roaming Switzerland service

AT&T services like Verizon have 2 plans available for users. The International Pass is the first of them. For a cost of 10$ per day, it offers travelers a stable internet connection, phone calls, and text messages. 

The second service is known as International Phone Call. As its name suggests, it only allows users to make calls and send money internationally for only 15$ a month.

Details of Roaming services offered by the most popular mobile operators in the UK

As in the U.S, the roaming Switzerland service is also offered by different operators in the UK, these are the following.

O2 Roaming Switzerland 

One of the most requested operators in the UK by travelers is O2. This is due to the balance between price and quality of the product. It offers a fast and good quality internet connection service for only £3.5 per day.

Three Roaming Switzerland 

Along with O2, the Roaming Switzerland service offered by Three are among the cheapest making them an affordable, good quality internet connection service. The cost of this service is £2 per day.

Vodafone Roaming Switzerland 

Being one of the most popular, Vodafone offers its users the use of quality roaming Switzerland service for as little as £6.

How to activate roaming with the different mobile operators in the U.S.

Once the necessary information has been acquired about the services offered by the operators in the U.S. It is necessary to know how to activate these services, of course.

T-Mobile Roaming Activation

The activation and configuration of this service are simple and intuitive. For this, you must make a call to the operator by dialing the codes #RON# or #ROF# as required.

Verizon Roaming Activation

To activate this service, an internal process must be followed on the mobile device. First, you must go to the “Settings” menu, then select “Mobile Data” and finally activate the “Roaming” function.

AT&T Roaming Activation

As with Verizon, the activation process is quite simple. So remember, go to “Settings”, then go to “Mobile Data”, and finally, press on “Roaming” to activate or deactivate the service.

How to activate roaming with the different mobile operators in the UK

In order to be able to enjoy the roaming Switzerland service offered in the UK, as with U.S. carriers, you will need to follow some simple procedures to activate this feature.

O2 Roaming Activation

For O2 users, we have great news. People will only need to send a text message to 23336 with the text O2TRAVEL, and that’s it!

Three Roaming Activation

Three is a bit more complicated. People have to do the following process: Open the “Settings” menu, press on “Mobile Data”, and click on “Roaming” and activate or deactivate it depending on what they want to do.

Vodafone Roaming Activation

This product can be activated by making a call to customer service to the following number: 199. Once there, support will be provided to the user to activate the service, however, you can also perform the activation process on your website by selecting the “International Roaming” section.

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