Pocket WiFi in Russia: What are the best options?

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Russia is one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Europe. Travelers are continually looking for a way to stay connected and one solution to this, cheaper than roaming in Russia, can be to purchase a Pocket WiFi in Russia.

However, it should be noted that these Pocket Wi-Fi devices are tricky to own, and you should be aware of all the terms and conditions before renting one. So let’s get to know the Portable Wi-Fi options in Russia and how cost-effective they are.

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Companies offering Pocket WiFi for Russia

Pocket WiFi Provider BrandRate for one week including postage and handling + insurance
Travelers WiFi$73.4 (Weekly income) + $4.55 to $34.14 USD (Shipping)
MioWiFi$64.00 (Weekly rental) + $56.90 (Shipping + Insurance) 
Travel WiFi$63.6 (Weekly rent) + $3 to $30 USD (Shipping)
Cello Mobile349.99 (Weekly Rental) + $14.99 USD (Insurance) + $75 USD (Shipping outside the United States, Canada or Mexico) or $20 to $40 USD (Shipping to Mexico, United States or Canada)
My Webspot $86.64 (Weekly rent) + $5.60 to $11.32 USD (Shipping) 
Table N°1. Companies offering Pocket Wi-Fi for Russia

Details and prices of Pocket WiFi for Russia

As in many countries around the world, when looking for Pocket Wi-Fi service in Russia, you will find that there are a variety of options to choose from to enjoy during your stay in the country connected to the Internet.

But, just because of the number of options that we find, you must know that it is a bit difficult to decide which is the best option. Let’s take a closer look at the Pocket Wi-Fi options available in Russia.

Travelers WiFi

While traveling in Europe, one of the best options for purchasing a Pocket Wi-Fi service is undoubtedly Traveler’s Wi-Fi. Of course, with their service, you can have Pocket Wi-Fi in Russia.

Its price is quite affordable in most cases. In Russia, the cost per week of rental is 73.4 USD, which is really a good rate from the company. The service is unlimited, although there are limitations after a certain amount of consumption.

Moving on to shipping, things change a bit. The prices are not very high, but they do not follow a single tariff. We are talking about prices ranging from $4.55 to $34.14 USD, depending on the distance. 

An important point to mention is that people have several options to pay for their equipment. So, there should not be much concern about this. 

Finally, the company penalizes in case one of its devices is lost. The price to pay will be 159.32 dollars and the person will have to pay for it immediately.


MioWiFi is a company that has been slowly emerging and making a name for itself among the main companies that provide Pocket Wi-Fi services around the world. Best of all, they are from Latin America and have little competition on the continent.

The first thing to mention is the price of MioWiFi’s service. It costs 64.00 USD per week for Russia. Although, curiously, the rate is flat for most destinations in the world.

The downside of MioWiFi is the excessively high shipping price. In order for a person to receive the Pocket Wi-Fi in another country, you will have to pay  $56.90 dollars for shipping. The rate is lower if you are close to the company, but the price does not change much.

One good thing is that they offer a variety of payment methods since when paying for the reservation of a device we can use debit cards, credit cards, and even PayPal. 

Now, to finish with MioWiFi, let’s mention payment for lost equipment. Like most companies, they penalize their users for the loss of a device. In this case, the penalty is 284.51 dollars per lost device.

Travel WiFi

Travel Wi-Fi is a company that has made a change to improve its services. Formerly known as WifiVox and based in Spain, this company is a good option for renting a Pocket Wi-Fi in Russia.

As in other cases, the company’s tariff is quite affordable. However, in the case of Russia, we can see that the rate is even lower than normal. The week can be rented for a price of just over 63.6 dollars.

Something that we can consider as a point in favor of the company is the shipping cost they have. Depending on the distance, the company will charge between 3 and 30 dollars depending on the distance the package has to be sent. 

The good thing about hiring Travel Wi-Fi as a Portable Wi-Fi provider is that there are a variety of payment methods that users can take advantage of.

People should be careful if they want to avoid paying between $149 to $199 for the loss of a device. The price varies a bit as Travel Wi-Fi offers additional accessories, and if everything is lost, the higher rate will be paid.

Cello Mobile

One of America’s communications giants is also one of the best providers of pocket Wi-Fi in practically the whole world. So, they couldn’t be missing from the list.

The downside of Cello Mobile, however, is their weekly rental price. Regardless of the country you go to, you will have to pay $349.99 for the Pocket Wi-Fi service, which is quite high.

Moreover, we have to add in the cost of shipping, which is an additional $10 to $30 depending on where the Pocket Wi-Fi will be received. 

Moving on to the details of Cello Mobile, we have to look at the payment methods. Currently, you can only rent by credit card, which is a disadvantage.

We finish off with the penalty for loss of equipment, which will be 75 dollars, which is a little less than many other companies’ rates. 

My Webspot 

My Webspot is another company that we can find within the European continent and that to date has proven to be able to compete against other giants offering similar services.

The Pocket Wi-Fi service is priced at 86.64 USD per week, which makes it a very affordable price for most people. 

But, we have to consider something important. The company does not provide unlimited service, although this does not mean that we will be cut off, you can always pay extra to keep the service active after the daily limit.

Something that no one can deny about this company is that their deliveries are extremely economical. Rates do not exceed 17 dollars, with the highest price being around 13 dollars per shipment.

The good thing about it all is that people have access to a variety of payment methods, so renting equipment will not be a headache at all.

Finally, we have to talk about the insurance and the penalty for losses. The total price is 204.84 dollars. However, by purchasing the insurance for about 13 USD, you can reduce the payment to 102.42 dollars in case you lose the equipment.

Similar options to Pocket WiFi in Russia

Once we have finished looking at the various Pocket Wi-Fi options in Russia, we might think that our budget might not be adequate for this type of situation.

However, technology is often in our favor. Thanks to this, you can count on other solutions that are quite similar and, for many, even better.

We are talking about SIM cards for Russia, which has been well known in the international market for quite some time. On the other hand, eSIMs are new, but promising, and are also a good solution to stay connected. 

Data SIM card

It’s no secret that data SIM cards are a traditional solution for staying connected in most places we go. 

These little cards are easy to obtain, and best of all, online stores offer a better service if you purchase a SIM card from them.

You might be wondering which ones are the best in the service, and we can tell you that the connectivity is pretty good, the price is quite affordable, and the browsing speed is incredible. 

Unlimited data eSIM for Russia

eSIM for Russia
eSIM for Russia. Source: Holafly.

Data eSIMs for Russia is a new player in the global communications market and have allowed things to run more smoothly. 

Several companies have sought to provide this service, but not all have been able to maintain quality standards that give a good user experience. However, we have Holafly. 

Their eSIM cards are easy to purchase, easy to set up, and will help us stay connected virtually anywhere in the world at rates that few companies can match. You can recharge the eSIM service through top-ups easily.

Free WiFi

One option that is quite common is free Wi-Fi. Many countries offer free Wi-Fi in various locations, but this is not the best option for travelers.

As appealing as it sounds, free Wi-Fi also has its repercussions, or rather, it could have repercussions because most of these networks are free and anyone can access them and do whatever they want with the information that is transmitted over them.

So, if you want a secure option for internet connectivity, Holafly is your best option.

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