Pocket WiFi at Narita Airport: prices, providers, and how to rent

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When people are traveling, having access to an internet connection is an important thing to keep in mind. Therefore, having a portable WiFi might be the best idea to use while traveling. By using these devices, people will get the chance to use their mobiles, laptops, or whatever device they have that requires an internet connection in no time. And in this case, we’ll discuss a Pocket WiFi to use at the Narita Airport.

So, if you want to know all about Pocket WiFi for Narita Airport in terms of prices, plans, where to get one, and the available options in the market, keep on reading to find the perfect device for you and your trip!

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How to rent a Pocket WiFi at Narita Airport

For people traveling to the Narita Airport and want to use a Pocket WiFi there, it’s important to know something. When using these devices, it’s a must to rent them before traveling to pick them up at the airport. 

For those visiting the airport, it’s important they make sure everything is in order to receive their Pocket WiFi once they arrive there. That way, it’s better for everyone who needs an internet connection to make it possible. Also, it’s important for people to know how long they are renting this device.

But, to get into more details about this, let’s talk about a step-by-step guide to renting a Pocket WiFi for Narita Airport.

Narita International Airport in Japan
People at the Narita Airport. Source: GaijinPot.

Step-by-step to rent a Pocket WiFi

To get started with the step-by-step guide, the very first thing people need to know is the options there are available for renting at the Narita Airport. In this case, companies such as Global WiFi and Rakuten Mobile provide this service to travelers.

Both companies give people access to different features, but it’s important that people clarify how long they need the device and the data plan to use while traveling. It’s important to keep in mind these devices offer limited data speed at high speeds. So, if you are traveling with someone else, you might want to consider renting a plan with better benefits.

So, once people have provided this information, the renting process will be almost done. As these two companies operate within the Narita Airport, there’s no need to worry about not being able to pick up the device there. The only thing to keep in mind is the working hours these companies have, so be there on time!

So, after you have picked up your luggage, it’s time to head over to the pick-up spot. In order for travelers to get more information about how and when they can get their Pocket WiFi device, the Narita Airport offers all the information travelers need.

Options for pocket WiFi providers at Narita Airport

Now that we have a better idea of how to rent a Pocket WiFi for the Narita Airport, it’s time to talk about the options available to rent. As for now, we are focusing only on two companies, but there are lots of companies available when it comes to renting a Pocket WiFi there.

  • Global WiFi: Great option for both local and international travelers. People can stay connected with Global WiFi with high-speed data while also having the chance to choose from different data plans.
  • Rakuten Mobile: Being one of the main companies available for use in Japan, Rakuten is also part of the options people have when traveling and renting a Pocket WiFi device. They offer different data plans and devices to rent, which is great for travelers.

It’s important to know that all Pocket WiFi companies have a loss/damage penalty travelers need to keep in mind. So, it’s a must for travelers to keep these devices safe to avoid spending more money than they thought.

Price and service comparison

In this comparison chart, we will review the prices and features of each service, considering the most basic package for one week of rented usage. There are plans with more data, but they include a higher cost. Damage policy will be considered for the loss of the device.

Company Price (USD)DataSpeedDevices connectedDamage policy (USD)
Wilh-Ma $18.00 per dayFrom 150MBPs to more, depending on the plan4GNot established in the T&Cs
Rakuten MobileFrom $53.00 plus data planDepends on the data plan4GDepends on which device people rentedNot established in the T&Cs
Table N°1 Comparison between pocket WiFi providers.

Other options to have mobile internet at the airport and in the city

Now that we have some information about the Pocket WiFi devices and how these work, it’s fair to say there are some extra options to use while abroad. Therefore, getting to know all about the rest of the options there are to use in the Narita Airport rather than a Pocket WiFi is a must for travelers who are visiting the country.

eSIM with unlimited data in Narita

When it comes to options to use in Narita for either an eSIM or virtual SIM card, one of the best options in the market comes with the Holafly eSIM for Japan. With this, people will get the chance to stay connected not only in Narita Airport but also in other places they visit on their trip. 

eSIM Japan
International travel eSIM for Japan. Source: Holafly.

For those wondering, the purchase process is quite easy. And, in terms of mobile data, people will get unlimited data to use in Japan. And, with other extra features, like top-up and some more, you will surely love your experience using this virtual SIM card.

International roaming in Japan

Another option for travelers to stay connected comes with international roaming. These services have been used for quite some time now and have allowed people to stay connected in almost every place they visit.

But roaming services stand out as one of the most expensive options when traveling. This is due to most prices not being as cheap as people could think they are. For most American carriers, a roaming day costs at least $10 per day, which is not low. As for people in the UK or other European countries, prices go from $4.5 to a lot more depending on how much you use the service.

WiFi at Narita Airport

As for travelers arriving at Narita Airport who don’t need Pocket WiFi, relying on free WiFi might be a great option for travelers. This is due to the fact there’s free WiFi all around the airport.

So, for those who want to stay in the airport without spending more money than expected, relying on this service will be the best idea they can have. 

Use of Pocket WiFi

For people using a Pocket WiFi for Narita Airport device, it’s important to know how to use it. But there’s no need to worry, because the activation and set-up process is not as complicated as some people think it is. Basically, people will have a router with them at all times.

Therefore, what needs to be done is to turn on the device and wait for the network to become available. Once this is done, people can see all the information about the data plan they are using and where they are using the Pocket WiFi. And, in order to get the SSID and password of the device, it’s necessary to press the power button only one time.

Which is the best option to be connected at the airport and in the city

For people who want to know what the best option is to stay connected at the Narita Airport and around the city, the time has come to tell which is our choice. If you are traveling with more than one device, a Pocket WiFi for the Narita Airport will come in handy for you.

Now, if you are traveling alone and you want to save some money, then the best choice is to use a virtual SIM card for Japan. That way, you will get data at the airport and around the country. The only thing needed here is an eSIM-compatible device!

Compared to the rest of the options available, such as relying on roaming services from different mobile carriers, which are pretty expensive, virtual SIM cards adjust to many travelers’ budgets. So, we do prefer using these to save some money and stay connected with a high-speed service.

FAQ about Pocket WiFi at Narita Airport

What’s the cheapest option to have internet while traveling to the Narita Airport?

With the different options available, it’s fair to say travelers will have a hard time trying to choose which is the best to use. In this case, in terms of prices and mobile data, the best options are virtual SIM cards due to roaming, Pocket WiFi, and other services.

Can travelers use their Pocket WiFi outside the Narita Airport?

Yes. Pocket WiFi for Narita Airport allows people to use the device while meeting Japan. No matter where they go, it will be working. But, for those who want to save some money, it is better to use a Holafly eSIM that works both at Narita Airport and in Japan!

Can I use free WiFi zones at Narita Airport?

Yes. The Narita Airport offers people a free WiFi area where they can stay connected for as long as they need. For those who want to use this service, it’s important to visit the Narita Airport WiFi section to learn more about how to use it.

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